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Types of male body: advantages and differences.

Types of male body: advantages and differences.

The constitution of a man is an important issue. He has been disturbing humanity since ancient times.

Not in vain were public figures and ancient gods in statues represented with magnificent and powerful bodies that even modern bodybuilders would envy. Look at the making of many statues! Even the smallest and apparently unimportant details are traced.

That’s how important the appearance and body of a man was in those days. If we talk about modernity, we must bear in mind that the beginning of sports and physical education in the 20th century was not in vain, and that athletic appearance was associated with one of the compulsory factors of a successful person. Now, almost all visitors to gyms strive in one way or another to achieve the ideal.

However, you should always take into account the individual characteristics of each person. Actually, we will talk about the characteristics that are indicated below.

We begin first with a discussion of the question of why it is important to know your body structure type. Of course, the somatotype is based on genetics and determines how easy it will be for you to gain muscle mass and burn fat.

The fact is that if you decide to link your life with bodybuilding, then be prepared to adjust your training and nutrition plan specifically for your body, including body type.

You may have to slow down artificially or, conversely, speed up your metabolism. Prepare to face certain difficulties in your path and show patience and willingness sometimes if you want to succeed.

But this taste of victory will only be sweeter, is not it?

Varieties of types of addition.

What are the body types of the strongest sex? What is the difference between these species? Which of them speaks of the greater predisposition of a person to bodybuilding?

What can an athlete who knows his physique do? How can you use your advantage in the form of a particular body type in sports?

Types of male body: advantages and differences.

The types of male sport are the following: ectomorph (prone to thinness), mesomorph (athletic), endomorphic (prone to fullness). All athletes, without exception, it is important to know their body type.

As shown by the world practice of bodybuilding, under the condition of a persistent work of several years, a representative of any of these body types can achieve success in bodybuilding. But, of course, mesomorphs have a significant advantage over all, in fact, they are more bodybuilders.

By the way, the world famous Arnold Schwarzenegger was a mesomorph.

  1. Ectomorphs They are distinguished by a low level of fat layer and a rather thin appearance. These people will be the most difficult to gain impressive muscle mass. You have to try very, very hard. To achieve great heights in bodybuilding, they will have to make only one titanic effort. For ectomorphs characterized by a fairly fast metabolism. They can eat a lot and many times without getting fat. This will leave a definitive imprint on the nature of training and nutrition. But while they have an undeniable advantage. Unlike mesomorphs and especially endomorphs, ectomorphs will look much more prominent. This is their main advantage, since they can use their body type to the fullest. Among famous bodybuilders, ectomorphs included such famous personalities as Frank Zane, Flex Wheeler.
  2. Mesomorphs They represent something between ectomorphs and endomorphs. This type of body is considered the most advantageous for most sports. It is believed that mesomorphs are capable of reaching the greatest heights in bodybuilding. They will be almost as comfortable as gaining muscle mass and will dry out. They will not have a particular training phase, particularly difficult. It is among the most famous and successful bodybuilders mesomorphs. Among the famous bodybuilders, messengers like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, George Clooney, Bruce Willis, Andre Agassi, Mark Wahlberg belong to the mesomorphs. Among women, mesomorphs include individuals such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Tina Turner, Jerry Hall, Jennifer Garner, Angela Bassett, Gabriel Reese, Anna Kournikova, Madonna, Yasmine Le Bon, Gloria Estefan, Halle Berry.
  3. Endomorphs They have the largest fat layer of the three main body types. Unlike ectomorphs, it is fairly easy to gain muscle mass. It has a slower metabolism. It will be difficult for them to dry up qualitatively enough to obtain a competitive form. But if you face this task, you can fully perform as bodybuilders at the expense of good skills to gain muscle mass. This is their main advantage, they can use their body type to the fullest. Among famous bodybuilders, endomorphs include such famous personalities as Jay Cutler, Marcus Rühl. It is believed that endomorphs will have the most difficult sports field. Rather, they can perform well in more powerful sports, such as weightlifting or extreme sports.

Types of male body: advantages and differences.

Determining the type of physique can, as a rule, by the presence of a certain percentage of body fat in the human body and by observing its metabolism. Endomorphs produce a fairly large layer of fat, while ectomorphs almost always have pretty good relief.

Mesomorphs may seem an intermediate option between these two body types. As a rule, they are easily betrayed by a fairly dense body, but at the same time not solid.

The former gain weight very easily, while the latter, on the other hand, experience tremendous difficulties.

The ectomorphs have thin bones in the wrists (17 cm) and the endomorphs have wide bones (more than 20 cm). The circumference of the wrist is maintained regardless of accumulated fat or muscle mass without changes.

But most people combine the characteristics of various types.

It is a bit about the characteristics of the construction of the training process for ectomorphs and endomorphs. It is believed that it is first necessary to work with heavier weights and in greater volume to promote the appearance of adaptation processes in the muscles, to create stress for them and an opportunity for greater growth.

And the latter need to train more intensively, with an emphasis on the number of repetitions and the overall intensity of the training work. How can you look for both cases?

An ectomorph can perform five to six sets of basic exercises of 8 to 12 repetitions each, and an endomorph can take three to four sets of basic exercises of 15 to 20 repetitions each.

We wish readers sporting success! The most important thing: commit yourself to your goal and to yourself. Embody your dreams and ideals through sports!

Do not forget about proper nutrition and compliance. Try to progress gradually, without unnecessary and unreasonable leaps. It’s better to go slower than to run like a train and gain unnecessary injuries because of your own stupidity.

And then, no matter how much time passes, you will certainly achieve the desired result. Be patient, because Moscow is not built in a month either!

Health for you and your loved ones!

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