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Shortness of breath when walking: cause and effect

Shortness of breath when walking: cause and effect

Difficulty breathing: feeling of shortness of breath, due to which it is necessary to intensify and strengthen the breathing process. It is one of the most frequent reasons why people go to the hospital.

The reason is that without normal breathing, which is necessary for high-quality body work, life becomes much more complicated.

This feeling is known to all people, expressed in the lack of air, in which the brain automatically gives a signal to intervene the breath, and consciousness is not controlled by this process. It occurs when the load on the body, but sometimes can occur in humans, even in a state of rest.

Why there is difficulty breathing when walking, the reasons for its appearance, what you can say, how to treat it with the help of gymnastics, keep reading.

Types of dyspnea

There are three types: inspiratory, when it is difficult to inhale, expiratory, when it is difficult to exhale and also mixed, characterized by a combination of the first two types. There is also another classification, according to which the division continues: central, pulmonary, cardiac and hematogenous.

Stage of the disease

  1. There are no diseases. It becomes difficult to breathe only in case of significant physical effort, but not for long. It is known that at this stage, breathing is restored fairly quickly.
  2. Easy stage In this case, shortness of breath can trigger a quick step, for example, if a person climbs the stairs to a high floor.
  3. Intermediate stage It manifests even with normal walking, it can slow down or stop periodically.
  4. Hard stage Shortness of breath manifests itself at short distances, often also due to lack of air.
  5. Extremely difficult stage. More common in older people. Dyspnea appears even in a person’s calm state. It is difficult for the patient to leave the house, because of any movement it becomes difficult to breathe.

Causes of the disease

As mentioned earlier, difficulty breathing occurs when the respiratory system can not provide the body with gas exchange. Often, this can be associated precisely with the problems of the respiratory system and its organs.

With the help of additional breaths of air, the body tries to compensate for the deficiency if there is an imbalance between the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This process forces a person to breathe often and deeply.

The lack of air, in other words, shortness of breath, can manifest itself as a consequence of a serious illness, among which we should mention even tuberculosis and cancer. It can also be caused by severe allergies, diseases of the blood and heart, anemia, stroke and, in addition, mental illness.

Shortness of breath when walking: cause and effect

Excess weight can also cause you to breathe deeply, just like an excessively exhausted organism. Extreme heat, panic stress or a strong emotional shock can cause difficulty breathing.

In fact, there may be many reasons, but it does not make much sense to list everything. If you feel it is difficult to breathe with a relatively small load, you are suffering from severe respiratory distress, then you should seek medical help.

Shortness of breath: general concepts and treatment

Exercise dyspnea is a normal phenomenon if it passes quickly and if the load is quite large. Such processes for the human body are quite natural.

However, when you feel it with minor burdens or in a state of calm, you should consult a doctor.

To get rid of the disease, the first step towards treatment will be an examination of the body to determine the causes of an unpleasant symptom. After that, the treatment of the identified disease should begin during the study.

The result may be different: most of the time there will be a small adjustment in your lifestyle, change to proper nutrition and sports, but in other cases serious treatment may be necessary.

General treatment of dyspnea.

The main goal of treatment is to ensure normal ventilation of the lungs. This will require the efforts of the patient himself, since they will have to stop smoking (if the patient smoked), as well as increase physical activity, for example, begin to do gymnastics.

In addition, there are many different medications: inhalers, capsules, tablets, injection solutions only a qualified specialist knows what to take and the best way to carry out the treatment. We will talk about how to perform gymnastics and prevention, breathing has always been easy.

Gym exercise

Doing simple breathing exercises regularly can help when breathing is difficult, regardless of the cause. Here are some basic gymnastic exercises for shortness of breath:

  1. Exhale air through the mouth, then inhale with the nose, then exhale again through the mouth, but with an appreciable effort, and also remove the stomach for ten seconds. It is necessary to inhale with the mouth and direct the air into the stomach, then inhale and hold the breath for about 10 seconds. This time it can be counted in the mind. Exercise can be done anywhere, even when walking. The principle of operation looks like this: exhale, inhale, exhale, hold your breath and exhale again. After that, the cycle starts again.
  2. And a more useful exercise for gymnastics. The initial position is standing, but you can also sit. Both arms should be bent at the elbows, then open the palms so you can see them. It is necessary with a remarkable effort to clench the fists, at the same time noisy and inhale briefly. After that, we lowered our hands for a few seconds and once again we completed the exercise cycle. One approach should be around ten breaths. The number of approaches must be up to twenty.

Shortness of breath when walking: cause and effect

In addition to the doctor, you can also consult a gymnastics instructor who will present other gymnastic exercises for shortness of breath.

Prevent shortness of breath

To get rid of the possibility of having problems with this in the future, it is better to pay attention to the possible roots and the cause of the diseases that cause difficulty in breathing. It’s very simple: just a few rules that anyone can follow without problems.

  1. Keep a healthy mind, look to the future with optimism, believe in yourself and enjoy life. Avoid things that can undermine your mental health.
  2. Rejection of bad habits. Alcohol, smoking and other bad habits are extremely harmful to the respiratory system. Take them out of life, after which breathing will literally become easier.
  3. Regular exercise This is a necessary condition, you can do morning exercises, jog, swim in the pool.
  4. If there are obvious symptoms, contact the doctor immediately, as this delay can be very dangerous.
  5. Respiratory gymnastics Practice it regularly and you will not have to worry about shortness of breath.


There are a lot of methods and tips to combat dyspnea, as well as its causes. It is a long time to describe everything, so in severe cases, you should consult a doctor who will tell you what to do for the treatment.

In general, problems can be avoided by taking a little time in gymnastics, improving the lifestyle. Exercise and breathe freely!

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