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Walking: the essence of technology, the advantages and disadvantages.

Walking: the essence of technology, the advantages and disadvantages.

Walking allows you to effectively and safely create an aerobic load throughout the body. In order to develop the body, many people practice walking sport with great success.

This type of aerobic exercise is designed to strengthen muscles and burn calories. Unlike running, walking is less traumatic.

What is the essence of walking sport?

Answering the question of what walking is is very important, because most average people think that this is slow running or walking fast. However, to achieve the desired effect, this training must be carried out with strict observance of the technique.

The first thing you must master in this sport, like walking, is the technique of putting your legs. It is necessary to make sure that during the movement of the foot always touch the surface of the ground with the whole plane.

In the normal gait, to accelerate, we generally lengthen the pace, but here we must increase the speed of the movements to accelerate. That is, no matter how fast it moves, it still goes and does not run. An unprepared athlete can walk at a speed of 5 to 9 km / h.

During this type of training, you will not feel an acute lack of oxygen, as is the case of the execution, so the duration of such loads can be much longer.

Calories and walk

The amount of calories burned while walking depends on the intensity of the training. This means that the faster and faster you move your legs and arms, the faster you lose weight. In addition, the energy consumption depends on the weight of the athlete, because to move a massive body more calories will be needed.

To understand the amount of extra calories you will eliminate, you can take the average as a reference: for a person weighing 70 kg, the consumption is 440 Kcal per hour when driving at a speed of 9 km / h. That is, you get the same load, as if you were running at a low pace.

Walking: the essence of technology, the advantages and disadvantages.

To increase the load, a route should be developed where there is mountainous terrain. The sandy surface will also force you to move more.

Experts recommend increasing the effect of increasing the duration of training, and not its intensity.

The benefits of walking.

Scientists have long shown that any type of athletic activity at least several times a week can have an incredible effect on the body. The same applies to the sport for walking: besides strengthening the muscular corset, you train your lungs and heart and increase the elasticity of the ligaments. Training regardless of weather conditions, you will forget colds, as your immunity will become an insurmountable barrier to any virus.

By getting rid of excess weight, it reduces the burden on the heart and blood vessels, reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction by 30%.

To practice the march you do not need special conditions and equipment. You can train at any time and anywhere.

You will not need additional expenses, in addition to buying comfortable clothes and shoes, you will not spend a penny more. Walking is shown to everyone, regardless of age.

During cross-country practice, the foot touches the ground, which can cause problems with the joints. When walking the shock load is less than 2 times.

Also, during these walks, you will improve your psychological state. Enjoy nature, think about the good and at the same time obtain incredible health benefits.

Disadvantages of walking

Like other types of aerobic exercise, walking has its own contraindications. First, they should pay attention to people who have diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Since during the sports walk (even at the slowest pace), there is an increase in heart rate, this can negatively affect the course of certain diseases.

The disadvantages of this sport include the difficulty of selecting a safe site. In addition, weather conditions complicate the training process, especially for ice, when there is a high risk of injury.

If the sports walk seems too boring and monotonous for you, then you can carry out the training as a couple, attracting friends or family members to a healthy lifestyle. Have fun with your favorite music.

Girls who spend most of their time wearing high-heeled shoes may feel pain and tension in their calves and ankles when they come down. In this case, do a good warm-up or do a little foot massage.

Who should pay attention to this type of sports charges? Definitely all!

People with any level of physical condition, of any gender and age can enjoy pleasure walks. If you have any illness, consult your doctor before starting the training.

Walking: the essence of technology, the advantages and disadvantages.

How to learn to walk

To learn to walk correctly, it is not necessary to contact professional trainers. You can do it yourself, after having studied the nuances of books or articles online.

But do not make illusions, because the technique of walking is not as simple as it seems. To benefit the body, it is worth exploring the basics of the walking technique and strictly following the recommendations during training.

The main feature is the position of the main and secondary legs during movement. The support extremity must remain straight during the entire period of the minor’s transfer, until it touches the ground. The position plays an important role.

Try as much as possible to straighten the torso, without feeling the tension. All movements are performed by moving the hips, which must be done in a uniform manner.


If you have a chronic illness, you can take classes as a couple or train with an instructor.

How to walk to obtain health benefits? Even walking, which seems to be an ordinary walk for many, should start with a warm-up.

To prepare the muscles for a long load, perform several exercises to stretch the legs and body. The usual inclinations forward and sideways will serve. You can heat the body by jumping on the rope.

After finishing the training, wait until the pulse rate reaches a normal rhythm and repeat the warm-up exercises.

If you decide to do a workout away from residential areas or near the road, choose bright clothes equipped with reflective elements. This will protect you from inattentive drivers in the evening and with fog.

Walking: the essence of technology, the advantages and disadvantages.

What to wear to practice outside.

During workouts on the street, you should pay attention to the weather and dress accordingly. The same requirement has and walking, and how to dress properly, an important issue.

The first rule to walk is to dress according to the weather minus a coat. In summer it is a shirt and shorts, in winter it is a light sports jacket.

It is advisable to give preference to breathable materials such as wool and cotton. In sports stores you can find special synthetic clothing that absorbs sweat well, lets air pass and does not adhere to the body. In the cold season, try to use several layers of clothes.

Therefore, if it is heated during your training, you can easily get rid of a layer and avoid overheating.

Special attention must be paid to the choice of shoes. It should fit snugly to the leg, not to press or hang. It is advisable to choose a model with a high stiff heel, which will act as additional support and protect the foot from sprains.

The rubber sole is perfect for walking. In summer shoes, will play the role of a shock absorber, in winter will provide a good grip on the ground.

The upper part of the shoe should also allow air circulation, and in difficult climatic conditions, protect from cold and moisture.

In the training process it is useful to use a pedometer. With it, you can control the speed of movement, receive accurate information about the distance traveled.

But keep in mind that the device provides accurate data only when it moves on a flat surface.

If your workouts are in places with hills and lowlands, then the data presented will have errors.

Often, walkers use ski poles or Scandinavians as support. They force the upper body to work more, they give it an additional weight because they burn more calories. As weights, increasing the load, you can also use special pads on the legs, jackets and even dumbbells.

However, such methods to increase the load should be treated with caution, especially for beginners.

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