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Sports for children: criteria to choose a section.

Sports for children: criteria to choose a section.

All loving parents want their child to be strong, healthy and fully developed. In addition, sport for children is a great opportunity to channel their restless energy forever.

Parents often doubt that the beloved child can cope with physical activity. To decide the choice of section, it is necessary to take into account the child’s personal preferences, age and temperament.

Reasons to enroll in sports

There are a lot of sports sections and, inevitably, in adults the question arises: what sport should your child give you? Group groups are more suitable for closed children, this will allow them to be more self-confident, sociable, vigorous, disciplined and learn to control their emotions. If the child practices sports regularly, he will become stronger and can avoid many health problems, problems with overweight and spine.

Young athletes have a more stable psyche and feel very good in the team.

Regarding the orientation of the section, here we must focus on the wishes of the children and the benefits for their health. If your goal is professional sport, then you need to undergo a diagnosis of the child’s personal characteristics to identify the sport in which you will succeed.

If you only need classes to improve health and develop physical abilities, then you can choose any type. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to undergo a complete medical examination, consult with a sports teacher about the specific aspects of certain disciplines. When choosing a cup, consider such nuances: the benefits of sports, the child’s hobbies, their characteristics, their temperament.

In any case, talk to him about his choice, his opinion is very important for children.

Sports for children: criteria to choose a section.

Choose a sports club according to age.

Before deciding what sport you are going to give your child, you should become familiar with the sports rules:

  • For children from 0 to 2 years, gymnastics with massage is acceptable. These can be fitball exercises or extreme dynamic gymnastics for newborns.
  • If your child is between 2 and 3 years old, you can participate in physical development at home. The exercises on the wall bars, the sports mat, the exercise equipment for children will help the children to have fun and to spend time actively. It is recommended to regularly attend playgrounds.
  • A child of 3 to 4 years can be given in the section of figure skating, swimming, gymnastics and acrobatics. Any type of sport associated with the development of plastics and flexibility will do.
  • For children from 5 to 6 years old, football, hockey, tennis, sports or ballroom dancing, athletics is perfect.
  • At the age of 7-8 years, it is recommended to attend the volleyball, handball and basketball sections. Individual sports: boxing, karate, taekwondo.
  • A 9 year old athlete will be suitable for skiing, skating, sailing. You can ride a bicycle, make fences, practice horse riding or practice strength sports. Weight lifting girls are only allowed after age 14.

Be sure to consider the child’s physical abilities, the presence of pathologies!

Sports for children: criteria to choose a section.

Collective sports

This group can include sections of soccer, hockey, handball, basketball. This is a great option for sociable and hyperactive children. If your child is closed and avoids their one-year-old children, the collective sports will help to develop sociability in him.

Active group games come together, they learn to trust, they support, they feel responsible for each other.

In addition to the development of moral character, sports activities perfectly affect the physical form. Soccer develops the muscles of the legs, makes it more maneuverable.

Thanks to volleyball, posture improves, the young athlete moves quickly and skillfully. And if there are minor problems with the respiratory system, the heart and the blood vessels, then it is better to give preference to hockey and basketball.

The main contraindications to practice sports are:

  • stomach ulcer
  • pathological flattening of the foot
  • spinal disorders
  • myopia
  • bronchial asthma.

Sports solo

Individual sports make children more disciplined, responsible and safe. Singles take their work seriously, begin to study independently at home.

In the swimming section we take children from 3 years old. Regular procedures with water will help to temper the body, develop posture and strengthen muscles.

Swimming is recommended for overweight, scoliosis, diabetes. As a result of regular exercises, the heart, lungs and nervous system work better.

Contraindications: open wounds, diseases of the skin, eye diseases.

Martial arts are equally interesting for both girls and boys. This sport combines karate, taekwondo, sambo, judo, classic wrestling, etc.

As a result of regular activities, children become stronger and can protect themselves from attacks. The reaction also improves, the child develops physically and morally.

They take karate at the age of 4, in boxing at 8, and the rest of the martial arts are recommended at 6 years.

Choreography is a dance art that combines several styles and directions: Russian-folk dances, aerobics, rest, etc. As a result of systematic classes, a beautiful and correct posture is formed, motor coordination improves, the child becomes plastic. In addition, the dance perfectly develops the discipline and allows you to find friends for interests.

More often, girls prefer gymnastics sections. This is not surprising, because gymnastics improves physical condition, makes the body flexible, improves coordination, resistance, normalizes the exchange process in the body. The bearing improves, the child moves beautifully and gracefully.

Thanks to the exercises of gymnastics and trampoline, the work of the vestibular apparatus is improved, the muscles are strengthened. The gymnastics clubs accept children from 4 years old.

Contraindications: myopia, scoliosis.

Athletics – the best choice for the fidget. This discipline combines running at different distances, jumping, throwing projectiles and walking athletically.

Groups of track and field hobbies accept children from 6 years old.

If your baby has a bad reaction and weak muscles, give it to tennis. As a result of regular activities, the child becomes skillful, resilient, increases coordination, improves physical condition.

The main contraindications include diseases of the musculoskeletal system, eye diseases and ulcers. In the tennis section hired from 8 to 9 years.

The equestrian sport is suitable for those who want to strengthen the muscles of the back and lower extremities. If a baby has cerebral palsy or nervous disorders, it is very useful for him to ride a horse.

In the horse riding section from 9 years old.

If your child wants to learn to ski, jump off a trampoline or learn to snowboard, let him ski. The set begins with 9 years. Winter sports strengthen the immune system, harden the body, develop muscles and increase coordination.

Besides skiing, this includes figure skating, so loved by girls.

Any sport activity is useful for children, it helps them develop physically and spiritually. To avoid making mistakes with the election, follow the recommendations of the experts and, of course, ask for your child’s opinion.

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