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Sports nutrition: basic approaches.

The nutrition of athletes: the main approaches.

Special nutrition for male athletes is of paramount importance to them. It has its own details, which are due to the high power loads, as well as to the significant neuro-psychological tensions in the process of doing the chosen sport, especially before the competitions.

This is the factor that requires the use of a wide range of tools that increase performance and human endurance.

People involved in sports, in the process of systematic training with food, should consume approximately 5,500 kcal per day, without forgetting vitamins and other useful minerals (including at home). In addition, this figure may vary according to the athlete’s gender and occupation.

We describe an exemplary sports diet. Athletes who comply with the regime, must necessarily exclude all fast and fried food.

It is also necessary to reduce the consumption of bread and the intake of vegetables with starch before the competition. It should be understood that the nutritional characteristics of the athletes are very specific.

The sports diet must be calculated accurately so that the proportion of all substances is optimal.

Eat properly, must constantly comply with the regime without interruption. The food must be tasty, varied, healthy.

The food is best taken at home in boiled form.

Fat carbs

The very important elements for a normal metabolism in men, when observing the sports mode, are fats with carbohydrates. The last substances are sufficient in products such as:

  • cereals and legumes,
  • Most fruits
  • pasta
  • almost any vegetable
  • berries
  • Mushrooms and vegetables

Eating at the right time each week in adequate amounts of these grains and fruits, even at home, should definitely prefer only those that contain unsaturated fats. It is also impossible to assume that more than 20% of these substances of total caloric value are present in the diet. Before the competition it is recommended to add the following products to the diet:

  • Oils (sunflower, olive, walnut, soy, corn and cumin),
  • walnuts
  • Vegetable Seafood

People involved in sports and observing the regime throughout the week, it is necessary to eat (even at home) these products, even when there is a desire to gain muscle mass quickly through the use of protein foods.

Sports nutrition: basic approaches.

It is the rational and careful protein nutrition for athletes that is considered optimal under conditions of high power loads. It was determined that for an adolescent observing the regimen, approximately 70 g of protein, as well as vitamins and other useful mineral substances, are needed the day before exercise. For people who experience constant physical exposure, this amount should increase (120 g). Athletes who work with great weight and strive to develop muscle, are required to include in their diet at home before the products of the competition, such as:

  • algae (spirulina),
  • several soy products
  • certainly the cereals
  • preferably vegetables,
  • All kinds of nuts.

Meat meal, we do not recommend eating because of its damage to health.

Vitamins and other useful minerals, fresh fruits, bread and cereals that will help the body to recharge with energy each week should be included in the menu for teenagers each week. Great importance for proper nutrition is the intake of fluids.

Proper water, juices, and always fresh, infusions.

The human body is 65% full of water. It is easy to calculate that an adult with a mass of approximately 65 kg contains approximately 40 liters of liquid inside. With aging, this amount of water gradually decreases.

Many experts believe that one of the few causes of aging is a decrease in the ability of proteins to properly attach a significant amount of fluid within the body.

Water in the body of men contributes to the flow of chemical reactions, as well as to the physical processes that are the basis of life. The source of the liquid that a person needs is fruits, all kinds of vegetables and freshly squeezed juices of these products, vitamins and other useful minerals.

The volume of fluid in the diet of men who participate in sports (even at home) should be about 2.5 liters per day, especially before training. It can be pure water, infusions, vegetable soups.

With intense workouts, and especially on competition days, the need for body water availability increases significantly.

Given this, it is necessary to remember that it is better to drink in small portions at short intervals, so that the athlete is better to satisfy his need for water. The sensation of dryness in the mouth, which is a marker of thirst, can be explained by the inhibition of salivation, which occurs during exercises that require intense activity of all muscles.

It is important to know that the consumption of certain products (both in the gym and at home), which contain a significant amount of sodium salts, sometimes retains water inside the body. Therefore, when symptoms of dehydration should be included in dietary foods with sodium.

But saline elements such as calcium, potassium, on the contrary, contribute to the extraction of water.

