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The floor flexion program to gain muscle mass: from theory to practice.

The floor flexion program to gain muscle mass: from theory to practice.

Floor flexes are included in the list of required exercises of any program for a set of muscle mass. Such a load allows maximum use of the arms, back and even the press. The position of the arms and legs during exercise determines the load on the muscles of the legs and body.

These classes are an excellent alternative to the bench press, which is done in the room with the use of rods, in addition, they can be done in the home without the use of additional devices. It will strengthen your muscles, quickly increase the required mass and achieve a beautiful relief at home.

Long-term quantitative exercises are performed to develop resistance, and to gain muscle mass it is better to use more approaches, while reducing the number of push-ups.

So, how to achieve the desired physical shape and weight with high quality and speed in the home?

Push up the pattern

When developing an individual system of push-ups it is necessary to consider several points. First of all, it is necessary to determine the types of exercises that differ in the position of the arms, the position of the body and the legs, and also to establish the necessary number of approaches to be performed.

Wide adjustment

The technique of floor flexions, in which the arms are raised to a maximum width with respect to the angle of the elbow curve no more than 90, is perfect to accelerate the growth of the mass of the pectoral muscles. To increase the load, you can place your feet on a small hill at home, a low stool is suitable for this purpose.

Beginners should try to place the body above the legs, this will ease the load a bit.

The flexes of the floor in which the palms are placed in a large width are perfect for novice athletes, since they are classified as the simplest.

Average adjustment

Exercises with a medium arm adjustment are adequate to strengthen and build triceps. For men, this flexion is complicated when doing it with fingers or fists, if physical training allows it.

In addition, the load can be controlled by adjusting the position of the body and legs between them, which is very convenient when training at home.

The floor flexion program to gain muscle mass: from theory to practice.

Narrow staging

This option is classified as the most complex. In the process of making the hands are directly under the chest.

Push-up is designed to pump the chest, deltoid muscles, triceps, increase muscle mass.

It must be taken into account that this method is not recommended for women, because there is a rapid accumulation of the pectoral muscles and the shoulder girdle, which negatively affects the aesthetics of the body. There are also other options for the complication of flexions with great amplitude for men that can be performed at home:

  • On the one hand, from the floor, only the owners of a trained triceps, a pumping press and a chest will be able to handle such a load. This option is also not suitable for girls, because training helps to change the shape of the pectoral muscles: they can act in an ugly way on the mammary glands.
  • push-ups with applause: designed not so much for relief as to increase agility and endurance
  • push-ups in the fingers: to do it requires developed muscles, strong bones of the fingers and hands in men.

Push up calendar

The graph is a table that presents a program designed to increase resistance and gain muscle mass of a person training. Nowadays, there are many varieties of tables of this type for different levels of training, requirements for the use of time and the desired result. The schedule clearly explains all the information about the classes:

  • number of exercises
  • number of approaches
  • training time
  • time to rest
  • Expected result.

Following these recommendations will allow you to see the changes after a few days and, after completing the entire cycle, you can easily squeeze more than 100 times in a single focus, at home, without using simulators or special tools. As a general rule, the program is designed for a 4 or 5 week course with 4 approaches per day.

Do not despair if you can not strictly follow the program from the first days. Unprepared muscles can not support their own weight and body load, so these digital values ​​can be varied in one direction or another within 3 units.

The floor flexion program to gain muscle mass: from theory to practice.

Push up technique

The techniques are developed individually, their content depends on the initial physical training and the sex of the athlete. Complex training can be related to one of the difficulty levels:

  • for beginners (usually a home training)
  • For people with a medium level of training.
  • For people with a high level of training and improvement.

A program designed to develop physical abilities and weight loss among beginning athletes contains a small but continuously increasing number of approaches. In complexes for girls, push-ups with a wide grip on a flat surface can be replaced with exercises with bent knees and wide arms that can be easily performed at home.

For those who study with an average level of training, special complexes have been developed that contain the minimum number of approaches with the maximum number of repetitions. These indicators decrease with each new training day and reach minimum values ​​at the end of the course.

The program, aimed at improving physical condition, increasing mass and improving relief, contains complicated exercises: with narrow arms, with fists or fingers, with palms.

How to make a program

Of course, the ideal option is an individual training program, compiled by a personal trainer. However, with a proper assessment of your own physical condition, you can collect complexes already made at home on the Internet. This allows you to familiarize yourself with various techniques in writing, or you can view photo and video tutorials.

Many complexes are created by professional trainers that not only explain all the nuances, but also clearly show how to perform the exercises correctly to achieve the best results at home.

With the use of ready-to-use training systems, the possibility of errors, which are often committed during self-study at home, is practically excluded.

Class schedule

The graphic describes in detail the entire class system up to the established schedule. The graph allows you to get the best effect in a short time.

All those involved will gain muscle growth and improve the relief of the pectoral muscles in the home in a simple and efficient manner.

With a serious attitude, the schedule is an indispensable tool that systematizes the classes and stimulates the achievement of results. It is worth remembering that the burden will not tolerate negligence, because in the way of self-improvement, only a step back can nullify all efforts.

Each high quality workout brings you closer to the desired result. A program designed to pump shoulders, pectoral muscles, back and arms at home requires maximum efficiency and complete calculation.

It is also worth remembering about the correct alternation of loads and rest, which allows you to recover before the next approach and avoid muscle exhaustion.

Working through a complex of occupations, it is necessary to take into account indicators such as your own physical training and well-being. Considering these factors, it is necessary to exaggerate and modify the program, change the duration of the training, the number of approaches and the frequency.

Girls should remember that excessive enthusiasm for floor flexes can have a detrimental effect on the harmony and thinness of the figure.

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