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Training program: floor flexes at home and in the gym.

Training program: floor flexes at home and in the gym.

Push-ups: this type of exercise is known to everyone from school age. Not in vain, the push-ups are included in the compulsory program, since they are the basis in the physical development of man. Thanks to the push-ups, it is now possible to develop muscle mass, create an ideal shape for the body, and for this it is not necessary to go to the gym.

To achieve results at home is not at all difficult, just have the desire and follow a training program, and then you will succeed.

The main components of the classes.

There are different types of push-ups, which may differ in complexity and are intended for people with different physical training. But any type of exercise allows you to use all muscle groups, which is quite effective.

It should start with a simple, gradually increasing complexity and rhythm. You should never exaggerate the body and make it do more than normal.

Even with small loads, the muscles work well and the result is immediate.

The training program, which consists of push-ups, has its advantages. This, first, saves time and simplifies the training process.

Since the exercises are designed for the home, everyone chooses a convenient schedule, which allows you to adjust the schedule. These exercises will help not only to keep the body in shape, but also to increase muscle mass.

Of course, the benefits are in burning extra calories, improving health, energy and health.

The first rule, which should not be forgotten: each session should start with a warm-up. It is necessary to prepare the body, for this, while we are standing, we make sweeping movements with our hands.

The movement may be arbitrary, as appropriate. Also turn the body, you can make lateral curves.

You can run in the act, do not get tired at the same time.

Rule two. Mandatory restrictions of the body and muscles.

Reinforced training is not necessary, since the result does not depend on it. Three days a week is enough, this will be the way to achieve maximum results.

Between workouts, you should take a break for a day, so that there is not a strong load on the body. Since the training consists of approaches, the rest interval between them should be about one minute, and can be increased if necessary.

Training program: floor flexes at home and in the gym.

Rule three. Convenience when training. The push-ups are designed for people with different physical training, for both men and women.

Therefore, you must choose the most convenient method of push-ups. They can be push-ups from an elevation or from the floor, but from the knees.

Little by little, you can move on to the usual push-ups on the floor.

The exercise program itself consists of three stages. The first thing is to learn, the second is to get used to it, the third is to develop.

Of course, the first stage is to get used to the training and the regime itself. In the second, you can control all the processes and feel your muscles.

The third stage allows you to work on your body on purpose, achieving incredible success.

Training mode

Scheduled training program per day. The first 12 workouts will consist of five approaches, in each approach a certain number of push-ups.

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