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The development of physical and psychological resistance.

The development of physical and psychological resistance.

The more the consciousness expands, the more mysteries appear before a person. Without a doubt, the most important of them is himself.

In particular, the capacities and reserves of the body, among which the development of resistance is of particular interest. From everyday experience, we all know that resistance is the ability to resist fatigue. His need arises in all kinds of human activity.

It is especially necessary for people who practice sports. Today it is known that resistance is a quality susceptible to the means for its development.

Manifestation of resistance.

Depending on the nature of the physical activity, the resources of the body, the degree of conjugation with other physical qualities, the resistance is:

The level of development of general resistance in people who participate in various sports or physical activities varies.

Skiers, cyclists, rowers, swimmers, distance runners have a greater resistance of a general nature than weightlifters, fencers, gymnasts and jumpers.

Of course, the development of general resistance is necessary for everyone and always. While special resistance is required only for specific manifestations of muscle activity.

The morphofunctional changes occur in different muscle groups that participate in the execution of certain power movements, so the special resistance of the swimmer and the cyclist is significantly different.

The methods for the development of general resistance are specifically directed strength and cardio. During regular exercises there are changes in the body that contribute to its development, it is:

  • incrise of cardiac frecuency
  • Increase in the transport of oxygen in the blood.
  • an increase in the number of capillaries around the skeletal muscles,
  • Increase the number of mitochondria that produce energy.
  • Increase the level of enzymes involved in the production of energy.

In addition to physical resistance, you need more resistance and psychological. Its importance is irreplaceable both for actions with a large concentration of attention, and to mobilize them for a short period.

The development of physical and psychological resistance.

The development of physical resistance.

A technique for the development of resistance was developed. Includes 7 important rules for improvement.

  1. It combines power and cardio. The more muscles you can put into work, the more your cardiovascular system will be involved. If you plan only cardiovascular training during the week, it will become a trap, which will be an obstacle to the development of physical endurance. Make sure you include enough strength exercises in your training. Many people reserve a day for cardio and one for strength training. Try connecting them together. For example, doing push-ups immediately after the bench press, abdominal exercises after jumping rope, etc.
  2. Reduce the amount of rest between sets. As a general rule, it takes between 30 and 90 seconds to recover between sets, but if you are looking for a means to develop resistance, be prepared to sacrifice rest time in both strength training and cardio. Take a break only when physically you can not continue.
  3. Increase the intensity of weight gains. The use of weight lifting at a rapid pace will increase your physical endurance. But for this, reduce the weight that rises. Excess weight and low speed actually reduce the body’s metabolism. Exercising with excess weight weights is not a means to develop physical resistance.
  4. Reduce the amount of insulation strength training. Squats, steps, push-ups and push-ups will improve your endurance better than strength exercises in isolated muscle groups.
  5. Avoid routine workouts. Change from one type of exercise to another is important to develop resistance. The human body gets used to the training after two weeks of its regular execution. For example, if you are an avid cyclist, replace the step or jog race. Such changes will also increase motivation and interest in the sport. If possible, look for a trainer who will constantly keep your body guessing.
  6. Combine exercises. Combine two separate exercises for different muscle groups. The more muscles you can put into work, the more you will stimulate the muscles of the heart, which in turn will become a means to increase resistance.
  7. Add explosive movements to strength training. These movements require a lot of energy, they develop strength and resistance at the same time. Try adding a burpy box or exercise to your workout.

The development of physical and psychological resistance.

The development of psychological resistance.

Psychological or mental resistance is necessary to perform complex tasks or to confront a difficult situation. It is necessary if you want to feel healthy and happy. For this there are special methods to develop resistance.

To increase your psychological resistance, follow these rules.

  1. To-do list The better you organize your own business according to the plan, the more you will focus on its timely execution. Learn to prioritize, focus on the main thing and finish the work started until the end. Make a list of what you need to do. Organize the cases in order of difficulty or urgency, according to the task, and execute.
  2. Do one thing at a time. For some people, doing several things at the same time has become the norm. But if you really want to improve attention and psychological strength, it is very important to be able to concentrate on completing the task until its completion and then start something else.
  3. Eliminate distractions If you are focused on solving a math problem, reading a complex book, do not try to eat a sandwich at the same time, watch TV or talk. Eliminate all noise, find a quiet place and focus.
  4. Think positive. Self-confidence and a positive attitude are important components of success. Whatever you do, tune in to do it right.
  5. Visualize One of the main tools widely used by athletes is visualization. Why do not you use it? If you are facing a difficult task, close your eyes and imagine how it is happening with confidence.
  6. Do exercises for the mind. By doing the exercises that make you focus, you develop your resistance. You can even collect puzzles or play chess. And it will also be effective to prepare the dishes for a new recipe or to participate in a new type of sewing for you.
  7. Learn constantly. For example, one of the main ways to train psychological resistance and concentration will be the daily study of foreign words. Sometimes vocabulary not only develops psychological resistance, it also opens up new opportunities for you.

The development of physical and psychological resistance.

The relationship of healthy nutrition and resistance.

We discovered that resistance is the strength and energy necessary for a long period of time. It is necessary for both physical and psychological stress.

But doctors say that the development of resistance is impossible without a healthy lifestyle.

Great importance is given in this matter to a balanced diet. Food is a fuel for the body.

A healthy and balanced diet keeps the body in good shape and increases resistance.

Eat low-fat foods, lots of fruits and vegetables. To save energy over a long period, doctors recommend a one-third serving of complex carbohydrates.

To supply energy to your body throughout the day, eat in small portions. Eat between main meals using raw fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables with high caloric content during prolonged physical and psychological stress, such as walks or final exams.

Drink water: it will bring instant benefits to the body. This tool will help you lose weight, prevent the formation of kidney stones and much more. Water increases physical resistance, so it is recommended to drink it a few hours before intense physical effort.

For added effect, add fruit juice or an herbal infusion.

It is not a secret that an accelerated lifestyle, many tensions increase the burden on the human psyche. As a result, the body requires more and more resistance from us.

Therefore, with good reason, we can say that the development of resistance is a truly necessary and correct means on the way to a healthy and happy life.

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