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Stretching after exercise: exercises for all parts of the body

Stretching after exercise: exercises for all parts of the body

When practicing sports or exercise, it is important to remember that after any workout, you must properly stretch the muscles that were subject to the load. This will help the tense body to relax, increase its flexibility and prevent injuries during exercise.

Stretching after exercise should be done on all muscles: neck, abdomen, back, arms, legs, buttocks.

Undeniable benefit

Under load, especially power, muscles are significantly reduced and need time to reach the same length.

Without recovery, your rest is impossible, and without it, an additional increase in strength.

Stretching helps with this. In addition, the muscle can contract and strengthen as much as it can stretch.

And this is very important! Therefore, stretching the muscles after a workout helps improve strength results.

Driving such exercises should be at the end of a sports lesson, or later.

So, the question of why stretching is needed can be answered in the following way:

  • Thanks to it, the muscles not only recover the length and relax, but also can deal more quickly with the injuries that inevitably occur when inflating, their mass increases more actively and work better in the next workout.
  • lactic acid is excreted more actively from the body, therefore, the pain passes faster
  • The transition from intensive work to rest becomes smoother, respectively, the load on the heart decreases, muscle congestion, the blood speeds up better in the body (even if it nourishes muscles well), blood pressure decreases, respiration and The pulse is restored, and the internal organs are better. Supplied with blood, improves metabolism.
  • really relaxing body
  • increases the flexibility of the ligaments and joints, as a result of which it is easier to do exercises with great range of motion, from which the muscles are pumped more efficiently
  • improves posture
  • Due to physical fitness after a workout in the gym, a person becomes more self-confident.

Stretching after strength training is especially important, because with these exercises the muscles get a particularly intense load.

Stretching after exercise: exercises for all parts of the body

Driving rules

To really have an effect, there was no damage, it is important to stretch the muscles of the legs, arms and others, following certain rules:

  • It must be done without problems, with care, without sudden movements.
  • It is necessary to participate immediately after training, while the muscles warm up.
  • when the pain appears, you should stop pulling (when slight pain appears, you should stop in this position), in no case can continue, suffering discomfort
  • It is recommended to remain in the limit position for about 30 seconds.
  • Pull out all those muscles that trained today first
  • they must be relaxed before stretching, otherwise they may be injured
  • you should breathe gently, breathe at the beginning of each exercise (except on slopes).

There are 2 options to stretch: in static and dynamic. In general, they prefer the first method, since it is simpler and adapts even to people who are not very qualified.

The second option is more shown for those who have practiced sports for a long time and have good body control.

If you stretch regularly after any exercise, the effect of them will come much faster. The muscles will become stronger and more plastic, they will be easier to pump and significantly reduce the risk of injuries.

Exemplary complex for stretching.

After training (especially in the gym) it is important to stretch all the muscles involved. There are specific exercises for different parts of the body.

Stretching for the legs includes almost as many of them, because these parts of the body are almost always involved in sports and fitness.

The most famous stretching exercises after a workout are the following:

  • for the front surface of the legs: stand straight, squeeze the whole body, take the foot with the same hand, pull the foot towards the buttock (first do it with one foot, then with the other), each foot should be placed as firmly as possible possible, for this, the fingers should be separated and tightened press them
  • for the back of the hips: place your hands on the nearest surface, back off, bend as low as possible with a straight back (you can not allow the spine to fall and be rounded)
  • for the inner surface: sit down, spread your legs, lean forward with your back straight, try to maintain your position
  • for external surface: ip – leaning on the arms and knees, bring the knee higher, put the whole leg on the floor, lean towards it as low as possible, extend the other leg back, stay in that position and then change the legs.

Also to stretch the muscles of the legs it is good to make cross-sectional and longitudinal cuts.

Exercises to stretch the press:

  • Lie face down, put your hands next to the body
  • Stand up on your hands, like when you push up, bend the waist.

Stretching after exercise: exercises for all parts of the body

  • for the upper part: straighten, bend the chest forward, then bend, bend the back as much as possible, pull the arms together with the shoulders and the chin, the tension should be felt only near the shoulder blades
  • Standing on all fours, draw the stomach and push your back up, arching it
  • for loins: ip – Stand up straight, lean forward, keeping your back flexed and your knees straight, try to reach your toes with your hands.
  • ip – sitting with straight legs, begin to lean towards the feet with a straight body, trying to make the lower part of the back stay flat, maintaining a straight posture.

Exercises for the chest:

  • Stand straight, join your arms from behind to the lock, lift them
  • Stretching in the hallway: lean on the bars, as for the push-ups, gradually lower, leaving your elbows motionless
  • hang on the horizontal bar.
  • for biceps and shoulders: stand sideways on the wall, place your palm on it, turn in the other direction, keep this hand stationary, then do the same with the opposite hand
  • for triceps: raise the hand upwards, bend the elbow, take the opposite hand by the elbow and pull it to the side, then change the hands.
  • standing, lower your head to your chest, as low as possible
  • Tilt your head back, trying to touch the back of your head, to make sure the mouth is closed
  • tilt the head towards the right and left shoulder, pull the same hand
  • Turn your head in different directions.

Stretching after exercise: exercises for all parts of the body

Additional notes

Stretching is useful for both women and men. The main thing is to perform the exercises gradually, without overloading, as well as regularly, this also applies to basic training.

In general, everyone needs physical activity, and even when you seem tired after work, it’s better to relax in the gym than on the couch.

Also, it is not necessary to go to a gym, the classes at home are also quite effective. After several workouts, vigor will appear, muscles will tense, there will be more strength and energy.

This will help and the final stretch.

Those who understand what this part of physical exercise is for and why it is done after the basic exercises will achieve a real success in their sports activities.

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