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Stretching in fractures: the correct technique

Stretching in fractures: the correct technique

Sitting in the divisions at home is completely realistic, since in the classroom it is not necessary to use special simulators. The main thing is to choose a set of exercises, calculate the necessary load on the body, taking into account the physical fitness, while the stretching of fractures for beginners requires a special approach.

The occupation in any sport implies dedication, self-sufficiency and dedication. To learn the technique of rope execution, it is also necessary to devote some time to stretching, since to sit on the rope it is necessary to develop a good elasticity of the ligaments, muscular extensibility and flexibility of the joints.

Stretching is a special exercise, whose purpose is to achieve the desired mobility of all body tissues. Such exercises have a series of positive points:

  1. Stabilize the emotional state.
  2. Improve the supply of oxygen to tissues.
  3. Increases the flexibility of the body, including the ligaments and muscles.
  4. It stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation in the body.

Exercise technique

Stretching should start with simple exercises so as not to damage the unprepared body, although you should not fear slight muscle pain, it is natural and progress is impossible without it. About two hours, the dancers stretch before the training, but you, after you can sit with confidence in the divisions, will take much less time to maintain the form.

To do the same stretching exercises daily at home, you can combine them to have fun in different sequences to have fun. The main thing is to carry them out correctly.

You should not load the muscles immediately, introduce new exercises gradually.

To get the best result and sit in the divisions at home, special attention must be paid to eating correctly and completely! This will provide the body with the necessary amount of protein and will allow, if necessary, weight loss.

The prerequisites for success are regular stretching exercises, patience and self-sufficiency. Before starting each workout do not forget to warm up.

Classes must be held constantly. To have the divisions at home very soon, its duration should be approximately one hour each day.

The stretch should be adequate, gradually increasing the load on the muscles.

Stretching in fractures: the correct technique

Classification of exercises for stretching

The exercises to stretch the fractures are divided into the following main types:

  1. Dynamic stretching, which uses intense movements of the fly, as well as controlled movements, with an accent. This is all kinds of balancing, lunges and rolls. This type of stretching is mainly used in professional stretching sports. With your help, having correctly picked up a complex, for a short time can sit down in divisions. At home, most of the time he uses a different type of stretch.
  2. Static stretching, when the body is fixed for a time in a certain position (more often 30 to 60 seconds) around three to four times during a workout. At this time, you should clearly feel how your muscles stretch. This type of stretching is the most common. It can be easily done at home. The static stretch is subdivided into subspecies: soft and hard. Gentle stretching involves maintaining a certain position during the time required to stretch the desired muscle group. Hard stretching involves alternating tension, relaxation and stretching of muscle groups.
  3. Companion (passive). This type of stretching is done together with a partner, which to achieve the best result at the highest level increases the resistance in the exercise. Of course, this type of stretching can be done at home, but it is preferable to choose an experienced person as an assistant.

Stretching in fractures: the correct technique

Before beginning to perform stretching exercises, as well as before starting any other exercise, you should warm up your muscles well. This is to ensure that the fabrics become more flexible and more susceptible to stretching.

At home, you can lie down for ten minutes in a hot bath, and you can warm up your legs with a rope or with the help of intense squats and swing your legs. It also lashes out on both legs and rolls from one foot to the other.

At home you can simply turn on the music and dance with energy.

Twine exercises

Only after the warm-up is completed can the complex be started to stretch the muscles. During the training process, be sure to keep your back straight, especially when making curves.

  1. An effective exercise at home is v-stretching. You need to sit on the floor and spread your legs. Socks feet in yourself. Leaning to the right, try to join the foot with the palms of your hands (if you can not do it, at least touch the toes) and try to stay in this position as much as possible. With the left foot, repeat the same, then lean forward, trying to approach the floor with your chest.
  2. It helps very well in stretching the thigh muscles butterfly exercise. To do this, in a sitting position on the carpet, you must bend your legs on your knees so that your feet are connected and pull them close to your body. Helping with palms or elbows, push knees to the floor.
  3. Lunge wide: a great exercise for the development of longitudinal divisions in the home. One leg bent at a right angle, forward. The palms rest against the ground. Stretch the other leg back, aiming the heel to touch the ground. Lower the rib cage with one leg bent forward and try to remain in this state for about a minute. Then change the legs in places.
  4. We must sit on the floor. Spread your legs in different directions, keeping your back straight. Connect your hands together and stretch forward, trying to approach the floor with your chest.
  5. Lie on the floor. The legs should rise perpendicular to the body and separate them well apart, without bending at the same time in the joints of the knees. In this position, the inner thigh muscles stretch well.
  6. Get on your knees with your toes resting on the floor. Make a squat trying to touch the floor between your feet.
  7. Rolls. Extend your legs as much as possible, sit down and begin to shift the weight of the body alternately from one foot to the other.
  8. For this exercise, open your legs a little. Begin to lean forward, trying to touch the ground with your palms. Keep your back straight. This is a very important exercise to stretch the muscles of the back and hamstrings.
  9. Fold exercise. Sitting on the floor, stretch your legs, turn your socks toward you and complete 15 bends forward, trying to lie on your stomach on your knees. At the lowest point, fix the body position and save it for 60 seconds.
  10. Straighten, stand straight. Raise your arms, straighten your shoulders and join your palms. Achieve This exercise strengthens the spine well and stretches the muscles of the legs.
  11. Bend one leg in the knee and place it in front of you. Second leg – straight back. Try to bend your leg back to bring your knee as close to the floor as possible.
  12. Extend your legs (as far as you can) wide. From this position, bend forward and lean on your elbows. The back in this position should be parallel to the floor. While inhaling, with all your strength, stretch the muscles of the legs and, while exhaling, relax.

Whether you are doing stretches in a fracture correctly, it is absolutely easy to verify: during training you should not experience pain in the joints and spine.

Therefore, absolutely anyone can sit in the divisions at home, all you need is a desire and regular trainings that will load you with vivacity and good humor.

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