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Scoliosis exercises: rules and pattern

Scoliosis exercises: rules and pattern

Scoliosis, better known as curvature of the spine, is one of the most common disorders of the musculoskeletal system that many people face in childhood. Often, this problem is not given due attention and, over the years, the effects of the curvature of the spine begin to appear more and more: back pain, osteochondrosis appear, the work of the patients is altered internal organs, changes the appearance, posture and gait deteriorate. Therefore, it is necessary to take scoliosis very seriously and, upon detecting a curvature, begin treatment on time.

The sooner measures are taken to correct the spine, the more likely it is that the state of the spine will return to normal.

One of the most effective treatments for scoliosis is considered special recreational gymnastics. Experts say that physical therapy for scoliosis can actually significantly improve posture and correct disorders of curvature of the spine.

Find out if this is really the case.

The effectiveness of physiotherapy for scoliosis.

Say it all at once: therapeutic gymnastics is not a panacea for scoliosis, but it significantly increases the chances of recovery. The efficacy of scoliosis exercises in this or that case depends on many factors: degree, type of curvature, sex and age of the patient.

Even the patient’s attitude to his problem plays a certain role. In addition, exercises against the curvature of the spine will be more effective if combined with other methods of treatment: massage, breathing exercises, corset therapy and physiotherapy.

The patient will have to prepare for the fact that the correction of the curved column will last long enough. In adults, the treatment takes much longer than in children and adolescents.

Therefore, it is recommended to eliminate scoliosis at an early age: up to 15 years, it is possible to correct the spine with the help of exercises for scoliosis even at home.

Those who have a curvature observed from birth, recovery gymnastics is contraindicated: some exercises for scoliosis can worsen the situation. In these patients, other methods of therapy are used, in some cases it is necessary to resort to surgical intervention. In any case, the patient should not participate in self-treatment and perform back exercises for scoliosis in the home.

The first step is to consult a doctor, who will evaluate the type and degree of curvature and recommend what classes to perform depending on the severity of the violation.

Scoliosis exercises: rules and pattern

LFK with spinal curvature has the following positive qualities:

  • improves the muscular condition, strengthens the support of the muscular system, promotes a uniform redistribution of the load on the spine and the muscles of the back
  • Stops the progression of scoliosis, gradually aligns the spine and helps to take a normal position.
  • correct posture
  • Heal the body

Remember: the scoliosis exercises will be therapeutic and effective only if the gymnastics complex is performed regularly and complies with the important rules.

The rules of physiotherapy for scoliosis.

Exercises to correct scoliosis, performed incorrectly or occasionally, not only do not eliminate the curvature, but can worsen the situation. That’s why the first classes are best done not at home, but under the supervision of an experienced instructor in a medical institution.

Physical education for scoliosis must be done in strict compliance with several rules:

  1. It excludes the types of aggressive movements that can further damage the spine. These include running, jumping, deadly jumping, push-ups on a rope and a crossbar, dumbbell exercises and exercises, including rotating the body upright.
  2. The intensity of the exercise increases gradually. The first classes should take little time and at an easy pace. Over time, new exercises are introduced, according to the condition of the spine and muscles, the duration and complexity of the training increases.
  3. Be sure to perform the 3 stages of gymnastics: warm up, main part and conclusion. Each of the stages has its own meaning to strengthen the muscles and the spine. In the first, the body is prepared and, in particular, the back is prepared for the next loads, in the second, the spine is directly corrected, the function of the muscles of the back, the scapular waist and the legs is stimulated . In the final part of the complex, the load gradually decreases, the breathing stabilizes, the body enters the rhythm that is familiar to it.

After physical education, it is necessary to have a break of at least half an hour, and it should be done lying on its side. Gymnastics can cause fatigue, but there should be no pain when performing scoliosis exercises.

If this happens, it is likely that the classes were performed incorrectly or that the load is too large.

Approximate scheme of physiotherapy exercises for scoliosis.

