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The impact of exercise on the human body: the benefits of sport.

The impact of exercise on the human body: the benefits of sport.

In January 2017, Robert Marchand drove over 22 km along the cycle track in one hour. Everything would be fine, but now the French cyclist who marks the record is now 105 years old. Bernice Mary Bates, 96, a Florida instructor who has practiced yoga for more than half a century, can also boast feminine flexibility and excellent memory.

These people, like many other people, for their longevity and activity show that the beneficial effect of physical exercises on the human body is truly unlimited.

Types and types of exercise

Exercise: movement intended to restore, maintain and improve the body. They are made in a certain sequence with the observance of technology. The effectiveness of the physical effort in the human body depends on the position of the body during the exercise, the trajectory, the duration, the rhythm and the speed of the movement.

To improve the effectiveness of the training, special equipment is used: simulators, power tables, horizontal bars, bars, weights, dumbbells, expanders, fitballs.

By type, distinguish between basic and insulating exercises. The former involve several muscle groups at work, which contributes to their active growth and increases strength.

It is believed that the training program for a beginner should be 100% basic exercises and experienced athletes: 70-80%. With the help of isolating motor actions, one, as a rule, the muscle or muscle group is resolving.

The impact of exercise on the human body: the benefits of sport.

Types of exercise:

  • Cardiac exercises: load, stimulating the work of the cardiac muscle, increasing the resistance. For example: running, walking, swimming, climbing stairs, riding a bicycle.
  • Plyometrics are complex exercises that consist of rapid movements for the development of explosive or reactive power. For example: jumping on your feet, throwing heavy objects at each other, pulling up the crossbar.
  • Stretching or stretching exercises are aimed at increasing a person’s flexibility. For example: swing, land on fractures, lift or extend legs to the side.
  • Strength training is a systematic movement whose purpose is to increase muscle mass and strength. For example: push-ups, squats, rolling press, lifting weights.

The impact of physical activity on the human body is difficult to overestimate. Regular exercise strengthens the muscles, the heart and the respiratory system. The exercises increase the strength, endurance, flexibility and speed of a person, improve blood circulation and metabolic processes.

They contribute to the normalization of weight, elimination of problems with the musculoskeletal system. Physical activity not only prolongs life, but also improves its quality. The best confirmation that you can be beautiful at any age is Cindy Crawford, 50, Christy Brinkley, 63, and Jane Fonda, 79.

The secret to the attractiveness of these women is regular training.

Popular exercise systems

Currently, among the active people, gymnastics is the most successful. She can be athletic and take on the development of strength with the help of special exercises in simulators, with weights, dumbbells or a bar.

Another type of gymnastics is rhythmic or aerobic. Movement during such classes is performed to music at a rapid pace.

Varieties of rhythmic gymnastics:

  • American or classic aerobics include general exercises of development (mainly jumping and jogging) of low and high intensity.
  • Aquatic aerobics or aquatic aerobics: group aquatic gymnastics at a moderate or fast pace.
  • Dance aerobics: a system that combines standard exercises with elements of jazz, funk, rock, break.
  • Aerobic sports – a combination of acrobatics, artistic and artistic gymnastics.
  • Step aerobics: a set of special exercises that use a support (step platform) that simulates a step.
  • Modeling: rhythmic gymnastics for the correction of the figure, based on the frequent repetition of movements with a small load and a large amplitude at a quiet pace.

The impact of exercise on the human body: the benefits of sport.

Callanetics helps to influence the spine, a system developed by Callan Pinkni in the 60s of the last century. In fact, this complex, which consists of 29 static exercises, is an Americanized version of yoga. Its advantages include low invasiveness and the ability to practice without equipment, even at home.

Callanetics is indicated for osteochondrosis, pain in the neck and lower back. It is effective in shaping the body.

To get a remarkable result, you need to train three times a week for one hour.

