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Skating: teaching methods and training rules.

Skating: teaching methods and training rules.

Many parents, having seen the children, who are fast rolling on the ice, dream of teaching their brothers this ability. How do parents or coaches manage to teach children to skate correctly, that they are still not sure of themselves?

Do I need to teach a child figure skating?

And here the opinions of the young parents are divided: some consider skating as an integral part of the child’s physical development, while others consider that this sport is very dangerous for young children. Who is more right in this situation, almost no experts will say.

Advantages of speed skating in sports.

The figure skating won with reason the title of one of the most spectacular and colorful sports. Not everyone wants to refuse to participate in their own real presentation.

Once the first success is achieved, the baby will continue to develop and, possibly, reach a professional level. Your task is to decide how to teach your child to skate, giving him only positive emotions.

The benefits of ice training for health.

Skating requires the participation of a large number of muscles of the body. The lungs and the heart begin to work with all their strength.

The athlete develops mobility and flexibility of the body, improves posture.

One of the important advantages of this sport is the possibility of spending time away from the computer and doubtful companies. In addition, it will allow you to culturally relax the whole family.

Modern psychologists note the frequent isolation of children from their parents. In the learning process, you can increase the number of body contacts with the child and spend more time together.

Skating: teaching methods and training rules.

Should I take the child to the ice?

The main argument for those who do not accept skating is the traumatic risk of this sport. Many experts argue that frequent falls at an early age can cause great harm to children’s bodies. Of course, learning quickly to stay on the ice is quite difficult.

It happens that experienced skaters stretch and fracture during training, but this is the exception and not the rule. All witnessed when the children literally fell for no reason in a safe and comfortable shoe.

Your task is to understand how to teach a child how to skate safely.

At what age to skate?

Not many parents will decide to put a one-year crumb on the ice. As a general rule, parents begin to make the first attempts when the child is 3-4 years old. Some children quickly learn the sliding technique.

For the most part, this confidence is explained by the incomplete development of the child’s protective reflexes. At this age, you can direct it and in silent mode to learn and repeat movements.

At early school age, children want to do everything on their own and will not tolerate manipulation.

With the right approach, the baby will repeat it with enthusiasm: this factor will contribute to successful learning.

The best thing to start training is skating from 4 to 5 years. In most sports sections, the admission of children begins at this age.

A 4 year old baby has a sense of danger and responsibility. The child will try to make all movements unequivocally, but you should not demand much.

Many unsuccessful attempts to ride can, for a long time, discourage you from wanting to practice this sport.

Skating: teaching methods and training rules.


To minimize the possibility of injury during a fall, you must use a small athlete in accordance with safety requirements on the ice. Most parents do not know how to help children go to the ice.

In light clothing, the baby can freeze quickly, too many things will lead to overheating. In fact, for the right team does not require too much:

  • Underwear: underwear made of special fabric does not prevent air circulation and retains heat well
  • shirt: if you practice on a covered track, instead of a warm sweater you can wear a sweatshirt or slim shirt
  • Sweatpants: the elastic fabric of the sports pants will create all the conditions for a comfortable ride. The best pants are made of waterproof fabric.
  • jacket – light and warm jacket will not hinder the movement. Choose a length not less than the buttocks.
  • hat: voluminous fur hats will make it difficult for the child to be checked, so stop choosing a knitted head or sinteponuyu
  • mittens: active children, as a rule, fall a lot, so the knitted mittens will not work. Leather models or sinteponovye are appropriate, do not forget to take a spare.
  • Protection: in the basic set, it provides protection for the wrists, elbow pads and knee pads.

More prone to damage in the moments of fall of the joints. The purpose of the protection application is to exclude fractures from vulnerable places.

Remember that the protection should be exceptionally high quality and comfortable, and the question of how to learn to skate should be studied in the safety key.

Preparation for skiing

Not only beginners fall, but also advanced skaters. That is why it is the first stage: how to teach a child how to skate and fall safely.

It is better to do a workout at home, to lie down with a soft mattress or a blanket. To make the baby feel more secure, you can put a protection kit.

In the process of falling, there is an immutable rule: it is not painful to fall low. When you feel the loss of balance, you should try to sit and fall on your side like a bag.

In no case can not go back or advance, exposing their hands.

In the process of lateral fall, the shoulder will provide protection for the head. At the first exit on the ice repeat the exercise. After a fall, you need to get up gradually, first on your knees and then on your feet.

If you put your hands, you can quickly fall face down.

Skating: teaching methods and training rules.

We take the first steps

To help your child maintain balance, ask him to bend his knees and tilt his body slightly forward. If he takes a vertical position, he will inevitably collapse backward.

After that, you can try to repel. Push to make the edge of the leg, putting the other leg forward.

At the same time they will look around at an angle. To move from one place, it is necessary to transfer weight from one foot to another.

Well, if the child can walk on ice alone. Not everyone can roll quickly immediately, but learning to stand on ice will be useful.

Show for example how to learn to skate.

There is no universal method of development, the technique of skating each with its own. To be successful, one only has to pay attention to the advice of a mentor and correct incorrect movements in the training process.

The speed of learning depends only on the characteristics and abilities of the children.

In the training process, it is worth showing the child some simple exercises:

  • walk – rearrange the legs, without moving from the specified point
  • Walk forward or backward: you must lift your knees up while moving.
  • spring – shallow squats
  • Christmas tree – zigzag movement when sliding
  • Flashlight – synchronized breeding and leg mix.

Do not forget the braking technique. The most common braking of a foot. To do this, in the process of movement, it is necessary to place the foot forward perpendicular to the direction of driving.

By slowly pressing the blade, the child will slow down.

Always ask children about their difficulties. Try to clear up the errors immediately after they are committed.

Do not criticize, but give advice!

Following the rule: learn to skate together, from early childhood you can teach children to practice this sport and instill good habits for life.

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