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What to do when everything in life is not what you want?

What to do when everything in life is not what you want?

Perseverance in the pursuit of objectives does not always give an instantaneous result. Very often, people do not go as they want, regardless of the effort they put into it. Even if the plans fail due to the small things, it is very disturbing, sometimes even depressing.

It is necessary to react to such moments in time, then they will pass quickly and painlessly. Psychologists recommend the use of simple but effective training, as well as various manipulations aimed at reducing emotional stress.

The adequate basic training is based on the assimilation of a series of affirmations that allow us to overcome moments of crisis:

  • Problems are an incentive for development. If life closes in front of us one of the doors, do not try to crawl out the window. There are still many doors, just before we did not pay attention to them. It is necessary to learn to evaluate the situation from different points, to use its hidden resources. The difficulties do not diminish, they only require changing the direction of movement.
  • I need to take advantage of your opportunity. Do not wait for him, that is, capture! People who are used to acting from the starting points (for example, I will start learning a foreign language from the beginning) rarely achieve what they want. When everything goes wrong, it is not necessary to wait until the situation improves, and it will be possible to resume the activity. You need to act constantly, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Enthusiasm and complaints about life are an unnecessary explosion of energy and a waste of time. Some people in difficult times begin to seek the sympathy of others, others, trying to quickly forget the failure and begin to implement a new project (or an old project, but in a new way). The first ones receive words of support, but that’s what it ends with. After a while, they understand that they will have to solve their problems on their own. The second, without stopping for a minute, is looking for new ways to solve difficulties and often finds them, even at the end.
  • The negatives of others should only worry about themselves. Disabling the perception of negativity from friends, colleagues, family members or simply passers-by is not easy. Many have to work on this for years. And, to begin with, a lovely smile that annoys both the detractors will fit perfectly. Even if at the beginning after this you want to cry at night on a pillow, after a while this desire will pass.
What to do when everything in life is not what you want?

You just need to get away from everything that is so annoying or not working.

Unusual, but effective options for emotional relief:

  • Breaking plates, sharp cries, the destruction of things that cause unpleasant associations, this is the last century. Nowadays, psychologists recommend relieving stress more pleasantly. A visit to the spa or massage is suitable for lovers of everything traditional. The rest should think about swimming with dolphins, sleeping recreatively, occupational therapy.
  • An unusual hobby well distracts attention from itself, which means it clears thoughts. In this context, a solution to a problem or an optimal way out of the current situation usually emerges. But the type of activity must be really unusual, not like everything that has been practiced up to this moment.
  • Finally, you only need to temporarily move away from everything that is so annoying or that does not work. Not studying? You can take a sabbatical. Are there no options for professional growth? Why not get additional education, it will suddenly become a true vocation?

And yet, a person whose things go wrong should reconsider their goals and aspirations. Maybe you just chose the wrong way or are you moving in the wrong direction?

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