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Twisting in the press: the recommendations of a professional trainer

Twisting in the press: the recommendations of a professional trainer

Do you want to be proud of the cubes in your stomach? Then the torsion exercises will work better for you. All varieties of this training have an isolated effect on the abdominal muscles.

Once the turn in a press is included in the training program, you will feel how your muscles burn already in the third approach.

What muscles train by twisting

In the turning process, all sections of the press are pumped, however, their different sections are subject to a load of different strength. Depending on the technique, the athlete is working on different muscles with the necessary intensity.

In order for the development of all muscles to be carried out uniformly, it is necessary to adopt a comprehensive approach to develop a training plan.

Using several types of torsion, you can perform the isolated study of the oblique, direct and transverse muscles of the press. Some exercises involve the hips, arms, shoulders.

However, this is a side effect: with torsion, the main load falls on the abdominal muscles.

Twisted: performance technique.

Turning in the press gave the maximum result, and you did not waste energy in vain, you must strictly follow the execution technique. The implementation of high quality training reduces the risk of injury several times.

If you do not follow these rules, an unplanned break in the training can easily be provided.

Twisting in the press: the recommendations of a professional trainer

Assuming a prone position on the floor, firmly press the lower back to the surface. Bend the knees so that the lower part of the leg and the thigh form a right angle.

The hands can be folded in front, folded on the back of your head or simply pulled in front of you. Begin to lift your torso and you will feel how the abdominal muscles are tense.

In the process of doing the exercise, the spine should be immobile, only pulling the scapula off the floor. It is not necessary to try to keep the body straight, around the back, but the chin should look forward.

The feet are also static, during the execution it is not convenient to place them in the support. In the upper position, it remains for a few seconds. At the lowest point of the muscles remain in tension.

Adhere to the following breathing algorithm: lift, exhale, lower, inhale.

Straight turns allow you to work the rectus muscle. Multiple approaches will significantly increase endurance and strengthen the muscular corset.

This torsion in the press is best done while lying on the bench, but the positive effect is achieved when practiced on the floor. The legs are bent at the knees and slightly raised, the legs are parallel to the floor.

Hands can be reduced behind the head or blocked at the edges of the bench. By squeezing the muscles as much as possible, we begin to attract the legs at chest level. When you reach the extreme point, the pelvis should rise slightly.

Pause briefly and lower your legs. It is important to remember that torsion is performed only by the abdominal muscles, and not by inertia.

It is not necessary to bend the legs, since the muscles of the thighs will be subject to tension.

Lie on the floor and bend your legs, place your knees to the left of the body. At the same time, the right hand should be thrown behind the head. Then, while exhaling, stretching the oblique muscles, try to reach the knee with the elbow.

At the maximum voltage, hold for a second literally and take your initial position. When performing these movements, you will exercise qualitatively the muscles of the right side, to exercise the left you need to perform the same movements, only in the order of the mirror.


In the prone position, press the waist firmly against the floor and bend the knees. The same position can be taken with a bench, with your feet on it. The right arm is used behind the head, while the left hand extends along the body and, if necessary, helps maintain balance.

Pulling the shoulder off the floor, try to place an elbow on the knee. Repeat this operation sequentially with each hand.

That’s right: tense the muscles on the exhale and, when inhaled, return to the initial position.

Twisting in the press: the recommendations of a professional trainer

The initial position is the same as in the previous case, however, the feet rest on the floor. The hands are on the back of the head, but do not put your fingers in the lock or twist them.

Exhale, pull the pelvis and chest toward each other. At the point of maximum tension, try to stop, then return to the starting position.

When performing the exercise, do not pull the head towards the knee and do not press the neck with the hands the probability of injuries in the vulnerable cervical region is very high. The lifting should be done only by the abdominal muscles.

Twisted: use

It is difficult to question the usefulness of exercises such as torsion. The regular implementation of this complex will allow you to achieve surprising results in a short time.

The main rule – strict compliance with technology.

Due to the powerful effect in all areas of the torso, not only pump the lumbar and spinal regions, but also the abdominal muscles.

The turns stimulate the blood flow to the deep muscle layers, the fascia and the spine itself, which accelerates the supply of nutrients to preserve your youth and health. The twisting will give strength to all the tissues of the body and will prepare it for significant loads.

The muscular corset in the abdomen is not only beautiful, but its main objective is to protect the internal organs against damage.


Taking into account all the advantages of torsion, we must not forget that its implementation is not shown at all. So, how to twist, so as not to hurt yourself?

It is worth noting people with problems with the cardiovascular system, the kidneys and the respiratory system. In the acute period of rheumatism, gastritis and diseases of the gall bladder, the occupations that tense the abdominal region are contraindicated.

Faster, higher, stronger

Making turns, you get tremendous benefits not only for the muscles, but for the whole body. Beginners athletes before going to the gym or the first attempts to perform the complex at home should understand if this training is suitable for them.

If you suffer from chronic illnesses, such a praiseworthy desire to achieve excellent fitness can have disastrous consequences.

Do not forget that a beautiful body is a harmonious body. Therefore, to achieve the ideal figure it is not enough to make only straight turns.

Harmonious development is available when all the muscles of the body are exercised.

All exercises should be done correctly: slowly and without jerking, while muscle tension should occur not only when lifting the body, but also consciously. Only this approach will allow you to become the owner of an inflated press.

Twisting in the press: the recommendations of a professional trainer


For the training to have the most beneficial effect, direct your attention to the following tips:

  • It is better to carry out any press exercise in the final stage of the training process. If you want to work on a complex belly, remove it.
  • in the lower position do not lie on the floor. Keep a small amplitude, so the load will be continuous and maximum.
  • hold the chin parallel to the floor when performing it pressing against the chest is unacceptable. To verify the correct position of the head, verify the distance from the chest to the chin by placing a tight hand between them
  • If excessive neck tension is felt during training, stop, do some warm-up exercises and continue with the complex.
  • The torsion process must be carried out until it stops, that is, if you lift the body and feel the maximum compression of the muscles, then you did everything correctly.

And, of course, do not neglect the training in stretching the muscles. This will make your muscles more elastic and free from painful sensations during the rest period.

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