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Tibetan hormonal gymnastics: a set of exercises.

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics: a set of exercises.

A healthy body helps people to lead a full life, to make a career, to raise children. Now the unfavorable ecological atmosphere, the pollution of the environment in the cities of a lot of cars on the roads leads to sad consequences for humanity.

Since young people hardly boast of having excellent health, they reveal pathologies that only a few decades ago were present in the elderly. The shelves of pharmacies are full of all kinds of medicines and, often, new health problems arise from their entrance.

Disorders associated with the use of synthesized medications most often lead many people to think about alternative methods of treatment. Gymnastics with Tibetan hormones will help people with disabilities deal with them carefully and effectively.

The adherents of Oriental medicine claim that it has no contraindications, and the miraculous effect in the body helps to cope with the disease in just a few minutes after sleeping.

A little about the history of origin.

For the first time, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, which is very popular, was informed about this method more than 30 years ago. Readers learned that in the Tibetan mountains, Soviet power engineers built a power plant.

The monks of the monastery, located not far from the construction site, asked the specialists to draw an electric line to their monastery.

After the ancient monastery was illuminated with light, in gratitude, its inhabitants discovered some secrets of longevity, which must devote a few minutes of time to maintain health.

Having become interested in the method of energy impact in the organism, one of the workers of that brigade, upon returning home, began to stubbornly follow everything the monks taught. Making sure that the method really allows him to maintain excellent health for many years, he shared his secrets with the correspondents, told them that his gray hair had regained its natural color, until old age he did not complain about health, he always felt great, had excellent vision

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics: a set of exercises.

For the first time, Tibetan hormonal gymnastics was made known to a wide range of people after a traditional healer experienced this method. Olga Orlova got rid of the chronic diseases that plagued her for a long time.

The hormonal disorders of the body disappeared and, in this context, began to feel good.

What is the meaning of the Tibetan method?

A simple morning gym consists of a series of simple exercises that can work in certain points that help to launch internal mechanisms. Buddhist monks argue that exposure to them helps strengthen the aura of human energy, improves hormones, which in turn has a beneficial effect on the work of all internal organs.

People who have experienced this method have noticed its rejuvenating effect, even though the procedure lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.

The exercises take very little time, they are simple, so they can be done by anyone who wants to, regardless of their physical resistance or poor health.

By following some rules, everyone can get amazing results.

First condition

Performing hormonal exercises in the morning. A beneficial effect on a person when an energy procedure is performed is explained between 6 and 8 hours.

We must remember that the improvement in health is observed only after some time. In some cases, relief occurs after 2 to 3 months with active work in a few minutes, since the development of the disease began recently, others will need more than a year of systematic training if the chronic form lasts a long time.

Second condition

The exacerbations, the discomforts that have arisen at the beginning of the classes should not scare. In the execution process, the body tries to react, begins to fight and, consequently, develops a greater resistance, therefore, an unimportant state of health is only present at the beginning.

Once this barrier is overcome, a person will notice that additional studies do not cause a deterioration of health, but, on the contrary, improve it gradually.

Third condition

Tibetan gymnastics is done with strict adherence to the sequence of exercises. This is done for faster results and maximum effect.

Fourth condition

Tibetan monks argue that bad habits can cause other problems to appear, so smoking and drinking refer to important contraindications in the process of recreational gymnastics.

Fifth condition

The Buddhist theory of gymnastics in bed says that the exercises should not be interrupted for a single day. The energy balance is interrupted quickly by a sudden interruption of several days.

Perhaps the two-day downtime will not play a special role, but if it stops for a prolonged period and then resumes, the expected effect may not be achieved.

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics: a set of exercises.

Sixth condition

A special and important point for lying exercises is the precision in the performance of the movements of the body, proper breathing and the bed should not be a real feather bed. It is better to move for a few minutes on a hard surface.

Seventh condition

The importance of what people do, because Tibetan gymnastics is the invisible consistency of body and soul, and when a person believes in what he does with pleasure and that exercise will benefit him, the significant results will ensure health and mental strength

Indications for the welfare of the complex.

The gymnastics in the bed helps in many cases to solve health problems in the 15 minutes that take place every morning, but the best results can be achieved with infractions:

  • nervous system
  • hear
  • of sight
  • sleep
  • GI Work
  • position

Each person, carefully performing the exercises in the correct sequence, will notice the disappearance of other ailments.


Any complex of wellness exercises should be treated with caution and listen to the opinion of the professionals. Tibetan hormonal gymnastics is undesirable in the following situations:

  • heart pain during the exacerbation
  • acute gastric ulcer
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Rehabilitation period after surgery
  • hypertensive crisis
  • violation of the vertebral system
  • Exacerbations of arthritis, osteoarthritis.

