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What muscles work by pulling and pushing up?

What muscles work by pulling and pushing up?

There is a wide variety of exercises for the body. They differ among themselves in the degree of complexity, the number of simulators needed for the classes, the ability to perform at home, without the careful attention of the trainer. And, of course, the performance.

Each one acts only in certain muscle groups. One of the most effective options for exercising the torso will be the usual crossbar training. Does not require simulators, except the horizontal bar.

The complex is quite simple and you can do it yourself. What else is needed? Only your desire to work on yourself.

What muscles swing when pulling? Almost all brachial, spinal and thoracic, as well as the press:

  • the wider
  • biceps
  • pectoral small and large,
  • trapeze
  • diamond shaped
  • triceps
  • round,
  • gear muscles
  • rear deltas
  • forearm

How to do it well?

The exercises will not be really effective if you do not take into account certain rules. And even simple pull-ups are by no means an exception. Although there are many types of classes in the crossbar, these recommendations apply to all:

  1. Pull up just because of the muscles, not the body swing.
  2. No jerks when climbing.
  3. Above the chin should be above the horizontal bar.
  4. Go down slowly and without problems: as you go up.
  5. Observe your breathing: exhale while you scale, inhale while descending.

It is worth noting that there are no dangerous exercises or, conversely, safe ones. The risk of injury is affected by the correct or incorrect technique.

And you need to know not only to protect anyone from unnecessary harm, but also to quickly obtain the expected results.

What muscles work by pulling and pushing up?

Most mistakes made when making beginners. If you exercise at the gym, the instructor will always tell you exactly where you have the deficiencies and how to fix them.

But at home, you must control independently if you adhere to the correct technique or if you violate it.

The most common mistake, and even not only for beginners, is that when you get up, people throw their heads back and lift their chins. Most of the time this happens instinctively when inhaling. But in no case do it!

This technique is incorrect and very traumatic.

Before tensing your body, take a deep breath, fill your lungs with air as much as possible and hold your breath. In this case, the wider muscles of the back will not have an excessive load, which will prevent serious injuries and minor sprains. Also keep your back straight.

Some people try to do the exercise in some way and begin to writhe. Yes, it is more convenient for many.

But do you want your back with all the carefully elaborated departments?

Despite the abundance of options, the initial position is almost the same in all types of training. You are hanging on the bar, your back is slightly arched. Bend your legs and cross them.

In this case, the only difference in implementation is just the way the crossbar is held. But there are several other ways to change the load.

You can use an additional load, an incomplete amplitude technique or, for example, change the time in different phases.

However, it is the change in the position of the palms in the bar that best distributes the load between the different groups and reduces the risk of adaptation. There are three options for the location of the hands on the crossbar. Such grips are called:

Width is such a grip when the hands are at a distance much greater than the width of the shoulders. The narrow, in turn, is in the minor.

Consequently, the average – shoulder width of the palm.

You can also hold the horizontal bar in different ways, and two grip options appear:

Such a grip is considered direct when the palms point away from the face. If the fingers look at the person exercising, then this is the opposite.

And in each variant different parts of shoulders and back intervene. What muscles swing when pulling the bar during different grips?

With a width, the greatest tension falls on the back, during the strait, the arms and chest are well pumped. The average, in turn, evenly distributes the load among these groups. The reverse grip mainly affects the biceps and the lower part of the wider muscles.

While the upper one is working on the triceps, the toothed front, the upper and middle packs of the wider ones.

How to learn to throw?

First, remember that there is no need to rush anywhere. Perform as slowly as possible.

This is not only easier, but also increases the speed of development of muscle mass.

What muscles work by pulling and pushing up?

It is recommended to start a training complex with a normal vis, even without push-ups. Do this daily, each time increasing.

This is done to get used to the charges. Otherwise, the palms will begin to slide.

As soon as you realize that you have enough strength to lift your body, start doing the exercises.

At first, just make the upper middle grip. It is the easiest way for beginners.

Keep your hands shoulder width apart. Hold the horizontal bar firmly with the palms of your hands, slowly lift the body upwards.

Elbows slightly separated in different directions and fall. Press the press to keep the body straight.

As soon as the chin is raised behind the crossbar, slowly return to the wall until the arms are fully extended at the elbows.

There is nothing difficult in stopping. But do not rush to immediately move to complex exercises, it is better to do everything gradually. Once you have mastered the correct technique of medium straight, narrow and wide grip it will not seem so scary.

Gradually advance towards them, expanding your training complex.

Medium low

In the opposite hand a little narrower than in the direct version. Hold the cross bar so that the palms are facing towards the face. Do it slowly.

Watch your breathing carefully.

Straight with very separated palms

During the execution of a narrow grip, you must touch the bottom of the chest with the horizontal bar. Look look at the hands.

Lift slowly with your legs crossed.

Lower with the distance between the palms smaller than the width of the shoulders.

The narrow inverse is done almost in the same way as the previous version. But there is a slight difference.

When lifting the body, pull the shoulders back as far as possible so that they touch each other with the shoulder blades.


Stand up only thanks to the work of the wider spinal muscles. The biceps are not involved in this exercise.

The thumbs lie on top of the bar. Pull up, touching the chest with the crossbar.

Straight elbows perpendicular to the ground, look up.

What muscles work by pulling and pushing up?

With arms well separated.

Unlike other options, here you should not bend your back and cross your legs. On the contrary, stand in a straight line. Above the horizontal bar should be behind the head.

The elbows look at the ground. Watch your head carefully to avoid injury.

The palms are wider than the distance between the shoulders and the chest.

Lift the body by touching the chest against the bar. The legs are straight, together with the body they form a flat line.

Do the exercise slowly, staying at the top point.

Now you know a lot about stopping. And, it seems, the different types of an exercise and the way in which the narrow grip differs from others. And what muscles work when tightening in each of the options, and the correct technique of execution.

You just have to choose a little time and start the classes. Such training is effective in itself, and in combination with the complex of others, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, you yourself will not notice how it will begin to change.

And both externally and internally.

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