For this reason, athletes who comply with the regimen, it is recommended to significantly limit the consumption of foods saturated with sodium salt before training (even at home). At the same time, products enriched in calcium and potassium salts should be added to the diet, not forgetting vitamins and other useful mineral substances to accelerate the metabolism and circulation of water in the body.

The nutrition of athletes: the main approaches.

Weekly meals

  • in the morning – oats, cooked in water with the addition of nuts, as well as dried fruits, soy meat, a glass of juice,
  • snack – an orange and a few bananas,
  • Pause for lunch: buckwheat porridge with soy, juice and vegetable salad, vitamins and other beneficial substances,
  • another sandwich – a glass of juice, a sandwich with vegetables,
  • Dinner: soy chop, assorted vegetables, a glass of juice.
  • in the morning – mashed potatoes with a glass of juice and a piece of soy meat,
  • sandwich: freshly squeezed juice, apple, dehydrated fruit low in fat,
  • Pause for lunch: vegetable soup, salad, soy chop, freshly squeezed juice, vitamins and other beneficial substances.
  • another sandwich – sliced ​​cucumbers and tomatoes, seasoned with butter, a glass of freshly squeezed juice,
  • Dinner – steamed soy empanadas, vegetable salad and a glass of herbal tea.
  • morning m – seaweed, freshly squeezed juice, muesli in water,
  • snack – a glass of water with pancakes stuffed with fruit,
  • lunch break: vegetable soup, rice with soy meat, a cup of herbal tea, vitamins and other beneficial substances,
  • another sandwich – sliced ​​apples, bananas, kiwi, oranges, a glass of juice,
  • Dinner – porridge, vegetable salad, a glass of freshly squeezed juice.
  • In the morning – cereal porridge, soy meat and freshly squeezed juice,
  • snack – a sandwich with vegetables, 250 ml of milk,
  • Pause for lunch – soup with spaghetti, buckwheat porridge and mushrooms, vegetable salad, a cup of herbal tea, vitamins and other useful substances,
  • another sandwich – sliced ​​fruit and a glass of water,
  • Dinner – Pepper stuffed with seaweed, coleslaw, freshly squeezed juice.
  • In the morning – rice porridge with soy, tomatoes,
  • snack – nuts, a glass of juice,
  • Pause for lunch – vegetable soup, soy meat, millet porridge, sliced ​​vegetables, freshly squeezed juice, vitamins and other useful substances,
  • another snack – fruit and herbal tea,
  • Dinner: boiled potatoes, soy chops, cucumber and tomato salad, a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

The nutrition of athletes: the main approaches.

  • In the morning – spirulina, mushrooms and orange.
  • snack – a glass of herbal tea and onion cake,
  • Pause for lunch: peas and soy soup, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, green tea,
  • another sandwich: cooking the cauliflower in the dough, a cup of herbal tea,
  • dinner – soy meat and broccoli, banana, freshly squeezed juice.
  • In the morning – nuts, banana and tea,
  • snack – sea kale with chop,
  • Pause for lunch: cheese soup with mushrooms, soy, sliced ​​vegetables and juice,
  • another sandwich – pumpkin fritters, a sandwich with vegetables, herbal tea,
  • Dinner – soy, vegetable salad and green tea.

Specialized products

The products of special value are of great importance in the nutrition of male athletes. These are food ingredients of a certain chemical composition, with greater nutritional value or specific efficiency. These components consist of a complex of food by-products or their individual species that have a specific effect on people.

They increase the adaptation capacity of a person, adapting it to the increase of physical, psychological and emotional stress.

These non-doping drugs are designed to help achieve the highest possible athletic performance. Naturally, such products, as well as the raw materials used for them and various components, must comply with all international hygiene requirements, not to mention the fact that they must have a nutritional value.

We do not recommend taking these supplements, because eating vegetables, cereals and nuts is much healthier. Remember that the most important thing for athletes is a healthy lifestyle, giving preference to really high quality natural products, performing the exercises correctly and success will go unnoticed!

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