Fitness: physical training, whose objective is to improve the form, health and well-being, has a great impact on the basic systems of the body. The most popular modern techniques in this area include:

  • Pilates – a system developed by Joseph Pilates, is a complex of gentle movements.
  • Pole dance – pole exercises, which are a mixture of gymnastics and erotic dance.
  • Jump: a complex of trampolines, proposed by Czech coaches, consists of jumping movements.
  • Zumba: Alberto Pérez’s fitness program, which includes sports and dance exercises with rhythmic music.
  • Crossfit, a functional training by Greg Glassman, consists of high intensity interval training elements.

The impact of regular exercise on human health is remarkable after 2-3 months, but to maintain the result, it is necessary to make physical activity the standard of lifestyle.

Characteristics of exercise with children.

Teach your child to outdoor games and daily exercise should be as early as possible. Two-year-olds should master elementary movements: walking, running, jumping. At 3-4 years old children reinforce and improve existing skills.

To complicate the task, the child may be offered to walk along a rope or board, run, change direction, skip or jump to a small height. Managing the body is taught games with a ball, rope, cubes, hoop. The first classes should be short, no more than 15 minutes.

As the child gets used to it, they can be extended to 25-30 minutes.

The impact of exercise on the human body: the benefits of sport.

In the physical activity mode of children over three years of age, daily morning gymnastics should be given a special place. Begin and finish the lesson you need to walk. The main part of the load should consist of 4 to 5 exercises that are familiar to the child.

To make the movement in the future correctly, the adult must constantly show the execution technique, focusing on its characteristics. The effect of physical exertion on the body is not limited to strengthening the body.

Systematic training fosters the spirit: it instills qualities as valuable as determination, resistance and organization.

At what age can children do this or that type of physical activity?

  • Water aerobics – from 3 years.
  • Aerobics – from 4 years.
  • Bellidance – from 4 years.
  • Zumba – from 4 years.
  • Stretching – from 5 years.
  • Jolly-jumping – from 6 years.
  • Yoga – from 7 years old.
  • Pilates – from 7 years old.

Therapeutic physical education

It should be noted that the practice of callanetics, aerobics or fitness often require a sufficient level of physical fitness. Far from sports, athletes start better with systematic walks, morning runs and exercises.

Regular, but dosed loads are necessary for people who need physical rehabilitation. They, like pregnant women, the elderly, physiotherapists recommend physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy (physiotherapy): a method to prevent and treat diseases, as well as the recovery of diseases through physical and respiratory exercises. One of the forms is the morning exercises. The complex should include 10 to 15 breathing exercises, the formation of individual muscle groups, relaxation.

All movements should be carried out calmly, without excessive effort. The average load duration is 10 to 30 minutes.

The main form of exercise therapy is therapeutic gymnastics. For the effect of exercise on human health was the most beneficial, it is necessary to observe the principle of consistency and gradualness, increase and decrease the burden.

When selecting movements, the level of preparation and the age of the people must be taken into account. Since it is necessary to influence the body in a complex, fortifying exercises must be complemented with special exercises, in the training different muscle groups participate. To diversify the classes, the complex is updated and improved daily.

For the fixation, leave 2-3 exercises previously learned.

The impact of exercise on the human body: the benefits of sport.

What is physiotherapy useful for pregnant women? Feasible loads prevent swelling and back pain.

By stimulating the work of the heart and respiratory organs, they improve the blood supply to the fetus. Physical activity has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, the musculoskeletal system, strengthens the muscles, including the pelvis, which contributes even more to facilitate delivery.

Before starting the exercises, you should consult a doctor. Even better, the course of exercise therapy will be developed individually by an instructor-physiotherapist.

Alternatively, you can attend special group classes.

The contraindications for exercise therapy are the poor health of the woman, the threat of abortion. Ladies who are waiting for a child, can not move the press, jump, participate in power simulators.

The best activity for them is gymnastics: respiratory, positional, knee-elbow, water, with a fitball.

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