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Running a short distance: how to learn to run correctly

Running a short distance: how to learn to run correctly

Many of us, if we do not observe closely the main events in the world of sports and its varieties such as athletics, at least we will see the Olympic Games and we will know who is the fastest man in the world. We believe that it does not make sense to explain to a broad public what a sporting event like the sprint is.

But I still remember the definition of this sport. Sprint is a race for short distances (100, 200, 400 meters). It belongs to one of the disciplines of athletics.

The competences in this discipline are carried out both among men and women.

Speed ​​has always attracted man. In ancient times, in many ways it depended on the speed of a hunter’s career, whether it managed to reach the prey and, therefore, feed his community. In archaic times, speed was also important.

Then there were no carrier pigeons, or media. And often, many political and strategic moments depended on the speed with which the messenger would take the message to another policy.

In addition, war was also an important quality.

Athletics – one of the first types of sports in the history of mankind.

Today we will examine the characteristics of the sprint as a sport and the characteristics of the training process in it: what phases there are in the sprinters’ training, how they complete the load cycle, what exercises they perform.

Running a short distance: how to learn to run correctly

On the essence of strength and resistance.

The special characteristics of the sprint (otherwise called sprint) consist mainly of the fact that it can not be attributed to resistance training, since this is a maximum short-term muscular effort, and endurance is a uniform work of the muscles for a fairly long period of time. The effort described above can be attributed rather to the effort that contributes to the development of explosive power.

Let’s see exactly in all the definitions to understand each other correctly.

The explosive power, if one speaks of a strictly scientific language, is the ability of the muscles to create the most powerful force in the shortest period of time, that is, it is about reaching 100% of the limit of possibilities. From this definition, such a simple conclusion suggests that the sprinters ‘training will be vastly different from the marathoners’ training.

They will be as close as possible to strength training or close to the body.

Explosive power: what it is and how to develop it

What is the essence of any strength training system, whether absolute, relative, moderate strength training? This is a combination of those or other actions that lead to the fact that an athlete’s maximum power capabilities increase, that is, he has the opportunity to create an even greater effort per unit of time.

It seems that everything is clear. And, really, how to move this maximum?

There are quite a few methods of training in modern sports practice. We believe that it does not make sense to list them all.

It is enough to identify the basic principles of strength training, which intersect with many recognized sports methodologists.

  1. The potential of your maximum effort (whether the result of a bench press, meters per second or the force of an impact) depends directly on nerve conduction. What is nerve conduction, in a simple and understandable language, is the well-established connection between the muscles and the nervous system. The better it is, the more powerful the effort you can send to the muscles with the help of the central nervous system. In addition, nerve conduction is, in general terms, the performance of the head. How can you work to improve it?
    There are a large number of ways, we stop at the most accessible for most students.
  2. It combines static and dynamic phases of work. Static is a job in slow mode or a job to maintain a certain position. For example, the table exercise is pure static. Dynamics is, on the contrary, work in speed mode, where the emphasis is on creating the maximum power effort. In the first case, the predominantly slow muscle fibers develop, in the second case, the predominantly fast fibers. We will need both those and others for a well-coordinated job.
  3. Do a lot of basic exercises in training with enough intensity, but never reach 100%. Intensity can be understood as the limit of one or the other effort. In the case of works with explosive energy, it will be more important to create many high-quality nerve impulses with a capacity of 70-80% than a few with a capacity of 95-100%. Remember that our body is extremely lazy. And to execute the necessary adaptive processes, it is necessary to be under a certain load for a long time. In addition, it is important to keep your nervous system in good condition at all times. Work in the long term
  4. Remember an important principle: 500 g of muscles will always do much more work than 300 g of muscles. Of course, you do not have to rise to the level of Mr. Olympia, but you must have a minimum reserve to work meat in the target muscle groups involved in the movement. Almost all sprinters have good muscles. In this they differ from the marathoners themselves.

Running a short distance: how to learn to run correctly

Visually how sprinters train

As in any sport, the technique of exercising is very important in speed racing. We can say that the execution technique plays a key role in the effectiveness of an exercise. What are these exercises?

How do sprinters train? The answer to the question, what are the exercises in the sprinter’s arsenal, will you find them below?

The main exercises in the sprinter’s arsenal are the following:

  • We start with a warm up. Get used to the fact that this is also a type of exercise. The optimal duration is about 10-15 minutes. What will be the heating? At about 7 minutes jogging. Then we perform the overall warm-up (as taught in physical education classes).
  • Where to start Start by running a distance of 70 to 100 m. This is the first serious exercise on your way. Remember that technology is paramount! The intensity is medium. Not extreme. The main essence of this exercise is to develop the perfect technique to do the exercise.
  • Other specific exercises will follow. They are necessary for the correction of your career technique. Run in different styles (with a high thigh lift, a brush stroke, a leg throw, jump steps) at a distance of about 30-40 meters. Increase the intensity gradually.
  • Do not forget the need to stretch. After all, the prevention of serious injuries and their mobility in general depend on the flexibility of your muscles and your ligaments. And this will directly affect the race technique and its final speed, since the correct race technique makes the greatest possible use of so many levers.

In conclusion, we would like to wish our readers perseverance, health and coherence in the fulfillment of their objectives. Be true to the sport, but do it without thinking, with a warm head, but as a strategist: plan each step with care.

You have a health and you should not experiment with it. Have a sense of proportion, but be able to work constantly and consistently according to this measure!

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