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The most popular sports in Russia

The most popular sports in Russia

Sport is an integral part of life, makes a person beautiful, healthy, strong and successful. The Russians love sports competitions, which are happy to see and in which they participate en masse.

And the Russian government actively promotes physical culture and a healthy lifestyle. What are the most popular sports in Russia?

This will be discussed later.

Characteristics of sport development in Russia.

Thanks to state and public organizations, physical education and sports are promoted to the masses. The main tasks of the Ministry of Sports: the physical education of schoolchildren and students, the development of amateur and professional sports, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

For this purpose, sports facilities, bases, schools are being built, where young personnel are trained in sports science.

The joint efforts of the Olympic and Paralympic Committee carry out programs for the development of sports among the disabled. Athletes with disabilities participate successfully in international competitions.

There are centers for the sports adaptation of people with disabilities, whose main task is rehabilitation, strengthening the physical and mental health of people with disabilities.

To improve the physical education of young people, physical education is now taught three hours a week, this is the norm for all educational institutions. Schools, universities are equipped with playgrounds with a professional surface, sports fields, swimming pools.

Massive competitions are held between schoolchildren, gymnastics students, students, boarding schools.

In cities, sports fields, gyms, gyms are being built. Rural games are held in the countryside.

The propaganda of a healthy lifestyle is actively supported by television and the press.

A special place in the development of sports is given to the Sporting Russia organization. It unites people of different ages (children, adults, the elderly), calls to improve health, to improve physical condition. The Burevestnik student community promotes physical culture and sports among young people.

Sports competitions, international universities, championships are held.

In the Russian Federation, especially in recent years, world-class sports facilities appear, international competitions are held. There is a restoration and creation of new sports bases, where the teams prepare for the start.

And we, the public, actively empathize and encourage our athletes.

Ten of the most popular sports.

What is the most popular sport among Russians? As expected, football becomes the leader of the ranking!

Even though the national team is not playing at the highest level, fans continue to closely monitor the events. As for the youth team, it has achieved significant success in competitions.

Many young people actively participate in amateur football. Only a few go to professional soccer, although the country has all the conditions for the development of this sport: high salaries, experienced coaches, fields and stadiums.

The most popular sports in Russia
  1. Hockey

This is a very popular and successful sport among the Russians. Our team year after year occupies its deserved place among the leaders.

As in any other way, in hockey, to become a professional, you need to train for a long time under the guidance of a coach. The competitions are held between the youth teams, as a result of which the most talented athletes are selected for the national team. Often, the best hockey players are invited to play with foreign teams.

For the development of hockey in Russia, ice rinks and modern stadiums have been built.

The most popular sports in Russia

The collective release of the ball in the basket has a lot of fans around the world. This game has long acquired the status of an Olympic sport (in 1936).

Basketball is very popular among school children and students. As a result of long workouts, athletes become more resilient, agile and precise.

Basketball is among the five most popular world sports.

The most popular sports in Russia

This is a popular collective ball game. The main types of volleyball – classic and beach, both included in the list of Olympic sports.

An exciting game helps improve health and improve mood, develop coordination and the ability to jump.

The most popular sports in Russia

Spectacular view that demonstrates the art of skating. Athletes perform a complex coordination of rotating and jumping movements.

Separate singles, couples and dance shows. And at the Winter Olympics in Sochi-2014 he first introduced team competitions among artistic skaters.

The Russians, thanks to an experienced school, very often take the podium in this sport. However, figure skating is not as popular as before, but it is still at the top.

The queen of the sport combines running, jumping, walking, throwing. This Olympic form gathers the highest number of medals thanks to a large number of disciplines. In addition, it is also a very spectacular sport, which is only worth the relay in the race with the transfer of clubs.

Athletics is very popular among spectators and at the amateur level, among lovers of a healthy lifestyle. However, few treat it professionally.

This is a popular ski view, according to which the athlete must pass a certain distance along the obstacle course as quickly as possible. The basic ski styles are classic and free.

The popularity of ski racing is also explained by the peculiarities of Russia’s harsh climate, especially in the northern regions. Many Russians are engaged in skiing or cross-country skiing at the amateur level.

The most popular sports in Russia

In Russia, this martial art has become popular recently, although boxing has a long history. This contact sport is aimed at developing strength of will and fighting spirit not only in men, but also in women.

The most popular sports in Russia

This is an Olympic sport, which involves the rivalry of two (individual tennis) or several (double) players on the court. Most of the tennis is fond of the young population of the country.

In Russia, tennis received a special development in the 90s of the 20th century due to the unofficial status of the presidential form.

The most popular sports in Russia

Chess has not yet become part of the Olympic program, but it is a serious intellectual sport. A professional chess player must prepare carefully for tournaments, be patient, persistent and diligent.

The most popular sports in Russia

And there are some statistics: more than 25% of Russians have a negative attitude towards the sport of the highest achievements and believe that the state is in vain finances this area. Around 30% of the citizens practice sports every day.

Approximately 50% are fans or participate in amateur competitions.

In any case, sport has a great impact on the development of modern society. And the main thing is that physical activity gives us great joy in the process, fills us with energy, gives us strength for new achievements. If you have not practiced physical exercise today, why not do it now?

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