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When it is possible to practice sports after cesarean: recommendations of gynecologists

When it is possible to practice sports after cesarean: recommendations of gynecologists

Many expectant mothers continue to play sports, carry a baby and get up on the treadmill immediately after discharge from the maternity ward. But their plans are sometimes destroyed by an unforeseen operation, after which at first they only have to dream about physical education.

Doctors say that one of the most common questions they hear from their patients is when they can play sports after a cesarean section.

Gynecologists firmly believe that active sports are dangerous for 6 months after surgery. In some cases, it’s worth waiting for more time. Each organism is individual, and throughout the recovery process occurs in different ways.

Therefore, despite the overwhelming desire to order the figure, proceed to the physical effort only after the doctor’s approval. Make movements with care, listening to your feelings.

If you experience the least pain in the area of ​​sewing or in the abdomen, stop the classes and consult with the gynecologist.

What to do in the first months?

You can perform sports exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the peritoneum, squeezing the buttocks and sides when the points of the uterus dissolve completely. On average, this happens in six months.

Subsequently, more serious occupations will be allowed. The same applies to active fitness.

If a woman feels well, some simple exercises can be done immediately after returning home from the maternity ward.

  • To facilitate the training of the muscles of the peritoneum, the doctor can recommend breathing with the diaphragm. Improves muscle tone, enriches the blood with oxygen and is very useful to restore health. During breathing it is necessary to make sure that it is not the chest that moves, but the belly.
  • At the time of discharge, ask your gynecologist when you can start practicing using the Kegel method. Its objective is to relax the muscles of the pelvis, the perineum and the buttocks. If the specialist gives the approval, do the exercises daily, dedicating about 5 minutes.

What type of sport after a caesarean section do doctors consider the most benign and safe? It is recommended to start the exercise to walk.

Walking along with a stroller, you gradually begin to train your muscles. To make walking more useful, try to keep your back level.

Stop to rest, make small curves in different directions, circular movements of the shoulders, breathe evenly and deeply.

After a month and a half, exercises that do not affect the abdominal muscles are allowed. Choose a complex to strengthen your legs, chest and exercise in a sitting position.

When it is possible to practice sports after cesarean: recommendations of gynecologists

Increase of load

Gradually, sports can be varied. After 2 months, the upper sutures in the abdomen must be completely healed and the abdominal muscles damaged by the operation must be restored.

If the cure is successful, the doctor can allow you to increase the intensity of the physical effort.

Gym after a cesarean, it is convenient to start under the guidance of a personal trainer. Only an experienced specialist can select the appropriate savings program.

Ask where in your city there is a center for the restoration of young mothers after childbirth. There you will develop an individual set of exercises aimed at the correct muscle groups.

The center also provides recommendations on how to balance the diet after childbirth and improve breastfeeding. If necessary, you can get help from a qualified psychologist.

If it is not possible to visit such a place, exercise at home, but only with the approval of the attending physician.

In the morning it is recommended to start with gymnastics. You will need a special rug and comfortable clothes.

  • Exercises for the legs are useful to perform the lie. They improve the flow of blood to the pelvic area, which is very important in the postoperative period.
  • Gradually, include in the morning complex the slopes of the torso, the legs open, the squats.
  • When exercising, be careful, if any movement causes discomfort, exclude it from the program for an indefinite period.

Active women are interested in how many months after surgical delivery they can continue practicing water aerobics and swimming. Since the mucous membrane inside the uterus is restored within 8 weeks, doctors do not allow to visit the pool after 2 months.

Swimming and simple exercises in the water tense all muscle groups, quickly burn unnecessary calories, improve mood and, therefore, are very useful.

During the rehabilitation period, many women learn yoga. The asanas chosen properly stabilize the metabolic processes in the body, fill a person with vigor, energy, strengthen the nervous system.

In the absence of contraindications, they are allowed to perform two months after the operation.

8 weeks after cesarean, you can train using a sports hoop. You will need a light plastic hoop ring, weighing no more than 0.5 kg.

For several months, a woman with her help will significantly reduce the loose belly.

Good results are easy to achieve on the exercise bike. To begin with, a ten minute workout is enough.

Each week, the time should gradually increase until it reaches 20 minutes.

Intensive classes

When after a cesarean section it will take 5 months, you can do Pilates. The main condition for this is the well-being of moms.

Exercises performed at a slow pace strengthen muscles, improve posture, relieve back pain and quickly return to the woman a beautiful and graceful figure.

When it is possible to practice sports after cesarean: recommendations of gynecologists

  • Active sports after a cesarean section, such as running, are a serious burden for a woman who has undergone an operation. Doctors recommend continuing classes no earlier than 7-8 months, but it is better to wait a year. If the doctor allowed to run in the morning, then the young mother’s health was completely restored.
  • When starting a workout, do not repeat the common mistake of many people who try to run quickly immediately. It will not be beneficial, but it will lead to fatigue and shortness of breath. Do not rush while running, listen to how your body reacts to the load, develop the correct breathing rhythm. Inhale the air must pass through the nose.
  • Do not forget to warm up before jogging. It is necessary to warm the muscles and prepare them for the load. This will help prevent stretching and injuries during exercise.

If you are professionally involved in sports before pregnancy and dream of giving birth to your baby, do not rush to return to the volleyball or basketball team as soon as possible. Serious training is desirable to continue alone after one year, not before.

When after the caesarean section is 6-8 months, try to keep fit aerobics, dancing, light loads in the gym.

After the operation transferred to participate in sports can and should be. Physical activity contributes to the rapid recovery, improves the functioning of the organs and the general state of the young mother.

The main thing is to take the time to do the exercises that the doctor approves. You should not exhaust yourself in training, physical education should fill a woman with satisfaction and joy.

Then, it will bring tangible benefits for mom and baby and help to quickly regain health.

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