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Shuttle run: what is the essence and what are the principles of training?

Shuttle run: what is the essence and what are the principles of training?

Running is the most common and popular way to develop the body. Simple movements allow you to accelerate the work of all the processes in the body, to gain muscular strength and endurance. However, we do not always have a few hours to develop these positive qualities.

If you do not have time, but you want to strain your whole body to get benefits, then the shuttle race technique is what you need!

What is the running shuttle?

Ferry this technique is called for a reason. The movements of the athlete during a workout resemble the course of the round-trip shuttle.

The distance can vary from 10 to 100 meters.

Shuttle run is one of the essential elements of the training of almost any professional sport. The exercise is aimed at developing dexterity, coordination, resistance and, what is more important, increasing the starting speed.

Performance technique

The shuttle race means the speed of the distance, the speed of the athlete and the agility to overcome the obstacles. Therefore, to make a good career you must know and follow a certain technique.

Start from a high frame

First, determine which foot is jogging, so you can calculate the starting position correctly. If the cable is the right leg, bend it to the knee and lower it slightly to the ground so you can touch the surface with your left hand.

The left leg will serve as support for the start. Keep your back as even as possible, especially by paying attention to the lower back.

Shuttle run: what is the essence and what are the principles of training?

After the sound of the beginning of the race, make a strong push with the left foot, which will help to throw the body forward, which will give a significant acceleration. You need a jog leg to give the body the proper inertia, this helps to save a few milliseconds, which in many cases is decisive for the outcome of the race.

Simultaneously with the ejection, flatten the body, push and continue the shuttle race.

If the front leg is the left, then all actions listed must be done in a mirror order. There are other types of frames, but the most described is the one described above with additional support for arms.

Especially important is the observance of the correct technique in competitions of various types, since jogging skills can set the desired pace for the race.

The use of speed characteristics.

The transfer race is carried out according to the principle of speed distances, that is, it must exceed a certain distance during a certain time. To perform this task, while moving, you should lean the body slightly forward and make powerful pushes with your feet.

Of course, the speed of the race is determined to a large extent by the initial preparation of the athlete, but the knowledge of the technical problems gives an undeniable advantage over his rivals.

To obtain indicators of shaking and speed, you can practice the following exercises:

  • jump the rope
  • jump over obstacles
  • charge
  • run with jumps.

Shuttle run: what is the essence and what are the principles of training?

The mini workout will support the tone of the gastrocnemius muscles, which actively participate in the trot at the beginning. The exercises will help coordinate the work of the whole body, develop speed and coordination.

The shuttle race not only requires an automatic muscular work, it is important to think: eliminate the panic, discard any negative or simply superfluous thought of your head. This behavior will help maintain concentration and focus only on the performance process and execution technique.

Passing obstacles

The efficient passage of obstacles is one of the highlights of the fast race. You can start with a great start and powerful acceleration, but a hitch in one of the turns can cancel all efforts. To run correctly with obstacles, it is necessary to train the stop step.

Such an exercise is often practiced in various sports. So you can stop, turn around and get the acceleration on the way back to the desired point.

During the execution of the stop step, the forward leg moves forward with a strong inversion of the foot. After feeling the support, unfold the body and move the other leg to continue the distance.

High quality finish

Approaching the finish line can lead to widespread self-deception. A body that is used to slow down in curves can give the same signal when it nears the end.

This factor must be taken into account and finish the operation of the shuttle correctly: a speed jump.

Keep in mind that the shuttle race is characterized by a high trauma. So do not forget to warm up before you start running.

During warming, there is an active stretching, heating of ligaments and tendons. In addition, you can accelerate the pace and transfer loads more easily.

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