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Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova: performance technique

Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova: performance technique

Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova was developed in our country at the end of the 30s and represents a unique treatment method for the author. Alexandra Strelnikova was an opera singer and, having lost her singing voice, together with her mother, she invented a special system of exercises for her recovery. The Strelnikova gymnastics is based on making short and sharp nasal breaths with compression of the thorax.

This complex of exercises involves a large part of the body, therefore, it affects many organs and helps with a variety of diseases: asthma, hypertension, IRR, stuttering, etc. The benefit of this gymnastics is also that it can be used to restore nasal breathing in the situation in which the patient, even in the absence of any obstacle in the nose, developed a breathing reflex through the mouth.

The Strelnikova technique can be used successfully for the prevention and treatment of diseases in adults and children with adolescents. If gymnastics is a treatment method, then it should be practiced twice a day.

And if you use this method of prevention, you should do it only once: in the morning, as an alternative to normal exercise, or at night, to relieve the voltage after a work or school day.

By being involved in this system, you can stop bending over and improving your body’s flexibility. The breathing exercises in Strelnikova are effective in the development of myopia it is possible to stop the deterioration of the vision.

The Strelnikova gynecological complex demonstrates a therapeutic effect in some typically female diseases, for example, in polycystic ovaries and endometriosis.

It is logical that, in the first place, the Strelnikova breathing exercises offer warm-up exercises. There are only three of them: Ladoski, Chasers and Pump.

Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova: performance technique

Ladoshki. You need to stand up straight and turn the palms of your hands away from you, without moving your hands away from your body.

After that, do 4 breaths with the nose at intervals of 3 to 5 seconds. In total, you need to do approximately 24 repetitions (that is, in general, 96 movements are issued).

To exhale, on the contrary, it is necessary orally, silently and effortlessly. Nasal inspiration should be done, not tight lips.

After inhaling, the lips should be slightly open, then exhale as it should, spontaneously. Also make sure that your shoulders do not rise during exercise.

Do not be alarmed if your head starts to get a little dizzy at first, as it will disappear in the process.

Chase Stand with your back straight and squeeze the side arms into your fists. 8 breaths are performed without pauses, then a pause of 4 to 5 s and repetition.

Norma exercises – 12 repetitions. While inhaling, push your hands down as if you are throwing something.

When you inhale, your shoulders should strain, your arms should stretch all their length and your fingers should be wide open.

Bomb. Stay straight back and then bend a little. Your back should be round, and look – directed to the floor. Inhale in the lower position.

Lift slightly, exhaling through the mouth. It is necessary to successively make 8 curves with breaths, then interrupt for 3-5 seconds and do it again.

Total of repetitions required 12, as in the second exercise. However, there are contraindications to perform:

  • injured spine
  • traumatic brain injury
  • ancient osteochondrosis,
  • significantly higher than normal intracranial, arterial or ocular pressure,
  • Kidney stones, liver stones, bladder stones.

Three warm-up exercises should last 15 to 20 minutes in the morning and at night. Then learn one day in one of the exercises, offered by the main complex.

Fundamentals of gymnastics.

The gymnastics Strelnikova is divided into different complexes, but among them the most popular is the so-called basic complex, which consists of 10 exercises, without counting the warm-up. Following this method, it is important to remember some basic rules and always follow them:

  1. The breath is always choppy, short and noisy. During classes, it is necessary to concentrate only on nasal inhalations.
  2. The exhalation should be done alone, without tension, through the mouth. When you exhale, the noise must be absent.
  3. All movements represent a breath.
  4. The score is always only 8.

It is allowed to practice standing and sitting and lying down.

Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova: performance technique

The first exercise will be Cat. Without lifting your feet off the ground, do an elastic, shallow squat, while at the same time turning to the right and inhaling. Repeat this on the left.

Do not bend your back and perform such movements with your hands as if you were holding something. In total, 12 repetitions of 8 breaths with movements are required.

Hug your shoulders His initial position is standing, with his arms raised towards his shoulders and his elbows bent. Make a strong throw of the hands, as if you want to hold your shoulders in all inhalation movements.

