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Sports at home: sports exercises at home

Basic rules

Job training requires some training in the way of acquiring sports clothes, footwear, equipment and comfortable and high quality schedules. Consider all the details.

  1. The clothes The person who is dedicated to the conditions of the house, is freer in an election of sport form. For him, the aesthetic aspect is not as important as for lovers of physical exercise who visit the club, where, of course, you want to look decent in the eyes of other athletes. To do the exercises at home, it is sufficient to buy clothes that are comfortable for you or use the one you already have. But we still recommend, in addition to comfort, pay attention to the attractiveness of the clothes, so you would like to use it. It is also desirable that these garments are specifically designed for sport, since any garment has its own energy. By using it, you will feel a certain load and attitude for effective work.

Sports at home: sports exercises at home

Fabrics are preferable to natural ones, since they breathe better and absorb moisture. With respect to shoes, the choice depends on the sport you have chosen as a priority. Therefore, to practice on the treadmill, you need special shoes to cushion the blows, whose excessive force can adversely affect the health of the joints. For the zumba dance shoes are appropriate, in which the sole can be easily folded. For stretching or yoga you do not need shoes at all, such exercises can be done in socks, and even better, barefoot.

  1. Suit Surely many people can find some items of sports equipment in their pantry. For example, jumping rope, dumbbells, health disk. You can use some of the old stock or buy new equipment. You will need:
  • mat It will be useful for lovers of yoga, pilates, stretching. It will be necessary to exercise the abdominal muscles in prone position.
  • cufflinks Your weight is selected individually. The greater your work experience, the heavier the weights must be
  • hula hoop Useful for girls who want to adjust the waist.
  • Weights for the legs. It helps to make some exercises more effective.
  • jump rope It can be used as a means to warm the body or for a separate training.
  • fitball Thanks to this fitness ball, you can work different muscle groups. Doing it at home is easy and enjoyable.
  • cardio trainer If the living space and financial situation allow it, you can buy a treadmill or an elliptical trainer. There are also cheaper options, for example, a step-by-step mini-step or a step-by-step equilibrium, which takes up very little space. At the end of the training session, this simulator can be hidden in a closet or in a place away from the apartment.
  1. Class time This point is important, because with a diffuse schedule at home, there is a risk of feeling mentally sorry for yourself and of postponing the next training until better times. It is necessary to choose the most convenient time to practice. For some, it will be the hours of the morning, and for somebody, the night. Follow your program clearly, without allowing yourself to deviate from it, except in extreme cases. The commitment must be at least three times a week. Regular training is the key to success in your effort!

Of course, it is ideal to take a separate classroom for classes, but if it is not available, you can always organize a sports area where, in addition to the equipment, a large mirror is needed to control the accuracy of the exercises and a laptop where can see the video tutorials of the task. The music center is also useful for listening to music that is conducive to the classes.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying at home.

Doing exercises at home has many advantages with regard to a visit to the gym:

  1. Save money. A subscription to a sports club is worth a lot of money. If you choose classes in your home, you do not need to constantly renew the client’s card in order to continue with the training. We only need initial investments for the purchase of clothing, footwear and sports equipment.
  2. Save time It is necessary to spend a certain amount of time on the way to the gym, which is not always possible for busy and modern people. At home, you can start classes at any convenient time, even when the local gym is already closed or has not yet been opened.
  3. Psychological comfort Not all people love when someone examines them. It is much more convenient for some to practice alone, without thinking about how they look in one position or another. The home environment is psychologically more comfortable than the walls of a public institution.

Of course, at home it is convenient and beneficial to practice, however, such training has its drawbacks:

  1. Lack of instructor The self-study has the risk of doing some exercises incorrectly, which can cause injuries. Therefore, it is recommended to perform the simplest and most comprehensible exercises or to do some individual workouts in the gym, learn everything well and then continue with the task with total confidence in your actions.
  2. Low motivation People who buy a subscription are already motivated, at least, by the price of a subscription, which must be resolved through training so that the money spent is not lost. Also, having come to the club, nobody wants to look like a lazy or weak, and voluntarily, you have to get involved in the training process. At home, these incentives are less, so you must connect your willpower, supported by motivation, for example, the desire to become thinner, fitter, more energetic.
  3. The lack of a variety of simulators. As a general rule, a carpet, weights, compact trainers such as a mini-stepper are purchased to train at home, less frequently, a treadmill, a bar. The gym has the opportunity to use a variety of simulators, as well as going to the pool, to the sauna.

Sports at home: sports exercises at home

Complex exercises for the home.

Consider a universal complex that can be celebrated at home. Do not forget to ventilate the room so that the body is completely oxygenated, this will make the exercise more efficient.

  1. Any training should start with warm-up. To do this, you can use a rope to jump or jog in place with a high knee lift, swing your arms, bend your head and torso, twist your shoulders back and forth.
  2. Squats Committed with legs well separated and as low as possible. To start enough 10 times. With each training, the number of such approaches should increase. You can supplement the load with dumbbells.
  3. Lunges To do this, take a wide step with one foot forward, while the second must touch the ground with the knee. Try to observe the flexion angle of your feet at approximately 90 degrees, which will save the joints of your knees. Keep your hands on your waist, but if you feel strong, take weights to weigh. Repeat the exercises 15-20 times for each leg.
  4. Planck. This is a universal exercise that involves several muscle groups. From the side it seems simple, but in fact a person without training will not stay a minute in this position. It should take a horizontal position parallel to the floor, supporting the toes and palms on the floor, the body should be straight as a rope and strong. The abdominal muscles, arms and legs are tense. The support must be at least half a minute. Increase the time with each training. You can complicate this exercise by raising one arm and then the opposite leg (for example, the left arm and the right leg, then changing). The push-ups can be made from the position of the bar.
  5. Press To exercise your lower abdominal muscles at home, you should lie on your back, bend your knees and, without changing the angle of the curve, stretch your legs toward your body. Repeat 15-20 times, make several approaches. To exercise the upper abdominal muscles: lying on your back, place your knees bent on the floor and lift the body up, tearing the shoulder blades off the floor. The number of times and approaches depends on your physical abilities. With each lesson you can increase the load.
  6. Complete the complex muscle stretching exercises.

Remember that everything is in your hands. If you want, dedication and perseverance, even at home, you can achieve considerable success in physical fitness!

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