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Where to go skiing in Moscow: a list of resorts with good trails

Where to go skiing in Moscow: a list of resorts with good trails

Anyone who has done a ski or a ski trip at least once will fall in love with these sports forever. But not everyone has the opportunity to spend a winter holiday in the Caucasus or the Alps.

Therefore, many are interested in where you can ride a snowboard in Moscow to get real pleasure.

Snow winter winter is favorable for such entertainment. In the forest parks and squares at this time of year there are around 73 ski slopes. They reach a total of 170 kilometers.

Experienced skiers and those who are just beginning to master the sport will find something for them. We will know the most famous and tested places.

Sparrow Hills

The ski slope in the sparrow hills is very popular. This contributes to its good location.

It is located on the bank of the Moskva River, not far from the metro station, making it easy to get from anywhere in the capital.

  • He built a true ski center with three tracks, where you can ride with the wind on skis or snowboard.
  • All the tracks in perfect condition. Operation of elevators. For the descent, people choose the level of difficulty that suits their sports training.
  • This makes the ski as safe and comfortable as possible.

Where to go skiing in Moscow: a list of resorts with good trails

Professional instructors work at the Center, the ski rental is open and anyone can attend a special school. The length of the route is well lit, so it is convenient to walk at night.

For more than a decade, the ski resort of Kurkino, located near the Moscow ring road, has been a favorite destination for citizens and tourists.

There is a ski school throughout the year where children are taught the best ski spots. In winter, sporting events are held regularly on the site.

Athletes of the ski school and all those who wish to participate in them.

  • Kurkino – a great place designed for families.
  • There are 2 tracks, with a length of about 200 meters.
  • The maximum height difference is up to 40 meters.
  • There is a special training track where people can try themselves for the first time when they embark on skis.

The infrastructure is first class. The complex is well lit, there are elevators, luggage storage, ski rental.

After an exciting descent, you can go to a coffee and have a cup of tea.

A great place where you can ski and relax with the whole family is the recreation area of ​​Bitts. It is easily accessible by car or bus from the Konkovo ​​or Yasenevo metro stations. The route is immediately behind the ring road and runs along the scenic route.

The skiers ride in the forest, in the plain and do vertiginous descents.

The hobby here will be remembered by beginners, lovers of unhurried walks and experienced athletes who love to perform complex tricks. You do not need to pay for skiing, but everyone can make a voluntary contribution to the development of a sports club, thanks to which perfect order is maintained on the track.

In the territory there are all the conditions for recreation: luggage storage, bathrooms, rent.

Where to go skiing in Moscow: a list of resorts with good trails

This route is located near the village of Romashkovo, near the Rublevo-Uspensky highway. Riding on it as skiers with different levels of training.

  • The trail runs through the forest for 17 kilometers, on the way there are ascents, descents and long, flat sections.
  • By coming here for the weekend, you can participate not only in the ski race, but also in winter cyclocross and other active sports.

The track has been prepared for many years by enthusiasts of a local sports club. The ski trip is free here, but, as in Bitz, there is a charitable foundation, because of which the resort is maintained.

Izmailovo Park

To get to the highway, you must get off at the Partizanskaya metro station. There are signs, focusing on how easy it is to be in the right place.

You can drive to the Avangard stadium. The ski slope starts from there.

The track has a closed shape and a length of 10 km. Five of them are on the other side of the plain, where inexperienced people can travel without fear.

The remaining part consists of small ascents and descents that, unfortunately, are not always prepared carefully.

There is no ski rental in the park, so if you decide to spend your free time here, do not forget to take your inventory with you.

Where to go skiing in Moscow: a list of resorts with good trails


This winter sports center is located near Moscow, surrounded by beautiful nature. Many people from the capital rush to a wonderful place to spend a weekend in order to take some fresh air, take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city and ride on the wide ski slopes.

  • Its total length is 25 km. This number includes 5 km of a challenging sports track, the ride in which is only for professionals. This is a type of circle, from the stadium.
  • For a relaxed holiday with children, it is better to go to the forest area, where there is a safe flat track.

You can quickly reach Krasnogorsk by car. Parking in the ski center is free, skiing is also free.

Of the paid services, it is worth noting equipment rental, changing rooms, toilets and a good store selling skis.

Park volen

If you want to relax in a beautiful and picturesque place, you will not find the best Volen ski resort, located in the suburbs.

You have to go with him by car on the Dmitrovskoye highway. After 45 km from the capital, you will see a large sign with the inscription Volen and in a few minutes you will reach the finish line.

In the extensive sports park, 15 ski slopes were installed with a height difference of up to 60 meters. Work lifts, there is a skating rink and other entertainment.

Within the complex there is a hotel and several good restaurants. The prices of all services are reasonable.

Lata Track Complex

This is one of the most famous and great places to practice snowboarding and skiing in the capital. To get there, you must go to the metro station Molodezhnaya or Krylatskoye.

Where to go skiing in Moscow: a list of resorts with good trails

Here for a moderate fee we offer a great selection of sports entertainment. There are 5 tracks:

  • Main, 350 meters long with a height difference of up to 63 meters. It is suitable for people who are skiing with confidence.
  • Formation Soft slope, 270 meters long.
  • instructor The slope is apt to learn to ski and for children from 4 years old. Its length is 180 meters with a height difference of only 12 meters.
  • sports The track is ideal for professionals. The length of 300 meters, the fall – 60 meters.
  • Wide Used for competitions.

Everywhere elevators, trails in excellent condition, well lit. You can pay for the instructor, rent skis or snowboard.

The sports complex Kant has gained great popularity among fans of mountain skiing in Moscow. It is conveniently located near Nagornaya subway.

The owners offer clients 17 races, 9 of which are training. This is exactly where you can quickly learn to snowboard and love skiing.

Those who wish may be assisted by experienced instructors and trainers from the Nagornaya Sports School, which is located within the complex. Snowboarders are offered a large snowpark, there is a cross-country skiing track with a trampoline.

There are regular competitions and relay races in which any guest of the complex can participate.

Some more interesting places.

Where to ski in Moscow, except for special resorts? In the park the Kuzminki trails run through mountainous terrain. The length of each of them is about 2 km.

You can travel in the park at any time of the day, the road is illuminated.

In the Moscow reserve, Kolomenskoye, in winter, people come not only to see the historical cultural monuments of Russia, but also to ski. There are 2 tracks, equipment rental. Inside the reserve there is an outdoor skating rink with equipment rental, a ski slope on a winter bike.

Fans of emotion can travel from the slope on cheese sledges.

In the Perovsky park is very beautiful. Parents with children and adults come here to admire nature and practice outdoor sports.

In winter, the roads stretch along the most picturesque places.

As you can see, finding a place in Moscow where you can have a good time while skiing is easy. There are many well-established trails that are anxiously waiting for their visitors.

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