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Squatting: Training tips for effective training

Squatting: Training tips for effective training

It seems that it could be easier to train than squatting. But what do they give, what are they for?

Is there any contraindication to this exercise? How to connect them to the training process?

What gives this to the athlete? Let’s see these topics together.

Basic discipline

Squat exercise with a bar – one of the basics in the gym. It loads most of the muscles of the body, especially the legs and back. By mastering the correct technique of execution and the correct dosage of the load, you are given the opportunity to obtain a good figure, develop resistance in strength and help to gain muscle mass.

Not in vain, are the squats which are considered the best exercise to gain muscle mass. Squats for girls are simply necessary, because they help strengthen the legs and back and physical development in general.

As you can see, the benefits of this exercise are obvious.

Another exercise with a bar is included in the program of a sport such as power triathlon or weightlifting. What is This is a sport whose task is to increase the maximum weight in three basic exercises with a barbell: bench press, squat, deadlift.

The athlete who gets the most in all three exercises wins in his weight category. The squats with bar: this is almost the key exercise in the training program of any weightlifter.

A good result in this gives a significant advantage over other athletes.

In addition to weightlifting, squats are an integral part of disciplines such as crossfit, bodyfitness, bodybuilding. Watch the training of any professional athlete or athlete, they all poll the surveys.

And they do it beautifully, technically not even necessarily with great weight.

Squatting: Training tips for effective training

About the technique

What is the difference between squats for women and squats for men? In fact, nothing special. The execution technique is the same, it can only differ at particular individual moments.

The fact is that the correct execution technique takes into account the most appropriate version of the execution of the exercise using the angles and the most effective and safe initial positions. Therefore, the concept of male and female execution technique itself can not exist.

What are deep squats for, what do they influence? The fact is that deep squats work quite well in both the quadriceps and the hip biceps.

This is your benefit. And if, on the contrary, we are not constantly finishing, then the muscles of the legs will develop unevenly, which can later cause injuries.

Classic athlete

So let’s look at the classical technique for doing this basic exercise. It is important to develop it perfectly to perform all the movements in the safest way possible.

  • Initial position

It is important that the bar be in racks approximately at the level of your chest, that is, just below the shoulders. This is necessary for the most comfortable extraction of the rod from the racks. We sit under it.

It is important to choose the optimal grip width. It is better to take the bar as closely as possible, that is, as close as possible to the shoulders. At the same time, it is important to place the elbows as vertically as possible and try to place some of the load on the wrists.

By the way, we strongly recommend bandaging your wrists before performing the exercise, as they will have a very serious load. Feet adjusted so that the heels are strictly under the neck.

  • Output from racks and fixing in the initial position.

It is important not to take many steps back, this is an excessive expenditure of power. Go back a few steps, literally 1-2. Next, you should place your legs in the optimal width so that the socks and knees look to the side.

The optimal width of the legs is half width, wider than the level of the shoulders. The optimal angle of the socks that turn outwards is about 45 °.

Stretch your knees completely, keep your back in tension.

  • The beginning of the movement, the negative phase.

We begin the movement with an easy removal of the pelvis. In this case, let’s say a slight backward bending – at 15 °, no more.

Next, we begin to sit down, trying to maintain the same angle of the back. In no case can you go back!

The descent must be controlled. It is possible already at a fast pace, but definitely controlled! You should not relax at the lowest point.

On the contrary – below the maximum voltage.

  • Lifting phase, fixing in the final position and return of the bar to the racks.

We pass the so-called angle (parallel: position when the upper part of the legs in the hip joint is below the upper part of the knees) and we climb immediately. It is important when lifting to fill the back forward. To do this, you can push the most powerful blades from the bottom point.

The lifting is done in a powerful way, we try to create the maximum effort. Above the blocked knees, fully extended.

Only after that puts the bar back on the shelf.

Squatting: Training tips for effective training

It is important to observe safety precautions and gently cycle the load. The squat is undoubtedly a very useful exercise, which contributes to the development of the main muscle groups … but it can also be very traumatic, if the correct execution technique is not followed.

Carefully follow this moment, if you want to not only save but also increase your health.

About adding this exercise to the training process

We strongly recommend not training squats more than once every 4-5 days. The fact is that this exercise involves most of the muscles of the body and requires a long recovery. In addition, a long-term recovery of the nervous system is required.

Therefore, the optimal number of squats per week is no more than 1-2 workouts. It is better to include them as a first basic exercise for the training and to adjust all the training to the training of the legs.

For example, first do squats, then finish your legs with leg pressure or flexion / extension in the simulator.

Let’s summarize again. The barbell squat is a basic exercise that involves a lot of muscle groups at work.

Especially large load falls on the legs and back. This exercise requires a lot of energy, requires a long recovery. But it is precisely the best way that allows you to build muscle mass, increase the general level of functional training and make you stronger.

It is very important to adhere to the correct performance technique to avoid injury. We strongly recommend not training more than once every 4-5 days to have time to recover between workouts. Otherwise, you may begin to accumulate microtrauma and fall into a state of overtraining.

The contraindications for this exercise can be in case you have problems with your back or joints.

We wish you not to lose enthusiasm in the path of your life, to do everything possible to make your dreams come true, to look for new victories in sports. Do not forget the common sense of proportion.

Lead a healthy lifestyle, whose benefits are obvious to everyone. Accustomed to sports from an early age and your children, they will grow strong, healthy and cheerful.

Take care of your health now, before it’s too late.

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