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Therapeutic exercises for the back and spine: technique and recommendations.

Therapeutic exercises for the back and spine: technique and recommendations.

Health should always be monitored, especially the condition of the spine. After all, it is a support structure in the skeleton.

Only thanks to him, we can move the head and the whole body. Each vertebra has a connection with different parts of the body and organs, so it must always be in good shape.

For a good state of health every day and a sense of the taste of life, morning healing exercises are useful for the spine. This will help in the future to avoid problems and pain in the spinal region.

And any disease is better to prevent than to treat it for a long time and painfully.

Therapeutic exercises for the back and spine: technique and recommendations.

The benefits of morning exercise.

Unfortunately, not all people do morning exercises. And in vain.

She has many advantages, adjusts the body to the work mood and gives excellent health. Very useful for the back and all the organs. Physiotherapy is important for those who have some disease.

It is also a special way to strengthen the immune system.

And gymnastics is useful not only for teenagers, but also for adults. Morning exercises put the body on alert, wake up after sleep. And in the process of rest, all processes slow down, the heart and blood circulation slow down.

Since not all people are constantly physically active, the muscles become slow, stagnant, there is not enough oxygen in some organs.

And one of the most vulnerable places is the spine. Most spend their day at work in the office, on the machine or leading a sedentary lifestyle. Due to this, diseases of the back appear, mobility is lost, the tissues atrophy.

Spinal diseases occur more and more in young people, and even the slightest effort can cause serious injuries.

Positive aspects of load performance:

  • Exercises favor muscular discharge, chronic back pain disappears.
  • Gymnastics improves microcirculation.
  • This is an excellent preventive measure that prevents the appearance of various diseases of the spine.
  • The load gives energy and vigor throughout the day, helps to wake up as soon as possible. And if performed at night, relieve the feeling of fatigue and relieve the vertebrae of intense physical effort.

The most important rule is the regularity of execution. It is better to do gymnastics every day for fifteen minutes than two hours several times a week.

To quickly accustom the body to the classes, it is necessary to turn it into a habit. You can choose the most convenient time in the morning or at night, as it will prevent many diseases of the back. For those who are not in good health, fit for spinal gymnastics.

Physiotherapy is important for both children and adults. You can choose the exercises to your liking and perform them regularly.

The result will not take long, and the body will be grateful.

Therapeutic exercises for the back and spine: technique and recommendations.

Some rules of gymnastics for the spine.

For gymnastics was not useless, you must follow a series of rules. If not taken into account, physical therapy not only does not produce the desired effect, but it can also cause injuries.

The most important thing is regularity. If you exercise periodically, the load will not give the desired result or destabilize the work of the body as a whole.

Regular daily awakening guarantees vigor, getting rid of insomnia.

It must be remembered that medical gymnastics for the spine should not be training. The main objective is to take it to work.

There is no need to do more work every day. Here the essence is different.

For the exercises to be effective, the exercises must be varied. We need a complex that includes stretching, a variety of movements in rotation and inclination.

Each spinal region should also be involved. If you intensely train the lower back, for example, the problem in the cervix will not go away.

Therefore, attention must be paid to each part, to each vertebra.

And if in the morning it is difficult to wake up and start doing something, you can do some exercises while lying in bed. The movement should not be fast and sharp. Everything must be done slowly, especially if there are diseases of the back.

Therapeutic gymnastics will improve health and physical education has not affected anyone. But if there is pain or discomfort, the exercise should stop.

You can continue acting when the pain syndrome disappears. You need to listen to yourself.

A little warm up

Always warm up before the main exercises. This will help to increase the volume of oxygen, which will allow you to not feel pain when practicing.

Enough to do about four exercises:

  • Stand up and straighten your back. Then, raise your arms and stretch, then lower them and relax the muscles in your back
  • The legs are spread across the shoulders and the hands are down on the belt. Take a deep breath and withdraw your arms. On the exhalation, return to the initial position.
  • gets up on the socks
  • Walking with high knees in place.

Therapeutic exercises for the back and spine: technique and recommendations.

Exercises for the spine and back.

There are different types of exercises. There are many of them for each department.

  • Tracks. You can choose the most convenient option for you. They can be done standing, without bending the knees and reaching the floor with their hands, or sitting, also without bending the legs and touching the feet.
  • Rotations These exercises help prevent stuck back processes. It is important to involve all departments, making turns, such as the torso and the head.
  • Smack Can be made in different directions. It is good to hang on the horizontal bar and swing. Such exercises will help to get rid of various diseases, such as scoliosis.
  • Somersaults Will be adapted to those who are prepared.
  • Stretching There are different types of exercises. For example, a cat. The legs are separated shoulder-width apart, and the arms are lowered along the body. It must be done to incline, join the knees with the hands and then raise the back without moving the arms. It is necessary to bend your back like a cat.

For each department it has its own set of exercises. If there is any disease, you should consult with your doctor and choose an individual course.

Physical therapy will help you feel much better and stronger. A daily exercise for the spine is a guarantee of health and internal harmony in the body.

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