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Rear deltas: how to pump them quickly and correctly.

Rear deltas: how to pump them quickly and correctly.

Some people go to the gym, they do it at home. But sometimes it seems that somewhere is pumped more, but somewhere vice versa. This is because beginners only pay attention to the main sections: the chest, the legs and the hands.

For example, they forget the muscles of the shoulders and, after all, with that work, the body can look disproportionately pumped. What should be done to avoid this? In fact, just remember about the shoulders.

And do exercises on the back deltas, which help pump them.

The shoulder is made up of muscles called deltoids. They include three packages:

To work well, you need to spend time with all three departments. The first pack, which is also the front, trains more easily than the others.

He is involved in almost all classes with the press, so it is not necessary to assign special classes.

The next section, the middle one, which is also the side, is responsible for the width of the shoulders. His swing is harder than the previous one.

This beam is made up of specialized simulators, to which special attention must be paid.

The back of the beam: the most difficult to work on the shoulder muscles. Thanks to him, the shoulders become more visually massive when viewed from the side. Such training is not included in any complex, so it is worth doing separately.

And pay special attention to this. Do not think that the rear delta does not necessarily pump.

In this case, the body will be disproportionate. With all this, do not forget the other two beams.


How to pump the rear delta? There are some of the most useful and common options. These include:

  • pull-ups
  • push the vertical block to the chest,
  • Exercises with bar on the slope.
  • exercises with dumbbells on the slope,
  • Traction T-neck.

The basic training complex works in large-scale muscle groups. While the back is incredibly small.

Therefore, such exercises pump the rear deltas only indirectly, and the necessary load is almost impossible. There are other reasons why these packages may not grow:

  1. When training, it is difficult to feel the muscles of the back, as they can interfere with the muscles of the back or arms.
  2. During the classes, the lateral beam trains faster and removes the load from the back, preventing it from pumping better.

Rear deltas: how to pump them quickly and correctly.

To properly work the rear deltas, you must first learn to feel the muscles. It sounds strange, but only when you understand exactly what group is tense right now, do you feel a contraction and even a burning sensation you will begin to get the desired result. How to achieve such feelings?

And how to pump the rear deltas correctly? You will help the usual training with dumbbells. But there are several recommendations:

  1. Start with a small weight to get the correct amount of repetitions and control the correct trajectory of dumbbell movement.
  2. During bending, do not bend more than 40-60 degrees, otherwise, the load on the rear beam will go backwards.
  3. Make several approaches without interruption with a decrease in the weight of the weights, for example, during the first take 15 kilograms, then lose to 10 kilograms and finish with five.
  4. During the lift, leave them up for a couple of seconds and stretch even more.
  5. If it is too difficult to carry out the weight, make the usual movements of the arms on the slope.
  6. In the event that this part is not pumped, select a set of exercises only for these muscles.

If you follow these simple rules, very soon the exercises will bring results. This part is restored very quickly after training, so you can perform it three times a week.

Push in the block

Holding the handle of the block, start pulling the weight towards you. The elbows should not be lowered or raised, the arms parallel to the floor.

Do 4 cycles, each with 15 repetitions.

Tilt design

Choose the right weight weights, which can do 15 repetitions, while it should not be too easy or difficult. Stand in front of a bench, sofa or chair. Lean forward, head against the furniture.

The back is parallel to the ground. Start raising your arms straight from the sides.

Follow all three approaches as slowly as possible.

Reverse design

Lie down on a bench or couch. Stretch your hands in front of you, palms on the floor. Separate them by turning the brush 90 degrees.

At a quiet pace, do four sets of 15 repetitions.

This completes the most popular exercises for this part. It is not necessary at all to do all of the above: you can choose a couple of the most appropriate ones and include them in your training.

Now you can start training the side beam.

Stand with your back straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Take extra weight and turn the brush towards the face.

Start lifting your arms, turning them 180 degrees away from you. When you return to the original position, return the brush to the same direction.

Perform 10 repetitions in four sets.

Bench press behind the head

It is considered the main one and is included in almost all training complexes. There are great risks of injuries, but exercise is almost the best.

In its performance, both the middle and front parts of the shoulders are involved in the work. You can do it standing or sitting, as you prefer.

Lift the bar on top of you. Then, slowly, remove it and lower the back of your head until your elbows are bent at right angles.

Return to the original position. Do three sets of 10 times.

Exercises in the front delta.

After working the rear deltas and media, start pumping the front beam.

Rear deltas: how to pump them quickly and correctly.

Dumbbell bench press

Stand with your back straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Having dumbbells, bend your elbows.

Begin to raise them above your head. Do not rush to perform, try to do it, to feel all the muscles of the shoulder section.

Then slowly lower your hands to the starting position.

You can participate with a bar. The exercise is done in the same way, but it is only suitable for people with good physical condition. It is also required when working through the deltoid muscles.

Do 8 repetitions in four sets.


There are three options available to perform: dumbbell, bar or pancake. Stand with your back straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Take the weight and raise your hands a little higher than to complete the parallelism with the floor.

Thanks to this, the front parts of the shoulders will always be tense. Do this exercise 15 times in five approaches.

Some more tips for the correct execution:

  1. Exercise two or three times a week.
  2. Start training only on the back: it is the most difficult to train.
  3. Use at least one basic or basic exercise.
  4. Do not resort to simulators.
  5. Choose the correct weight.

Now you know the best complexes to pump the rear deltas. Follow correctly and follow some of the above rules. Then very soon you will realize the results.

Your body will be pumped proportionally and beautifully. And health, both physical and psychological, will improve markedly.

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