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Preparing for the marathon: tips for successful route

Running is an excellent way to get rid of those extra pounds, gain a toned figure and great humor. You can practice this sport anytime and anywhere.

It is completely free and does not require additional equipment.

Recently, marathon races have gained popularity, which has become massively available not only for professional athletes, but also for anyone who wants it.

However, long distance, a great challenge for the human body, especially for beginners. Before making plans for the race, you must know what is the correct preparation for the marathon.

Preparation mode

You have an intense race ahead, because in the marathon you will have to run 42 kilometers. For classes, choose the following places:

  • Parks and forest parks with marked routes, with ups and downs.
  • Courts and stadiums with special cover to run.
  • treadmills
  • As a last resort – streets of urban asphalt.

If your plans include a marathon on the foreclosed ground, give preference to parks and forest parks.

You can prepare for the race from scratch by starting training three months before the start. The first month you will accustom your body to stress.

For beginners, the following immersion time in this sport is adequate. The first time you get to the track, run for 20 minutes, periodically measuring the pulse. Your task is to achieve an average of 120-130 beats per minute and maintain this rhythm.

In this rhythm, your body works more efficiently. After some workouts, you will feel your pulse without even measuring it.

I need to do 5-6 times a week. The first 6 workouts last 20 minutes, then 6 times for 30 minutes.

In the third week, increase the duration of the lesson to 35 minutes, and then, at the end of the month, your careers will last 40 minutes.

The second month is intense training. The frequency of the classes is still the same, but now the mileage is the first for you. Weekly charges must comply with the following plan:

  • Monday – 5 km
  • Tuesday – 10 km
  • Wednesday – 5 km
  • Thursday – 10 km
  • Friday – 5 km
  • Saturday – 20 km
  • Sunday is a day of rest.
Preparing for the marathon: tips for successful route

Long distance marathon: a great challenge for the human body, especially for beginners.

One month before the marathon, the plan changes and looks like this:

  • Monday is a day of rest
  • Tuesday – 10 km
  • Wednesday is a day of rest.
  • Thursday – 10 km
  • Friday – rest day
  • Saturday – 20 km
  • Sunday is a day of rest.

The last long training (20 km) must be done at least 10 days before the start so that your body recovers. You must stop all physical activity three days before the marathon.

For three months, do not forget to include in your plans exercises to strengthen the muscles of the legs, back and abdominals. It is necessary to perform general physical training at least once a week.

The lifestyle of a true marathon runner.

A long career gives a serious burden to your body on this day, all organs and systems will operate to the limit of their capabilities. A marathon is only possible for people as healthy as possible, therefore, their lifestyle should correspond to their sports plans.

Here are the rules, after which, not only will you prepare for the race, but it will also significantly improve your well-being:

  • Abandon bad habits: smoking, alcohol.
  • Eat Healthy
  • Get enough sleep and do not get nervous about the little things.

Smoking reduces the capacity of the lungs for oxygen metabolism, and the body, including muscles, is not saturated with oxygen in the correct amount. Alcohol literally poisons all internal organs, leads to dysfunction of its functions, negatively affects the speed of reaction and the ability to control one’s own body.

Preparation for the marathon will be easier if you reject fatty foods. It is better to immediately eliminate harmful cholesterol from the menu, that is, meat, eggs.

You will need a large amount of vegetable protein and slow carbohydrates. Your diet should contain legumes, cereals, nuts, dried fruits, herbs, berries.

Plant nutrition will provide your body with the necessary energy. Drink lots of liquids, the best freshly squeezed juices, decoctions.

Do not forget to use three liters of clean water a day. During races (and during the same marathon), drink 100 ml of water every 15 minutes (approximately half a cup).

On the eve of the beginning, your food should consist of cereals, dried fruits, nuts. During the race itself, the dried fruits will help you fill the lack of glucose, you can eat small slices of fresh fruits.

Sleep and tranquility are necessary to restore the body after intense loads, so rest at least 8 hours a day and be cool. This is an important part of the training program!

Preparing for the marathon: tips for successful route

For the marathon, experts recommend buying shoes of medium size larger than what you usually wear.

Dress correctly

To participate in a sporting event, you need good shoes. This should be sneakers, breathable, anatomically shaped and with a pronounced tread.

Experts recommend buying shoes of medium size larger than what you usually wear. Do not run a marathon in the newly purchased bots, try something new for at least some workouts.

If the day the sporting event fell was hot, cover your head, put on an open shirt and shorts. Remember to use sunscreen.

Wear a jacket made of membrane fabric, a light hat and long leggings on your legs when it’s cold or in the rain on your shirt (50% cotton, 50% synthetic). It will be better if you get special compression socks to run.

You can replace them with any synthetic material sock.

Who should not run long distances?

Of course, not everyone can run a marathon. There are a number of conditions in which participation in an event is contraindicated. This rule is valid for athletes of any level:

  • Any disease of the cardiovascular system.
  • respiratory problems
  • Diseases of the joints, spine (including hernia).
  • severe myopia or glaucoma
  • any discomfort on the day of the launch
  • Chronic diseases in the period of exacerbation.

Running a marathon is a fun and bright event, a great sporting achievement. But at the same time it is a serious test for the body.

Do not repeat this experience too often, prepare carefully for the races, and you will love this friendly and very athletic sport.

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