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Scheme of pull-ups in the bar and the technique of its implementation.

Scheme of pull-ups in the bar and the technique of its implementation.

If you want to make your body more beautiful and attractive, build muscles in the arms and shoulders, the exercises in the bar will be an excellent option. Its main advantage is that it is not necessary to exercise in the gym: there are many horizontal bars in the streets and you can install them at home if you wish.

But one thing, just lift, and quite another, know how to properly perform an exercise program. The table of push-ups on the horizontal bar, which will be described below, will help both beginners and people familiar with physical activities.

What should I be careful about before I start?

To achieve maximum efficiency of the training program, you must plan them well. You should also check with your doctor to make sure that the exercise is safe and that it only brings health benefits. The following program must be done at a pace that matches your physical condition.

In the event that the exercise is a great annoyance or pain, you should suspend the classes in the training program for several days. If the pain persists or lasts too long, you should consult a doctor.

The training program contemplates the fact that you will need to maintain your body in weight. This means that you must be careful that the installed cross bar is sufficiently reliable and capable of supporting a weight that is 1.5 to 2 times yours.

Make sure your workouts are safe.

Heating and stretching

To make the training system safer, you need to warm up before the start and stretch after finishing the training program. And it’s worth remembering that heating and stretching are different procedures, and stretching should be done only after heating has been done. The conclusion is that first you need to give your muscles elasticity, warm them so they can stretch safely.

Also, you can not just stretch, stretch your cold muscles, a bad idea, you can injure them.

For example, you can imagine a thin elastic band that has been in the freezer for a long time. Try to obtain it and sharply try to stretch it and, most likely, it will burst immediately.

With the muscles, of course, it’s not like that, but you can still squeeze them too much or stretch them. But there is also the danger of damaging the joints, and then the training program will have to be forgotten for a while.

For this reason, before each execution of a set of exercises, you need to stretch your muscles and joints thoroughly.

Scheme of pull-ups in the bar and the technique of its implementation.

Therefore, it remains to be discovered how to correctly perform these procedures. A warm-up consists of fairly simple exercises, such as walking, jogging, riding a bicycle or riding a bicycle, and it would be appropriate to jump a bit with a rope.

In addition, you should stretch the body parts to which the exercise will be oriented. To do this, you need to perform some simple movements: rotational movements with your hands, curves and turns of the neck, as well as the body.

In general, the heating process takes approximately 10 minutes. In addition, the time and intensity of warming depends on the exercises for which you are preparing.

5-10 minutes is enough to practice on the horizontal bar.

Also, do not forget about stretching, which completes the training process. Its goal is to relieve muscle fatigue after exercise, and also to become stronger and less dependent on fatigue with each of its results.

Stretching should be done slowly, without jerking and rapid movements.

The whole process should look like this: good warm-up and warm-up for 5 to 10 minutes, then do the exercise by yourself and then stretch it for 5 to 10 minutes.

Preparation and initial test.

You will learn how to protect your muscles from injuries and facilitate the process of training programs, and now we will get a little closer to the complex itself. The first thing you should do is determine how many times you can get up at once.

This is necessary to determine the level of complexity of each person. Remember that, in this case, you should not be shy, because you can work with any level.

After achieving certain results, it will be possible to re-perform the test to determine more accurately the best way to practice.

In addition, an important condition: the place where it does it, must be sufficiently ventilated and free, so that it does not interfere with the exercise. It is desirable that the cross bar be installed as high as possible, ideally, so that you have to jump to it: this will give you a greater load and the exercises will be more effective.

But it will be enough that she is up to your height. And make sure that the crossbar was installed safely.

Be sure to take a break before the test, so as not to feel fatigue, do not eat for an hour before the session, but saturate the body with enough water, finally warm up. Are you ready to start.

Scheme of pull-ups in the bar and the technique of its implementation.

Now we go to the test itself. The correct grip on the crossbar is straight, with it we will perform the training complex itself.

To begin, hang your arms straight and your shoulders apart, and your legs do not touch the floor. If there is not enough crossbar height for this, the legs should be bent at the knees.

Let your body hang exactly, do not make any movement, but do not relax the shoulders, otherwise you can make an excessive effort. The following describes the correct procedure for performing pull-ups.

  1. First, gather the shoulder blades as much as possible, and you will have to hold them during the lift, not extend.
  2. Inhale deeply, and then, as you exhale, bring your chin to the level of the crossbar. Make sure that the chest protrudes forward and the shoulders should remain relaxed. Pull the body so that the upper part of the chest touches the crossbar.
  3. Return to the starting position while inhaling and repeat the cycle as long as you have strength.

The main error should be avoided: do not help with the feet during boarding, do not use the inertia of the body, the lifting should occur only at the expense of the hands. Do them slowly, without jerking, keep your elbows in one position.

The detailed information about which dominated scheme in the horizontal bar will be more adapted to you, can be found on the Internet. And then a complex of various exercises that can help build the muscle better and more effectively will be described.

Optimal ways to pull up

This list of simple and effective bodybuilding exercises will suit both beginners and athletes. This diversifies the exercise program by adding several options to perform the approaches.

  1. Pulling in different directions. It looks like normal push-ups on the crossbar, but with the difference that this will allow many body muscles to work well, especially the biceps and triceps of the arms. Begin to act as a standard setting, but when the chin approaches the crossbar, pull the head towards the left hand. Then return to the starting position and perform the process in the same way, but now take your right hand.
  2. Combined grip pull-ups. As usual in pull-ups, with just one hand you take the usual straight grip and the other, the opposite. The main thing is to maintain balance and not allow the body to twist. Perform several repetitions, alternately changing hands.
  3. Combined grip pull-ups complements. Hold the crossbar as if you were holding a sword. As in the last exercise, but the hands should be close to each other. Keep your elbows close to your body, stretch and touch the crossbar with your shoulder. Perform several repetitions, alternately changing hands.
  4. Lifting the legs in hanging position. In fact, this is not a pull-up, but in combination with the stress that falls on the hands, the exercise becomes quite effective. Then, hang from the outstretched arms and raise the knees towards the chest, trying to keep the back straight. It also tries not to rock the body. Then slowly lower your legs to the starting position, keep your muscles tense, try not to sway, but do everything smoothly.

This program will be enough to increase muscle volume and learn to do exercises in the crossbar effectively and effectively. Do not forget about caution and watch your muscles.

Also, be sure to rest one day between classes, stick appropriately to the system and the result in itself will not make you wait.

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