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What is swimming for adults and children?

What is swimming for adults and children?

Swimming is one of the safest types of physical activity. To have a beautiful body and good health, it is sufficient to visit the pool regularly.

If in the course of strenuous exercises in the gym, the joints are under maximum stress and are very tense, when exercises are performed in the water, such trauma is reduced to zero. The buoyancy of the fluid perfectly supports the human body without creating unnecessary stress.

Those who know what swimming is for a long time have incorporated this type of physical activity into their daily routine!

Positive characteristics of swimming.

Regular exercise in water can effectively correct the defects of the figure. In the swimming process the muscles contract. They are more intensely involved than during normal ground training.

As a result of prolonged treatments with water, a uniform effect is observed. The muscles of the thighs, buttocks, arms and abs are tensed effectively, the muscular corset of the back is strengthened.

Girls should pay special attention to water loads to get rid of extra pounds. An interesting fact is that even a very heavy person (with large overweight) can swim comfortably without risk of damaging the joints.

Those who have problems with the musculoskeletal system should also participate regularly in this sport. In the presence of scoliosis, back pain, curvature of the spine, this exercise will be very useful.

The point is this. During swimming, the pressure on the intervertebral discs decreases, the muscular corset of the back is strengthened.

As a result of this training with water, a beautiful and correct posture is formed.

What is swimming for adults and children?

To achieve a full effect, you must swim at least 45 minutes. for a lesson Be sure to dip your head in water (do not keep it in a tense state, be afraid to wet your hair), this will avoid an unnecessary overload in the cervical region.

If you constantly strain your neck, it is easy to tighten the important blood vessels that feed the brain, to feel discomfort and pain in this area.

In the process of water activity, most of the lungs are intensely involved, the body is quickly saturated with oxygen.

Those who do not yet know what swimming is for, it will be interesting to explore the fact that this type of load has a positive effect on the work of the heart and the circulatory system, and also strengthens the vessels. It is very easy to prevent the development of diseases of these organs by regularly visiting the pool.

When practicing in water, the blood pressure decreases, the heart rate returns to normal.

Additional benefits of swimming.

People who have long included pool training in their daily routine have noticed the positive characteristics of this load. Not in vain, this sport is so popular, and the pools have no shortage of customers.

Swimming is equally beneficial for men and women, and for children.

As a result of regular exercises in water:

  • The protective functions of the immune system increase (the body becomes much more resistant to viruses)
  • the nervous system returns to normal (due to the fact that water gently massage the nerve endings of the muscles and skin)
  • the body becomes stronger and stronger
  • Erectile function improves in men (the genitals are gently massaged, the blood flow to them improves)
  • Insomnia disappears.

Several reasons to give the child to swim.

Parents who decide to take their children to train in the pool will not regret it. First, the physical charges in the water allow the entire musculoskeletal system to be used. Swimming for children will be an excellent prevention against scoliosis.

As a result of water loads, the child’s muscular corset (as well as the abdominal muscles, shoulder girdle, arms, legs, back) will be strengthened effectively.

Swimming will help improve coordination of the baby’s movement, since it is known to be less developed in children than in adults. The clear and developing movements in the water will allow the child to feel and control their body better.

What is swimming for adults and children?

There are cases in which, at a certain time of the children, the growth process slows down (especially in children). It is very easy to prevent and even eliminate this pathology when swimming.

The spine, upper and lower extremities, as well as all joints in children stretch better in water, eliminating the compression load on these parts of the body, resulting in accelerated growth of the child.

Swimming can help prevent frequent colds. It effectively shuts down the child’s body, resulting in an increase in the protective functions of the immune system. Children begin to get sick less often, their body is protected more effectively against the effects of various types of viruses.

Swimming with an intense load in the pool will allow the child to experience an emotional discharge. Mild fatigue at the end of the lesson will indicate that the young athlete has effectively spilled the excess energy.

A tide of positive emotions will be provided at the end of the training to the child’s body, which is important in the case of an intense educational process in the school.

Learning the proper breathing technology is better from childhood. During swimming, the child’s chest, lungs and shoulder girdle are fully involved.

The lungs during training are well ventilated and cleaned. Such an effect of swimming will allow children to avoid many problems and diseases in the future.

It is best to give the child to navigate with 4-5 years. The training should be done at least 2-3 times a week.

The most correct decision will be to determine your child in the section under the guidance of a professional coach.

Those who are already participating in swimming or simply decided to go for it, will appreciate the health effects of such physical activity. Practically there are no contraindications for water procedures.

Both adults and children can swim in pleasure and for the benefit of their bodies. It is safe to visit the pool, even for people with musculoskeletal problems and for beginners who are very overweight.

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