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The strangest phobias: amazing fears of famous people.

The strangest phobias: amazing fears of famous people.

The fact that each of us is afraid of something periodically, there is nothing strange and shameful. Fear is a defense mechanism.

The vast majority of people manage to overcome fears or live in peace with them. If fear torments a person, forces him to avoid relatively safe situations and objects, we can speak of a mental disorder, a phobia.

What are the stars afraid of?

Phobias, as a rule, overcome emotional and sensitive personalities, for example, representatives of creative professions. The most common fears of both celebrities and ordinary people are: fear of heights, planes, confined spaces and darkness.

The degree of discomfort that a person experiences in the presence of spiders, snakes, frogs, insects and dogs. For example, Catherine Zeta-Jones fears rats and Scarlett Johansson fears birds. Jessica Albu and Eminem can also be considered ornithophobes. Orlando Bloom is afraid of pigs.

Kristen Stewart overlooks the costly tenth horse after breaking her arm as a child and fell off her horse.

Lera Kudryavtseva and Madonna feel an almost primitive horror when they hear thunder. The water element scares Carmen Electra and Winona Ryder, and Bruce Willis feels the trembling of his knees to see the sea of ​​people.

Due to the fear of the crowd, Die Hard does not attend concerts and rock parties.

It is difficult to surprise anyone with the fears of diseases, doctors and the dead. Among doctors, the dentist inspires the greatest horror. Some people lose consciousness when they see blood, whether it is theirs or someone else’s. A phobia of dirt and germs suffers Cameron Dias.

Iron Arnie, the idol of bodybuilders around the world and the best terminator of all time, fears gunfire.

The strangest phobias: amazing fears of famous people.

There are strange phobias, very rare and funny. Here are the top 10 most unusual celebrity fears:

  • Xanthofophy, the fear of yellow color, beat Madonna during pregnancy. The singer dreamed that she was suffocating under a pile of bananas and lemons.
  • Chiklefobiya – fear of chewing gum. The entertainment star, leader of Opra Winfrey, suffers from fear of stimuli and orbits.
  • Papirofobiya: the fear of paper. Megan Fox, reading the script, always wet her fingers with water, because she is afraid of cutting herself.
  • The antiphobia is a fear of antiquities. Singer and actor Billy Bob Thornton once admitted that the old chairs had scared him.
  • Botanophobia – fear of plants. There are no flowers in Christina Ricci’s house because, in her opinion, they are very dirty.
  • Colerophobia Fear of clowns is a common fear that Pi Daddy, Daniel Redcliffe and Johnny Depp are familiar with.
  • Eisoptrofobiya. Each time, when Pamela Anderson looks in the mirror, she feels fear. And the point here is not at all in the reflection: there is such a phobia.
  • Heterophobia Fear of the opposite sex is attributed to Jodi Foster and Michael Jackson.
  • Haptophobia, the fear of strangers who touch, has developed in the golden voice of the United States, Frank Senatra, as a result of meetings with fans.
  • Electrophobia – the fear of electricity. Because of this phobia, John Travolta does not use the phone and Nicole Kidman does not pick up the iron.

Famous personalities famous for phobias.

Among the celebrities that are not in the TOP-10, there are those who deserve special attention. They are interesting because they do not have a strange phobia, but a complete list.

For example, Nikolai Gogol feared diseases (patobias) and women (calleginephobia) suffered constant depression. The writer’s greatest fear is to be buried alive.

Among the 10 best celebrities in the world of value for psychiatry, of course, would include Howard Hughes, film producer and aviator. Being a talented businessman, the American was able to raise a fortune of one billion dollars, but he did not overcome the fears of the children imposed by his mother. In this man, the passion for danger and risk is combined with a painful attitude towards cleanliness.

As a result, the phobias led Howard to a corner: he became a hermit, he stopped following, he lost interest in life.

The strangest phobias: amazing fears of famous people.

Angelina Jolie can be added to the list of the strangest actors. Spectacular beauty suffers from cancer, phobia: fear of getting cancer. The fears of the actress are not unfounded: her mother and her aunt died of oncology, and a medical examination showed a high probability of developing the disease.

To prevent cancer in 2013, Jolie’s mastectomy and in 2015 removed the ovaries.

Stephen King can also enter the most famous personalities of the present who suffer from phobias. The writer and screenwriter has a lot of fears.

The king of horror films fears death, illness and clowns. Sometimes, King is tormented by the obsessive fear of being overweight, an isophobia. How does the author live with so many phobias?

Throughout 69 years of life, he learned to stop them and now uses them as a source of inspiration.

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