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What muscles work when squatting: especially strengthen the legs, buttocks

What muscles work when squatting: especially strengthen the legs, buttocks

In squatting, each of us remembers the physical education lessons of the school. They enter the usual minimum of general physical fitness. However, in many modern fitness areas, this exercise is highly valued.

The reason is that when doing squats regularly and correctly, the girl or boy gets beautiful, moderately pumped and has elastic hips and buttocks.

However, for such a load to really bring results, it is important to practice correctly. At the same time, by choosing one or another type of exercise that ensures the work of several muscle groups, you can adjust your sports diet and model the figure.

This load helps keep legs and buttocks in good shape.

What is involved?

What muscles work when squatting?

  • The muscles of the thigh, called quadriceps, or quadriceps.
  • The muscles of the thigh, called adductors.
  • Soleus muscle (simplest, located in the lower region of the leg).
  • Big muscles of the buttocks.

Since this exercise involves the distribution of the load, the biceps of the hips and the muscles of the calves also participate. They allow you not to fall during the execution.

The deeper the squat position, the more effectively the buttocks move. In addition, if you decide to squat with a bar or, for example, if you take weights in each hand, your muscles and abdominal muscles are involved in the process, so this exercise is valued not only by professional athletes, but also by fitness lovers

What is the use of squats?

  • It is this type of load that allows pumping the ass to give it an attractive and tense shape. In order to improve the effect, it is worth using weights.
  • The low squats affect the hips, making them chiselled and really attractive.
  • The exercises are useful in the fight against cellulite: for this you should not forget about self-massage and wrapping after class.

What muscles work when squatting: especially strengthen the legs, buttocks

What are the squats

Any type of sports information involves a large group of muscles, consumes calories and also contributes to the production of testosterone. Girls should not be afraid of this: with the proper distribution of the load and the time allotted to the swing, this hormone, which is in the body of each person, helps initiate the process of burning fat.

This is called an anabolic effect.

All squats can be divided into the following types:

  • Weightlifting. A large group of muscles work, a considerable amount of energy is used. Suitable for people with sufficient experience and serious preparation. It is impossible to start with them: such squats with a bar in a beginner can contribute to muscle injury.
  • Lifting weights It is done parallel to the floor (with a straight surface) or below. Such squats allow you to squeeze and pump your buttocks.
  • Exercises in the style of bodybuilding. Effective for beautiful hips. The squats are performed above the parallel with the ground.

Correct execution

It is important to know not only the usefulness of squats and what muscles work during these sessions in the gym or at home. The adequate execution guarantees both the result and the absence of injuries, and the satisfaction obtained when exceeded.

The first and most important law – the back must be straight. Only then will the muscles that are needed be involved in the work.

The shoulders are retracted if there is a load on them, a rod, the body should be slightly inclined forward, without bending the back.

Squats are slow and smooth, avoid jerks, jerks. The best is to move smoothly and slowly, but without stopping.

During the execution, the center of gravity moves towards the area of ​​the knee. It is important to make sure that they do not go beyond the toes.

The body moves with the legs.

When doing squats, you should look strictly forward and keep your head and neck in a position perpendicular to your shoulders. In this case, it will be protected from falls, since lowering the eyes runs the risk of losing balance and looking down will cause a spinal twist and a flexion of the back.

What is the difference between squats for men and women?

Although the skeleton of a person of either sex is almost identical, there is still a difference when doing the exercise. It consists, first of all, in the desired result.

Men do not need a rounded butt. They are attracted by the acquisition of strong and beautiful legs, as well as a powerful torso.

To achieve this goal, it is sufficient to perform squats with a bar with the pelvis retracted towards the floor parallel or even higher. An athlete can change the weight with which he leans on the shoulders, accelerate the pace of squats, but the main thing, the depth of performance, remains unchanged.

A woman wants to squeeze her buttocks, so her squat position is deep. The lower it is, the more intensely the desired muscles are involved in the work.

I must say that the effect occurs only when squatting with a bar or with some other load.

Performance technique

Talking about what muscles work when bending over with a bar, one can not help mentioning how to do these exercises correctly. The result, mood and safety depend on the technique.

To acquire a beautiful figure, it is sufficient to do squats with a bar at an average pace, focusing not on speed, but on quality: there are no shakes or jolts, the correct position of the body, especially the spine, the pelvis, knees.

The breathing should be moderately deep. Inhalation is done in the squat, exhale, while lifting the body.

At the lowest point, you can pause to stabilize your position.

What muscles work when squatting: especially strengthen the legs, buttocks


There are enough exercises of this type to choose the ideal option for yourself, alternate between various types of exercise and harmoniously develop your body.

  • Squatting with a bar with increasing strength. Ideal for people of short stature. Oscillation of quadriceps, loins, buttocks.
  • Sumo For these squats is characterized by a broad statement of the legs. They exert a load on the entire lower part of the body and, in addition, it is well distributed, which is very important for beginners. For sumo squats, you should place your knees as open as possible. This situation gives stability and helps to improve coordination in the implementation process.
  • Plieu This is an ideal exercise for the inner surface of the thighs, which is not so easy to tighten. It is important to remember that in such a position it is quite difficult to maintain stability, therefore, coordination for execution must be good.
  • Difficult exercise, but effective, with frontal retention in the chest of the projectile, bar. At the same time, the quadriceps are worked, to a lesser extent, hamstrings, calves, buttocks.
  • Effectively for experienced people to bend with dumbbells, pressing the chest or in low hands. This means that not only the buttocks and the back of the thighs are strong, but also the back and the press.

Not all women have the opportunity to go to the gym. This applies especially to mothers of babies who have difficulty leaving home. I must say that they have found an exit: many are occupied in native walls, using the available means.

If you take the correct position and do not violate the breathing technique, these exercises will help improve your body.

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