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Resistance exercise: health benefits and figure effects.

The high performance of the human body depends on the degree of resistance. This capacity of the organism is manifested in the time that a person can perform a certain type of physical work without rest or rest.

There are certain resistance exercises that help develop this quality.

In the training process, the most involved are the white muscle fibers, which are responsible for the strength indicators. And for the stability of the red muscle fibers are responsible. It means that they need to be developed.

Let’s see what benefits our body will gain from training and what exercises are most suitable for the development of resistance.

Resistance factors

There are several factors that make up the general concept of resistance. So, let’s consider the main ones:

  1. Cardiovascular resistance This type determines the ability of the heart, lungs and blood vessels to work with large loads. The development of this aspect is possible when doing athletics, swimming and jumping rope.
  2. Muscular endurance is determined by the number of muscular contractions under load. The training is carried out through repeated repetitions of the same action, for example, getting up, doing push-ups, twisting, squatting, etc.

Resistance exercise: health benefits and figure effects.

Types of training

Before going on to the description of the exercises for the development of resistance, it is necessary to understand the existing training methods. In modern sports, the following types of loads are used to increase the body’s resistance.

  • Aerobic workouts that help strengthen blood vessels and the heart, lose weight and improve lung function.
  • High-speed workouts that can significantly speed up metabolism and contribute to fat burning. They are performed with the minimum rest at the highest repetition rate.
  • Circuit training is a cycle of several simple exercises that are performed at maximum speed and with a minimum rest time.
  • Special training that aims to develop a specific muscle group.

Resistance training is a very difficult exercise in which you need to gather all your will in a fist and overcome the not very pleasant feelings that will accompany the exercise.

And what is it for?

The question of muscular endurance is quite relevant. What do you do in everyday life, why do you need to train?

Resistance training will not only improve the general condition of the body, but also help eliminate excess fat. Also during active training there is an acceleration of blood circulation.

Blood enriched with oxygen penetrates the smallest capillaries of the body and supplies all tissues with the necessary oxygen.

In the process of training in the body, important events occur:

  • Improves the cardiovascular system The heart begins to work more actively, supplying all human organs with the necessary amount of oxygen.
  • Stabilized work of the lungs.
  • In the muscles the accumulation of lactic acid dissolves.
  • The process of burning fat.
  • There is a development of red muscle fibers.
  • Exercises for the development of resistance allow you to stabilize the body and speed up the metabolism.

Resistance exercise: health benefits and figure effects.

The most effective exercises.

There are several training techniques for the development of general resistance. Most coaches consider that these 10 exercises are the best, which allows to significantly improve the performance of the resistance in a short period of time.

  1. Running is the best way to increase endurance. One of the most proven ways to develop this side of the body is to run with an irregular rhythm. This means that while running, you must alternate between fast and slow, sometimes accelerating at top speed.

Such a rhythm will not allow the body to adapt to the load, which will allow it to maintain a state of shock for a longer time.

The whole body will not be able to immediately understand what is happening, so it will use reserves of reserve fat as energy.

While running, you must follow the breath. As soon as it breaks or becomes intermittent, it is necessary to instantly restore the rhythm and recover.

  1. Rope to jump: a great helper in resistance work. You can completely replace the race, improve the resistance of the legs. This exercise works well stabilizing the work of the heart, the lungs and normalizes the pressure. The simplicity of this exercise and the minimum equipment make it affordable and affordable.
  2. Squats train resistance very well. The exercises involve many different muscle groups. There are several options for its execution. You can squat as standard or create some type of your own version, for example, collect the weighting. The main thing – the maximum repetitions.
  3. Exercise on the horizontal bar can significantly strengthen the muscles of the body. It is necessary to do more than 10 repetitions in one approach. There are a significant number of different training options for this sports team that can be adapted to almost anyone.
  4. The floor flexes, one of the basic exercises for resistance, allow you to train several muscle groups simultaneously. You need to start with 10 repetitions at one time. Determine the number of approaches yourself.
  5. Cycling contributes to the resistance of the legs and helps fight overweight.
  6. Swimming is an effective way to develop various body parameters. For best results, each workout should increase the distance. As soon as you exceed the kilometer, you must increase the speed of swimming.
  7. Work in the press. There are a lot of different exercises that allow you to work the abdominal muscle. It is worth noting that with a body lift, a person loses between 8 and 10 calories. The exercises to develop the quality we need can be simple or complex, include a minimum amount of exercise or consist of numerous approaches.
  8. Exercise resistance exercises with dumbbells. The training should be dynamic and consist of a few simple exercises. For example, it can be squats, strides, push-ups with the use of these projectiles.
  9. The development of endurance and exercises for all muscle groups are included in several sports games. During the game you must use all the resources of the body to achieve the goal.

Question How to increase the body’s resistance? relevant today. Most people came to understand that it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle.

There are people who realize that achieving their goals is possible with the help of personal qualities, even through perseverance and endurance.

The development of resistance will not only improve the overall tone of the body. A durable person performs significantly more work, while spending much less energy.

Include exercises to increase endurance in your morning exercises. After a couple of weeks, you will notice that you have tired much less during the day. His breathing normalizes, the difficulty to breathe disappears, his heart stops beating with the least effort.

It will become healthier, stronger and start looking at the future with optimism.

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