As already mentioned, at home it is quite difficult to determine exactly which exercises will be effective for scoliosis in a particular case. It is best to discuss the details of the treatment with a professional physical therapy instructor, who will discuss how and in what sequence to conduct the classes.

However, you can become familiar with an exemplary plan of physiotherapy exercises used in the curvature of the spine. The tasks are quite simple and, at first glance, do not require any preparation.

Despite this, its implementation must be addressed with full responsibility to obtain the maximum benefit.

Scoliosis exercises: rules and pattern

Any set of exercises for scoliosis always starts with a warm-up. First, it is necessary to achieve the correct position of the back.

To do this, go to the wall and press again. The buttocks, the shoulder blades and the calf muscles should also touch the vertical surface.

Keeping the pose, take a few steps forward. Do the following exercises:

  1. Stand up, spread your legs slightly apart. Lift your hands up, then sideways and lift slightly back. Lower your arms and repeat again at least 4 times.
  2. Stand on the floor, with your foot together, put your hands on your waist. To raise the left leg, flexing it on one knee, to lower it, slightly to sit up. Do the same with the right foot. Repeat 5 times.
  3. Without changing the initial position, perform the steps in place, combining them with respiratory movements: at the expense of 1-2 – inhale, at the expense of 3-4 – exhale.

In this part of warming up the gymnastics ends, the body is prepared for the load, you can do basic exercises against scoliosis:

  1. To lie on a hard surface, hands behind the head, elbows face up. Inhale and extend the elbows to the sides, exhale and take the original posture. Run 5 times
  2. Without changing position, bend the right leg in the knee and lift it up to the stomach, lower the leg, repeat the same with the left and then lift both legs. Exercise done 4 times.
  3. To recline on the stomach, with the hands positioned along the body, resting the palms on the surface. Inhale and raise the right leg as high as possible, exhale and lower. Repeat with the left foot. At least 3 elevations per leg.
  4. Lying on your stomach, make movements with your legs and arms as if you were swimming.
  5. Lie on your back, arms stretched horizontally beyond the head. When inhaling, stretch the head and arms up, feet down.

In the final stage of loading, it is necessary to normalize the pulse and respiration. For this purpose, walking on the ground is used, complemented with respiratory gymnastics. When inhaling, you must raise your hands and stand in your socks.

On the exhale, lower your hands and stand on your heels. You can walk in a circle, keeping your hands on your belt and raising your knees.

Strengthening of muscle tissue with exercise therapy.

The complex against scoliosis should contain tasks to strengthen the muscles. You can strengthen the muscular corset even at home. For this you need to do a simple daily gymnastics.

In case of scoliosis, special attention is paid to the condition of the back, abdominal and lateral muscles.

Scoliosis exercises for the back should be done while lying on your stomach. You should extend your arms to the sides and lift your head and shoulders, while squeezing and loosening your fists.

In the second task, placing the hands along the body, you should lift the right and left legs in turns, trying not to tear the pelvis from the surface.

To strengthen the lateral muscles, lie down on the right side, stretch your right hand in the direction of your body upwards and put your left hand on it. Slowly with the left foot upwards and lower it slowly. Turn around and repeat the same.

Each side must have at least 5 repetitions. Then, reposition the initial position, only this time the left hand should rest against the floor at chest level.

Lift both legs at the same time you can. Repeat the exercise on the other side.

In total, the task must be done 6 times (3 times on each side).

To improve the condition of the abdominal muscles, it is recommended to do the following exercise: in the supine position with the arms extended along the body, alternately raise the right and left leg, staying in this position for a few seconds. Each leg must be lifted at least 3 times.

These simple exercises for scoliosis significantly increase the elasticity and elasticity of the muscles and help accelerate the correction of the spine. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on many factors, but do not forget that the recovery depends to a great extent on your attitude towards your health, so try to do physical therapy regularly to achieve the long-awaited result.

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