Do not move your hands too far apart, try to keep them parallel. It is necessary to inhale 8 times more than 12 repetitions. Contraindications to be made:

  • history of myocardial infarction
  • heart defects,
  • coronary heart disease.

Big pendulum Put your feet a little shorter than your shoulders.

Lean forward with your arms stretched to the floor with a breath. Without any pause, lean back and place your arms around your shoulders, also with a breath. Do not forget that it is only necessary to exhale passively.

Do 8 times 12 repetitions. Contraindications:

  • injured spine
  • ancient osteochondrosis,
  • Displaced intervertebral discs.

Only after a qualitative mastery of the three warm-up exercises and the first three basic exercises, one can begin to master the whole complex as a whole. Extend your classes to a new exercise per day.

The head rotates. Put your feet in a width smaller than your shoulders. Turn your head in different directions without stopping in the middle and inhale in all turns.

Exhale through the mouth. It is necessary to perform 12 repetitions 8 times.

Ears The initial position is the same. Make a shallow tilt to the left and to the right, directing the ear to the shoulder to inhale when leaning.

And so, 12 repetitions 8 times.

Pendulum of the head. The initial position does not change. With breaths, lower and raise the head, and so 12 repetitions. Contraindications for the execution:

  • old cervical osteochondrosis,
  • traumatic brain injury
  • epileptic seizures,
  • VSD,
  • Intracranial, intraocular or arterial pressure significantly higher than normal.

Rolls. Extend your left leg forward and your right leg back. Bend your right knee and crouch on your left leg with a breath.

Immediately pass to the right leg, bending the left, also in the inhalation. 12 repetitions of 8 breaths.

Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova: performance technique

Front step Stand so that your feet are a distance less than the width of your shoulders, and lift the left leg with the knee bent towards the abdomen. Sit on your right foot with one breath and straighten your back.

Do the same with the other leg. 8 repetitions of 8 breaths. Contraindications:

  • ischemic heart disease
  • history of myocardial infarction
  • The presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • heart defects

If your legs are injured anyway, do not do this exercise while standing. During pregnancy, do not pull your legs too high.

Step back. Expose the left foot backwards, having sat slightly to the right and breathing. Return to the starting position with the exhalation.

Repeat with the other leg. In general, you must perform 4 repetitions of 8 breaths.

How to study the Strelnikova program

The technique of respiratory training, which offers gymnastics under the Strelnikova program, is studied in a certain order. Initially, you only do three warm-up exercises: Ladoski, Chasers and Pump. On the second day, add the Cat to them, in the third – Hug the shoulders, in the fourth – the Great Pendulum, then, if you feel the need to do it, perform these six exercises.

After work, add other exercises in turns: Head turns, Ears, Pendulum Head, Rolls and Steps.

When you feel you have mastered the exercise technique enough, perform 16 breaths instead of 8, and then you can reach the maximum of 32 breaths in a row. Any new exercise, start with a minimum number of breaths.

No matter how many times you inhale, your rest should last 3 to 5 seconds, sometimes up to 10, but no more. The best time to train is in the morning and at night, before lunch or an hour and a half later.

The maximum benefit of practicing the Strelnikov method is possible only when you study regularly. Dr. Schetinin, a follower of Alexandra Strelnikova, advises practicing breathing exercises and her whole life, to make it a habit to maintain a constant tone. Strelnikova gymnastics, however, has some general contraindications for classes:

  • Blood pressure, intracranial or ocular superior to the norm.
  • a high degree of myopia,
  • spinal injuries
  • The presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • traumatic brain injury
  • fever
  • gallstones and kidney stones,
  • old cervical osteochondrosis,
  • glaucoma
  • acute thrombophlebitis
  • The presence of diseases with internal hemorrhage.

So be sure to check with the doctor before starting the training according to the Strelnikova method. The greatest benefit of this type of gymnastics is manifested precisely when practiced with an individual approach, taking into account all contraindications and characteristics.

This technique also does not tolerate deviations from the order of the exercises: they are based on the principle of the simple to the complex, and therefore the sequence is very important.

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