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Twine exercises, basic recommendations.

Twine exercises, basic recommendations.

Many people want to have a flexible body and want to learn to sit in the divisions. We are so fascinated and fascinated by the grace and lightness in the movements of dancers and gymnasts. However, such a plastic can have anyone, if you want!

Someone has innate flexibility, and someone gets it through proper training, it’s worth a little bit for beginners, and everything will be fine!

Remember, each one has a different body and genetic structure. To have a good stretch at 20, 30 or 40, it is only necessary to develop the elasticity of the ligaments, muscles and joints with regular exercises.

You can master the string at home, do your own stretching, have studied video tutorials on the Internet or under the supervision of an experienced trainer who will help you choose the right level of load for you, according to your level of training. To obtain the desired result, you must choose a set of appropriate exercises and perform them regularly, doing 30 minutes a day.

Do not try to get results quickly, especially at home, you should pay special attention to caution, do stretching only every week, to slightly increase the load. The ability to sit on a rope, both in childhood and at a more mature age, is an indicator of the health of all parts of the spine, as well as the joints.

Types of cord

The twine is subdivided into longitudinal, transversal, sinking, vertical and twine in the hand.

One of the easiest types of this athletics is longitudinal. Such vision implies a turn of the body towards the right or left foot.

When doing so, the same muscle groups are used as when walking. Therefore, wishing to sit down quickly in the divisions at home, it is preferable to choose a longitudinal version.

To sit at home with a rope of this type, you must pay enough attention to stretch the inner surface of the thigh, the back of the thigh and the lower part of the back.

Twine exercises, basic recommendations.

The longitudinal divisions are subdivided into two subspecies: when the right leg is forward, when the left leg is forward. It is necessary to stretch both legs without differences, because mastering a type of longitudinal line does not guarantee that we can do the second.

It is much more interesting to cross-divide and, at the same time, the health benefits are much more. By doing this, the legs separate and the body looks forward.

The exercises that are used to stretch in this type of string use those muscles that are used much less frequently. Therefore, a special training complex is selected to work these muscle groups more thoroughly.

The tightrope (also called negative) can be quickly mastered only after longitudinal training has been completed. When done, one leg is in a horizontal plane and the second is raised on the floor, with an angle of more than 180 degrees between the legs.

Of course, to master this type of string, it is necessary to have a good preparation and flexibility.

The vertical rope is a position in which one foot is on the ground and the other is raised so that both legs form an angle of 180 degrees or more between them. This view, together with the rope in the handstand, are the most beautiful in performance and at the same time the most spectacular.

At home, you can master all kinds of strings, the main thing is to set a goal and not forget to exercise regularly, trying not to miss a single day in a week.

Effective exercises to stretch the leg.

To be able to quickly sit in the divisions at home, you must perform a series of special exercises to stretch. If you do everything on time, the result will be noticed in the second week.

The training program, designed to master one of the types of cords in the home, will consist of several steps:

  1. Warm up before the start of classes, exercises aimed at heating the muscles and ligaments of the legs.
  2. Direct stretching exercises in themselves.
  3. Hitch

Warming up should be done before the start of training, so that the muscles and ligaments stretch better and the risk of injury is minimized. You can warm up your muscles in two ways: soak in a warm bath for a few minutes if you are at home, or perform some simple intensive exercises (jogging, jumping ropes, squats, leg exercises). You can also put your muscles on alert with the help of an intense rubbing of the legs.

Do not try to heat quickly. It should take about 10-15 minutes.

You will definitely feel when the body is ready to start exercising.

Twine exercises, basic recommendations.

Second stage

The next step will be the implementation of a set of exercises for the divisions. It is important to remember that you should not load a body without preparation with all the exercises at once, and present them gradually every week.

So, what exercises should you do?

  1. The main exercise included in this complex are the legs of kihi. It must be done every week from the first day of class. To do this, it is necessary to transfer the body weight in one leg and in the other to lift as high as the physical training allows. When performing this exercise, you must keep your back straight, your legs do not bend at your knees. Then transfer the weight to the other leg and repeat the exercise.
  2. Butterfly exercise is used to more effectively develop the elasticity of the muscles of the inner surface of the thigh. Sitting on the floor, you should bend your legs on your knees, joining your feet at the same time, while placing your heels at a distance as close as possible to the body. Helping the hands, try to touch the floor with the knees.
  3. Squats on one leg when one leg is bent at the knee and in front, and the other is stretched from behind. From this state, sit as deep as you can.
  4. Sitting on the floor, spread your legs as far as possible, lean forward, put your hands or feet together, and while you continue to lean, try to touch the floor with your chest.
  5. From a standing position, place one foot on any surface that is at the level of the band and bend as far as possible to the floor.
  6. Lying on the floor, lift your legs vertically and slowly move them apart, continue pushing them to the sides so that they do not bend at the knee joints.
  7. Sit on the floor and bend one leg, bringing it closer to the inside of the thigh. Lean toward the other extended leg, joining the foot.
  8. From a standing position, with your legs apart, you should try, keeping your back straight, touching the ground with your hands.
  9. Sitting on the rug, straighten your legs in front of you and lean forward, trying to recline on your belly.
  10. Relying on bent arms and legs, try to push the pelvis down so that the legs diverge in opposite directions to each other. At the lowest point to block.

Many are interested in knowing if it is possible to sit in the divisions at home for a week. Yes, it is possible to master this position quickly within a week, but for this you need to have enough training.

The beginner’s twine will require a little more time: from about a couple of months to a year to get the desired result. It’s simple: you need to trust your skills!

With each new week, it will improve and improve! Those who dominate the divisions, will feel many positive moments of this skill, both for health and for external appeal!

Twine exercises, basic recommendations.

The use of the twine

Twine develops flexibility and freedom in the movement of the joints, which leads to the elegance and plasticity of the movements and an easy and beautiful way of walking. It has a stimulating effect on the work of internal organs, as well as muscles and ligaments, is a good tool for the prevention of diseases of the urogenital system, relieves tension in the muscles of the pelvis caused by sedentary work and also helps to strengthen them.

Surprisingly, the divisions are also recommended to dominate in the presence of varicose veins because regular exercises in the muscles of the legs improve blood circulation, the vessels become more elastic. And you can not even talk about the beauty of the legs and the desired press, which will be a nice advantage for everything else!

Make sure the divisions develop very quickly, although the training will last more than a week. But the result no doubt please!

Start today by doing the best exercises to stretch your legs, selected in this article especially for you! Not only the result, but also the training process itself, it’s very fun!

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