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Wheel for the press: the principle of home training.

Wheel for the press: the principle of home training.

The perfect relief of the belly is the dream of many men and women. In the search for an inflated press, a person can spend hours exhausting themselves in the gym, and yet there is a very simple but very effective simulator that will allow you to achieve an excellent result in the shortest possible time, avoiding the tedious loads of energy.

We are talking about an invention as a wheel for the press or, as it is also called, a sports roller for the press. What is this gymnastic device and how to use it correctly?

What is a press video?

The gymnastics wheel is a simulator with the simplest device: it looks like a roller with a diameter of 16 to 20 cm that turns when it moves, with handles on both sides. The video itself can be double or simple, has the function of return and other additional properties that facilitate the use of the simulator and increase the effectiveness of the exercises with the wheel.

The device is made of durable materials that can withstand a large enough weight and do not damage the floor.

The sports wheel has a series of positive qualities, thanks to which it is very popular among men and women:

  • low price (compared to other simulators)
  • compactness: it is possible to move the abdominal muscles with the gymnastic wheel even at home
  • High efficiency: the use of the roller allows you to reduce the layer of fat in the waist after a few weeks.

What muscles are involved in the exercises on the wheel? Of course, above all, the abdominal muscles are trained, and all at once: oblique, straight and transverse.

However, exercises with a pressure wheel are also good because other parts of the body work on them: during these workouts, the muscles of the arms, back and legs are strengthened perfectly, so you can not only get a stomach beautiful and flat, but also squeeze the glutes and hips.

Wheel for the press: the principle of home training.

It must be taken into account that the exercises with a pressure wheel belong to the category of complex physical effort, so it will be difficult to perform them without a minimum of training. Those who have never participated in the strengthening of muscles before workouts, in which gymnastics videos participate, it is recommended that you first practice at least a week using simple exercises to push and general strengthening of the muscles.

In addition, for beginners, manufacturers of sports equipment produce special types of gymnastic wheels, where you can find a brand for beginners. If you did not find a sports wheel in the store, you can easily make the most simple roller model.

In this case, keep in mind that the smaller the size of the wheel, the more the muscles work, so you must first buy a simulator with a large roller diameter.

In sports training, of course, the result is important, so many wonder: how fast can press press with the help of exercises on the wheel? A lot depends on the individual characteristics of the body, but judging from the reviews, with regular workouts, the effect is achieved in about a month.

How to work with the wheel for the press?

To quickly achieve the desired results, it is very important to know how to use the wheel correctly for the press. The first and most important training rule is regularity. Well, if you can do the exercises daily.

But if this is not possible, you should try to exercise at least 3-5 times a week.

It is impossible to start immediately with large loads, otherwise you can over-exercise your muscles, and then the training will have to be postponed indefinitely. The optimal number of approaches for beginners in each exercise with one wheel is only 3. In one approach you should not do more than 12 repetitions.

Clothing for training should be light, comfortable and not restrict movement. To protect your feet from injury, you must place a soft mat under your knees.

It is good if it is a special sports floor for such exercises, but if it is not there, then it is very possible to get along with the analogues, the main thing is that the floor mat does not slip and is not too rough.

Before starting to exercise in the simulator, it is necessary to perform an easy warm-up. This will prepare the muscles and circulatory system for the next load.

It is advisable to include 1-2 cardio exercises in a warm-up, for example, walk intensely in place or jump rope.

When performing exercises on the wheel, it is very important to control breathing, since the effectiveness of the training depends on it. Perform the curves correctly and crossed out on inhalation, and return to the initial position – on the exhalation.

In addition, you should certainly pay attention to the position of your back: to avoid spinal injuries, you should keep your back straight or slightly arched. You can not allow the collapse of the waist.

Before starting a series of exercises on the wheel, be sure to consider what contraindications exist for such physical activities. Therefore, in case of diseases and injuries of the spine, as well as irregularities in the work of the cardiovascular system, it is not recommended to participate in a gymnastic roller, therefore, if there are deviations in health, it will be useful to consult with your doctor about the possibility of such training.

Wheel for the press: the principle of home training.

How to perform exercises with a gymnastics roller for the press?

There are a few exercises on the steering wheel that allow you to inflate the press. Today we offer to familiarize ourselves with the complex, which can be done even by those who are just beginning to interact with the simulator. It includes the following exercises:

  1. Kneel, place the gymnastic wheel in front of you and place the palms of the hands on the handles of the simulator. Relying on the roller, make gentle forward movements, trying to tilt the torso as much as possible and then back. Little by little, this exercise with the wheel can be complicated, for example, to cross the raised ankles or do it standing on the toes and not on the knees.
  2. Kneeling and putting your hands on the simulator, roll it first from itself, then to yourself, then to the left and back to yourself, then to the right and return to the starting position.
  3. Take the initial position as in the first task and, transferring the weight to the press wheel, move it away from you, with the upper part of the body without pushing forward, but press it towards the thighs.
  4. To lie on the floor with the stomach, the simulator moves his hands towards him, rising slowly and bending his back.
  5. Sitting on the floor and stretching your legs, place the steering wheel to your right. Keeping the position of the legs, move the simulator forward, trying to touch the surface with the chest. Return to the starting position. Put the roller to the left and repeat the movement.
  6. Lying on the floor, place your foot on the handles of the steering wheel, stretch your arms along the body. Lift the buttocks so they are in line with the torso. Slowly rotate the simulator back and forth.

To do the exercises on the steering wheel, it is not necessary to start abruptly in the hope of speeding up the press quickly. On the contrary, such zeal can cause severe pain in the muscles, sprains and other injuries, so the rhythm should be increased gradually, especially if the body has not been subject to such loads previously. Over time, you can introduce new types of more complex exercises with a simulator, for example, in standing position, and work for longer, but at the beginning it is better to limit yourself to moderate workouts.

Even with smaller loads with a roller, you will notice that the muscles of the abdomen and back work very intensely, and after 3-4 weeks of such classes, the first result will be noticeable.

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