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Roller skating: important lessons for beginners.

Roller skating: important lessons for beginners.

A somewhat forgotten sport, involving the use of skates or, as they are simply called, rollers, is once again at the peak of popularity today. With the onset of warm days, the parks and pedestrian paths that have barely dried off the snow leave many active recreation lovers. Roller skating is fun, useful and fashionable.

Such an exercise brings many pleasant emotions to adults and children, but, of course, only if a person knows how to drive properly. How to master the techniques of riding on roller skates and teach this to your child?

Tips for a beginner: where to start skating lessons?

What is difficult to learn to ride skates? This is how many people think, get up on the rollers without the slightest preparation and immediately face the failure.

In fact, learning can be really quick and easy if you start it right.

So, what should be done first? The answer is suggested: buy videos. But this case should be approached in a very responsible manner, because far from all the roller skates are suitable for a beginner, especially if the purchase is intended for a child.

A person who is starting to skate will use fitness skates: they are light and comfortable, so the training will be carried out without much difficulty. The outer boot of the rollers must have a rigid frame to be able to fix the leg well and avoid injuries in the ankle joint.

It is important to make sure that the roller has a sufficient number of fasteners: cord, velcro and upper fastener. The projectile wheels must be of medium size, which guarantees a good stability on the surface.

If you buy videos yourself, be sure to try them in the store, and do not buy a sports tool without a child, focusing only on the size. The most important thing in roller skating is comfort.

Do not neglect the purchase of protection: for beginners it is vital, as it can protect against serious injuries during falls that will inevitably happen during the learning period of skating. You will need knee pads, elbow pads, palm protection and, of course, a helmet.

It is also very important to choose the right place for the first classes: it can be a park with specially equipped asphalt roads or a pedestrian zone located far from the road. Do not skate where there are many people or at each step there are obstacles in the form of trees, steps and curbs.

If you plan to teach a child how to ride skates, be sure to explain the rules of skating: do not drive on the road where the vehicle is moving, and drive only on a flat, straight surface. When beginning the training, stay constantly close to the child, if necessary, to correct their movement and avoid injury.

Roller skating: important lessons for beginners.

First steps

The roller skating teaching method for an adult and a child is the same and includes the following steps:

  1. Before starting to drive, you must make sure that the feet are firmly fixed on the runners: all the seals must be tight, but there must not be excessive pressure on the feet. The wear rollers must be seated.
  2. At the beginning of training it is still very difficult to maintain balance, therefore, you must first stand up, holding the support, for example, by the handrail or the wall. In this case, you should lean slightly forward to avoid falling backwards.
  3. Do not start moving immediately. First, you must learn to stand on ice skates. For this you need to feel the videos and get used to them. You can simply stand up, stretch your legs and keep them together, not forgetting to tilt your body slightly forward, or you can make a stop, usually placing one foot behind the other. At the same time, you should evaluate how comfortable the limbs are on the sports equipment and, if necessary, tighten or loosen the fasteners.
  4. Being accustomed to the rollers, you can start moving slowly. The technique will be as follows: keep a small inclination of the body, bend the knees slightly, with the feet together. The right roller should stay slightly tilted outward, this leg will move first. The left foot should be made to push, also keep it at an angle with respect to the surface and, while moving, move it to the right. Do not forget the low position: when rolling the knees should always be bent. It is not necessary to begin the movement with the right leg should be guided by their own feelings and do what is most convenient. Important tips for parents: try to teach a child to skate, do not push him, do not grab him by the shoulders and do not push him from behind this will deprive him of self-confidence and slow down the learning process, and excessive rushing without proper skating skills can cause falls and injuries.
  5. It is possible to start driving with turns only after the movement technique along a straight path has been completely mastered. Beginners are the easiest way to learn to rotate, using the A-shift method. Moving in a straight line, spread your legs shoulder width apart and turn your fingers slightly towards each other, but do not reduce them to the end: from the side, the stop position will resemble the letter A. While continuing to move , simultaneously begin to increase the pressure inside the roller opposite to that side. where it rotates (that is, when it turns to the right, you must distribute the weight on the left wheel skate).

This simple technique, consisting of only 5 steps, will help you quickly learn how to skate on wheels for children and adults. If you do everything correctly and participate regularly in this sport, you can learn the videos in a short time and start riding for your pleasure.

Roller skating: important lessons for beginners.

Braking and falling

In order to learn how to use roller skates, it is important not only to stop and move properly, but also to brake and even to fall, this is an integral part of the sport of the training rollers, which directly determines how traumatic and painful the first rides will be on wheels.

A beginner should not accelerate much: the higher the speed, the harder it is to stop without falling.

The roller skates, designed for beginners, usually have a regular brake: it looks like a small continuation of the frame, directed towards the ground and partially covering the rear wheel. It is quite easy to brake with the help of this device with a certain ability, but it can only be used at low speed otherwise, due to a sudden stop, the fall can not be avoided. To stop, applying a regular brake, it is necessary to push the supplied roller a little forward, transfer the weight to the leg left behind, and stretch the leg in front of the knee, raising the toe.

When the brake touches the ground, the speed will begin to decrease and the skater will stop. You should be prepared for the fact that it is not always possible to perform this type of braking correctly the first time, as it requires good balance and coordination.

You can use the stop method in T: place one foot behind the other perpendicularly, using it as a brake. It is believed that stopping in this way is much more convenient and safe, especially for a child. In addition, you can go slowly to the lawn and go to it following the usual steps or use

Natural inhibition: move, do not push, until the speed is completely reduced. Of course, this method is not suitable for an emergency stop, but it is practically safe if the box is not tilted backwards.

If you need to stop immediately, as a last resort, you are allowed to grab the obstacle with your hands, for example, a tree, but you can only approach it from one side and at low speed.

Falling to the right is also very important. The most important thing in this business is to try to avoid falling on your back or buttocks.

Fall forward, expose your hands, but do not hold them straight so as not to damage the elbow and wrist joints, and do not squeeze your fingers with your fists. If you feel that the loss of balance can not be avoided, bend your knees and stretch forward.

Perhaps some of the above recommendations may seem somewhat complicated, but it is worth trying them in practice, and you will understand that roller skating is not that difficult.

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