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Pull-ups on the horizontal bar: specificity and exercises.

Pull-ups on the horizontal bar: specificity and exercises.

What are pull-ups? This is a classic exercise to build a powerful back.

It is distinguished by its simplicity and affordability. It is believed that it is easy to achieve a broad grip at least several times for anyone who is respected.

For any soldier, it’s easy to catch up a few dozen times with a broad grip, this is a damn thing. The crossbar has been in any military unit since antiquity. In addition, bending exercises, like many other exercises with their own weight, are the least damaging to the body, which means they are safe for the joints and ligaments.

Of course, it is important to know what is the correct technique to do this exercise.

In general, about pull-ups.

Lifting a horizontal bar is one of the simplest and oldest exercises for general physical development and the development of the wider back muscles. His technique is quite simple and is remembered from the first lesson.

It gained its popularity long before the emergence and development of Olympic sport as such (that is, in its modern form). They always stopped.

Stop the army, the athletes, the fighters, the boys on the horizontal bar in the yard. If a soldier could not catch up even a couple of times, he was considered unfit for service. Always this exercise enjoyed a special honor and glory.

And, relatively recently, in the world there was a new sports area called training, a sport in which athletes compete to perform various tricks of difficulty on the crossbar. Including one of the disciplines of this sport are the pull-ups in the number of times.

Pull-ups are also included in the training program at any physical education institution. The standard to be updated a certain number of times necessarily included in the list of standards of the PRT (preparation for work and defense).

There are separate standards for girls and separate standards for children. It is believed that if he can not get up, then he does not have enough physical strength. In addition, you will not be able to enroll in some schools if you do not pass the general physical training exam, which includes surveys.

We are talking about the military, the police, firefighters and other special educational institutions. If we are talking about passing certain standards and exams, then applicants must have a particularly strict technique to perform this exercise.

Why is it important to shoot well? What is special about this exercise? Why is it useful to pull the bar?

What grip is better to choose to make it easier to perform? How to learn to throw?

How to use the grip to load the wider muscles of the back with more force, and what grip will we load the biceps more? We’ll see

The push-ups, if the correct technique is respected, involve the latissimus dorsi, the biceps, the muscles and slightly deltoid forearms and the lower part of the back.

Pull-ups on the horizontal bar: specificity and exercises.

In itself, the realization of this exercise, if the correct technique is observed, guarantees a harmonious and proportional development of the back. This is important, and we advise you to learn how to get up, and this exercise will not be superfluous at any age. The fact is that most of the load during the march, the performance of many movements falls on the back.

The back allows us to hold the body while we walk, sit, etc.

How to get up, can you learn this? How to start learning: is it better to choose the grip or decide the load? Beginning athletes must know a lot: how the grip affects the work of those or other muscles, what grip to use, to load the wider muscles of the back with more force, and what grip will load the biceps more.

With experience will come an understanding of all these subtleties, and the athlete can quickly learn to feel the burden.

Adjustment rules

How to pull up? It is necessary to take into account the following: in order to pull the bar as efficiently as possible, you must learn to do it correctly.

What grip do you use to load more heavily on the correct muscles?

There are many options for pull-ups. As a general rule, they differ only by the athlete’s grip.

The fact is that the wider or narrower grip directly regulates which muscles are involved in the work. They usually use a width, since it is this grip that carries the widest muscles of the back to a greater extent.

The narrow reverse handle allows a greater degree of displacement of the load on the biceps. The average shoulder width grip: distributes load more uniformly in different muscles.

What can you do if you can not get up alone? How to learn?

Then we present to your attention the technique of correct execution.

To begin with, you can learn to hang on the bar. Increasing with each training time, you accustom your hands to the load.

When you feel the grip has become strong, try to lift it. This requires a medium grip (up to the shoulders). To stabilize the case, press the press, it is he who does a lot of work to keep the body upright.

Change the grip and increase the number of pull-ups that will be done gradually.

To develop the technique and get the most benefit from exercise, try doing this:

  • perform push-ups only due to muscular strength, without moving the torso
  • keep your body upright
  • Lift your body gently, there is no need to move to repeat
  • top point – when the chin is on the crossbar
  • on the rise – exhale, on the descent – inhale
  • It is necessary to fall too softly, to full extension of arms on elbows.
  • There is no need to hurry: the slower, the more correct.

If the amplitude when doing an exercise is small, you can do it in a simulator equipped with a counterweight. Many beginners make a mistake by throwing their heads back and lifting their chins while doing push-ups on the horizontal bar.

This can not be done, because it can injure the vertebrae.

Pull-ups on the horizontal bar: specificity and exercises.

Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Can horizontal flexions, at least partially, replace the push of the bar to the belt or chest?

The answer to this popular question will be this: this bar / chest can somehow replace the good old pull-ups, which are the best exercises to develop the back (the widest muscles) and the muscles of the muscles. shoulders

  • When tightening, too, is it necessary to cycle power and mass adjustment cycles?

When rising, an explosive force and mass can develop, but the concepts of force and mass configuration cycles are correct only for exercises with a bar. Generally speaking, the back room always has more than 10 repetitions in the approach.

  • What develops your back better – dead weight or push-ups?
  • What is best to use in training: free-weight exercises (barbells and dumbbells) or exercises with your own weight?

Here it is important to understand some points. The first To perform the basic complex with a bar, you must first strengthen the main muscle groups.

And in this sense, there is nothing better than exercising with your weight. They are the ones who will establish the basic bases for the athlete, which will allow them to perform their skills in basic exercises with weights to the maximum.

Final provisions

Let’s briefly summarize some of the results. Therefore, stretching in the bar is one of the simplest and oldest exercises for general physical development and the development of the wider back muscles.

It gained its popularity long before the emergence and development of Olympic sport in its modern form. To learn how to get up, you just need to start exercising. During training, the latissimus dorsi, the loins, the biceps, the trapezes and the forearms are actively involved in the work.

In general, we can say that all the muscles of the upper part are included in the work.

We sincerely wish you to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. If your health is important to you, it is best to start taking care of yourself as soon as possible.

It is important to train correctly. This is not as difficult as it seems, it is enough to start taking small steps, but systematic and permanent. First, give up bad habits, then gradually teach yourself to comply with the regime.

Believe me, time flies fast and you will not notice how three months, six months, a year or even several years go by. For an athlete, all this is irrelevant. Only the goal matters.

And his goal is to be healthy, strong, prepared for any adversity and to be a role model! Remember that the sober state is much brighter and more productive than any drunken frenzy.

If you want a bright future for yourself and your loved ones, then stop using this poison right now. Better exercise, start a healthy lifestyle, fill your time with something bright and productive.

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