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Squats for glutes, basic exercises.

Squats for glutes, basic exercises.

Many girls and women know the means to pump their hips easily and effortlessly. No more classes and diets!

What is this miraculous cure? – In fact, many use it in their workouts. Simple squats for the buttocks every day, and very soon you will notice the first results!

Do you think that training is necessary just to build muscle? You are wrong The benefits of such exercises are enormous:

  • the fat will disappear in the thighs
  • the sunken skin will disappear,
  • The muscles will fill with tone.
  • The knee, hip and ankle joints will be strengthened
  • The tendons will improve,
  • The correct heart rate will be restored
  • It increases the vigor and the physical condition in general.

Only three factors influence the beauty and elasticity of the hips: the shape of the pelvic bone, muscle development and the amount of fat. With the first to do something impossible, but not scary.

Muscles play an important role, which can be easily pumped, confessing the right way.

Execution Rules

The most important thing to remember is that before starting the classes, it is recommended to learn some very important rules. Follow them to obtain the greatest possible benefit. The list of tips is not so great:

  1. Try to force the abdominals: thanks to this, the muscles create a corset and protect the spine.
  2. Keep your back straight: stop bending or arching.
  3. Place your knees directly on your feet and make sure they do not extend beyond the invisible line.
  4. The heels are firmly supported on the floor: you can not perform exercises in socks.
  5. Pay attention to the breath: it should be soft and calm.

The correct squat technique guarantees that you will soon see the expected results. Of course, a little faster to do in the gym.

But not all girls need it. Sometimes you do not want to spend time, but more often there is a need to increase the money supply to make more interesting purchases.

Fortunately, you can pump your hips at home. And the necessary sports equipment is minimized.

Squats for glutes, basic exercises.

Another good news The list of exercises to pump the correct muscles includes some exercises. Basically, this is the usual squat in different variations in the buttocks.

They differ in the initial positions, the performance technique. At the same time, they are the most effective option to create a beautiful figure.


It involves a considerable complex of muscles. Of course, the greatest load falls on the hips.

The metabolism is accelerated, which means that burning fat is much faster.

Start better with a simple warm-up. The most effective option is to run.

Great if you have a track at home. But she is not necessary. You can easily replace it with a race on the street.

In case of bad weather, do some exercise. Do you remember how I was at school in physical education classes?

After warming up, start training. How to do squats? – Just close your eyes and sit in an imaginary chair. Get up, move your socks a little, straighten your back and shoulders and pull your arms forward.

Open your eyes. During the exercise, look at a point directly in front of your face.

To pump your buttocks well, lower them to a parallel level between the body and the floor. Bend your back slightly, pull your buttocks a little back. At the same time, make sure that the socks and knees do not change position.

Inhale – lower, exhale – go up.

Such squats at home will not bring any injury. You need to do four cycles.

How many times in each repetition depends only on your abilities. There is no need to make fun of yourself.

Better to do less and feel good!

If your physical condition is normal, training seems to be very easy, you can do deep squats or take an additional load. Of course, it is better to use weights.

Once again, not everyone needs weights. Take ordinary plastic bottles and fill them with water.

Start with a small half liter, increasing with time.

While you sit squatting with dumbbells on your buttocks, you should watch your hands. In the initial position, reduce them close to the chest, when you fall, lift them by the head.

Due to the extra load, you not only pump your buttocks, but you also work through the shoulders, arms and legs.

Lunges backwards

Another great exercise to build muscle quickly. It does not require any financial or time cost.

And the benefits are enormous: the thighs are carefully elaborated, beautiful and feminine forms appear.

How to do squats? – Actually very simple. It is necessary to push the legs to the width of the shoulders, the hands are placed on the waist.

Straightens back and shoulders Now this pose is the original, the exercises begin with it.

When inhaling, move your leg as far as possible, while the second remains in the same place, bent by the knee at a 90 degree angle. Push with the front foot and exhale, returning to your original position.

As in the classic version, it is recommended to make four trips, each of which has between 15 and 20 repetitions. Over time, you will notice how to make them easier and easier.

Then increase the number of cycles and add dumbbells or full bottles.

This exercise not only helps pump your buttocks, but at the same time strengthens the back with the hips. Rest your hands on a chair, bedside table or wall. Change the weight of your body on one leg, stretch the other, bend the knee, keep it in the air.

On the exhalation, return to the original position.


In general, this option is suitable for people with good physical condition and resistance. But these important qualities can be developed with regular classes. The deep squats are made like the classic ones.

The only difference is trying to get as low as possible.

Here the muscles of the buttocks and the inner part of the thighs work. It is also very effective, although it is inferior to some other exercises for priests.

The squat technique is simple. To do it correctly, you need legs bent at the knees, placed in the width of the pelvis.

Dissolve the socks as much as possible. Keep your hands on your waist. Then it goes down as in previous years.

Carefully monitor the position of the hips in relation to the floor should be located exactly in parallel. Also do four cycles 15-20 times, gradually increasing the load.

Bulgarian attacks

They differ from the previous ones in that they are not made from the ground, but from the bank. At home, use a sofa, a stool, a bedside table as a support, any elevation you can find.

Squats for glutes, basic exercises.

How to do – Stand with your back straight, keep your legs together. The subject should be on the back no higher than the knees.

Put the tip of one foot on the stand and the second slightly forward. Keep in mind that the stretched leg and the body are a straight line.

Keep your hands on your waist. While inhaling, slowly bend the knee until it is parallel to the floor. Hold for 10 seconds and also rise slowly.

Here, start with two trips 15 times.

This lesson is known to everyone since high school. But it resulted in sports such as modeling and aerobics.

When doing work only the buttocks. Therefore, it is better to make the bridge at the end of training.

Of course, in the usual version of the support is not necessary. But in a simple way, it is better to use a chair, a bedside table or even a wall.

Sit near the object and lean over it with your back. The hands can be extended to the sides or placed on the stomach, the legs should be restrained on the floor.

Straighten the back, lift it above the ground. On the exhale, lift the pelvis, trying to force the whole body as much as possible.

While inhaling, lower slowly. Do two sets of 10 times.

During the latter, there may be a burning sensation in the thighs. But do not worry.

This means that the muscles have received a maximum load, and the fat is already starting to burn.

As you could see, inflating the buttocks is very simple! Different types of classes will allow you to create your own training options.

Do it as often as possible, do not forget proper nutrition and remember, with each exercise you get closer to your dream!

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