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics: a set of exercises.

Anyone who has decided to do exercises in bed, should remember that the relapse of any disease is a contraindication for its implementation.

If you have chronic diseases, it is best to consult with your doctor, and only after your recommendations to continue with the implementation.

Health gymnastics

All exercises are done lying on your back early in the morning.

First, warm the palms of the hands with the directional fingers towards the chin. Rub them around 6 to 10 times.

With a good biofield condition, the hands remain dry and warm. In the event that the palms remain cold and wet, this indicates heart disease.

In any way, keep doing gymnastics.

Exercise 1 – to improve vision.

The preheated palms are applied to the eyes, every second, with a gentle pressure, they make movements 30 times, placing their hands on the closed eyelids. The low vision will gradually improve, if after the main movements, the pressed hands hold for some time.

Exercise 2 – to improve hearing.

The palms are placed on the ears, pressed 30 times without tearing. Tighten the tension for the convenience of those selected personally.

Such an exercise facilitates relief, the elimination not only of inflammatory processes, but also significantly improves hearing.

Exercises 3 – for facial elasticity

The hands are placed in front of the face, the palms of the hands are pressed in the fists and the thumbs are released. Apply on the ears. In this position, move the cuffs 30 times to the sides along the chin and then back off.

By massaging the contours of the face, you tighten your muscles. In addition, the thumbs involuntarily massage the area of ​​the atria, which helps improve hearing.

Exercise 4 – for the maxillary sinuses

The palm of the right hand is placed on the forehead and the left palm is placed on the upper part. For 30 seconds Move them 30 times from one temporary zone to another.

The movements will help to soften the frontal wrinkles. It is not surprising that gymnastics has that name: the warmth of the hands transmits a powerful message of energy.

Exercise 5 – to stimulate blood circulation in the brain.

The hands are placed in a small space, whose distance should not exceed 5 cm above the head. At the beginning, the right, above, the left palm.

The movements in the form of an arc are made from the frontal zone to the crown, then backwards.

Exercise 6 – to strengthen the muscle mass of the hands.

The initial position of the hands is taken the same as in the previous exercise. The movements consisting of 30 cycles are performed in the direction from the left atrium to the other ear.

Such manipulations help to gently tone the muscles, to tighten the skin of the shoulder area.

Exercise 7 – to improve the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Imposing on the area of ​​the thyroid gland of the right hand, in contact with it. The left palm makes movements from the thyroid to the place where the navel is and then back.

In the last cycle (30), the palms are exchanged, both are pressed against the body and are lowered to the stomach.

Exercise 8 – to improve the work of the stomach.

The right hand is placed along the abdomen, the left palm is placed at the top. Move them to the right, pressing lightly the palms.

Such exercise not only positively affects the gastric system, but also normalizes the stool.

Exercise 9 – to stimulate blood circulation in the arms, legs.

Raise your arms, your feet stay in place. At the same time, perform rotational movements with your hands, feet to the right and then backwards. After that they make you tremble.

These manipulations can be carried out separately: first, hands, then legs, or vice versa.

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics: a set of exercises.

Final procedures

After the sessions, sitting on the floor, rubbing the feet, after having been lubricated with olive oil to soften. Further extend the rubbing area at the level of the knees. Then – on the hips.

The movement of the hands necessarily makes up. The stimulation of the feet activates numerous points located on them, which contributes to the stabilization of the work of almost all the organs.

Then knees are massaged with circular movements.

Experts in the field of official medicine say that Tibetan gymnastics helps achieve a high level of remission in many incurable diseases.

Of course, doctors warn patients against the uncontrolled use of unconventional methods, since the acute phase of any disease requires urgent medical intervention. According to the professionals, gymnastics with Tibetan hormones in some cases is performed in a light version.

For many doctors, gymnastics in bed is still considered a waste of time in severe forms of illness, although they do not present any contraindication to the exercise of relatively healthy people.

On the contrary, there has not yet been a single negative comment from people about Tibetan gymnastics, on the contrary, there are numerous enthusiasm and images of people who have rejuvenated or lost their hair often found in many network resources . The benefit of self-massage of active points will not be denied by any sensible doctor, although it may warn in special cases.

The health of each person is in their own hands, the rejection of bad habits, Tibetan gymnastics will help to improve life. To overcome laziness, to bring out the will at the beginning of classes to achieve the desired results, it means to gain longevity and health for many years!

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