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Why do muscles hurt after training: expert opinion?

Why do muscles hurt after training: expert opinion?

Many people like to go to the gym and do various exercises. And many people like to do exercises with projectiles like a barbell or dumbbells.

And some of them, after seeing the famous champions, begin to do the exercises until the seventh sweat, to the state of burning in the muscles, and at the same time they feel dissatisfied if they do not notice it. They are trying to achieve an effect so that the muscles that hurt from the exercises after each training, pour with blood, grow in volume. They want to be similar in style of training and exercise to the state of rejection of their favorite idols.

Fanatically, they want to get close to the level of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Phil Heath, Ronnie Coleman and many other champions associated with the sport of iron.

Practically anyone who has trained in the gym at least a few times or who has actively participated in some type of sport has noticed that muscles often hurt after a good workout. If this does not happen, many even begin to worry, but the training has not been a gift?

For some, this effect is more pronounced, for someone it is weaker. For some, this pain is almost completely absent (but it happens very rarely). But always this result of training brings serious inconveniences.

The movements are restricted, the muscles stretch worse. Many newcomers who participate in the gym are worried about why muscles get hurt after a workout.

Let’s find out why muscles hurt after exercise? What is this pain about?

Is it dangerous for the athlete’s health to practice? How can you reduce pain and accelerate muscle recovery after exercise?

On the essence of the fabric.

The pain in the muscles after a workout is called scientifically impingement. It can be due to many reasons. One of the most important is that lactic acid accumulates in large quantities in the muscles during the training process.

It oxidizes, and there is a certain rigidity in the movements. In general, nothing dangerous in this phenomenon is not, except for temporary lethargy and restriction in movements. As a general rule, a burr passes quickly – on average after 1-2 days, in rare cases – 3. To a greater degree it is expressed in untrained athletes.

For athletes who train often, compression lasts a relatively short time. For some, it disappears completely with the beginning of a certain moment and appears only after very intense loads.

Why do muscles hurt after training: expert opinion?

Causes of previous treatment

Therefore, let’s look at the main reasons for the appearance of pretreatment during training. If krepatura during class and occurs, for the following reasons:

  • If you do these or other strength exercises for a long time. For example, he shook the bar for 20 to 30 repetitions: he is guaranteed to beat the muscles on this or the next day. Or, for example, he completed a full-strength training session performing 4 sets of 12 repetitions with a particular weight, in a state close to muscle failure. In this case, your muscles will also hurt the next day or the next (it is noteworthy that experienced athletes have muscles that are sore, but mainly the day after training).
  • of a long exhausting race or of an attempt to create the maximum muscular effort (sprint, weightlifting, weightlifting). The fact is that if the muscles no longer have enough oxygen, they inevitably begin to secrete lactic acid.

How to accelerate the recovery of the muscles of the fascia.

  • You can take a hot bath. Warm or hot water has a very relaxing effect on the muscles. In addition, it will improve your blood supply and relax the central nervous system. It is better to take a bath immediately after training, do not postpone the next day.
  • Not bad to remove the ridge that helps the bathroom. Trips to the bathroom / sauna generally contribute to muscle relaxation, cleansing of the skin and discharge of the central nervous system. The most important thing – remember some precautions when you go to the bathroom. Do not stay in it too long and too often. No more than 2 walks per week.
  • Massages Promotes relaxation, allows you to quickly return the tone to the muscles. This will improve your blood supply and relax the central nervous system. You can perform a massage both after training and the next day. In addition, massage itself is useful as prevention of injuries.
  • Eat well and get enough sleep. The quality of your recovery will depend on the quality of sleep and nutrition. Do not neglect these moments. You need to sleep at least 8-9 hours a day, you need to eat enough calories and eat the necessary set of BZHU (proteins, fats, carbohydrates).
  • Make a hitch after a workout. The hitch is like a warm-up, but it differs in some characteristics. It is necessary to prevent muscle obstruction after exercise and, therefore, the accumulation of lactic acid.

These simple and accessible actions will minimize the effect of compression, which is expressed in certain stiffness and clogged muscles. The main thing, always remember that everything is good in moderation, do not overdo these procedures, no doubt, useful.

Why do muscles hurt after training?

How to make a hitch

To begin, you can walk a track for 15 to 20 minutes or turn a bicycle simulator. Then you can do stretching and some type of tonic and joint gymnastics.

What can enter? For example, turn your wrists to the left and to the right, you can make curves and turns with your head to the left and to the right. Do a few dozen leg lifts.

Make the curves backwards and turn left and right. Pay special attention to the stretching of the muscles. Ideally, you can combine a hitch and a bath / bath with a massage.

By the way, bathing is also an excellent way to stretch clogged muscles.

Let’s summarize. Krepatura (pain in the muscles after exercise) appears, as a rule, after high intensity or prolonged exercise.

After a short but extreme effort, a closure may also occur. The fact is that if the muscles no longer have enough oxygen, they inevitably begin to secrete lactic acid. To accelerate the recovery of the prefabrication or try to get rid of it, you can take a hot bath, go to the bathroom, follow the sports mode and make a hitch.

These simple and accessible actions will minimize the effect of compression, which is expressed in certain muscle cramps and stiffness. The most important thing: do not exaggerate with these procedures, undoubtedly useful, if you do not want adverse effects for health.

We hope you have found enough detailed information about the question that interested you, why, after the training process, your muscles ache. We wish you not to lose enthusiasm on the road of life, to do everything possible to make your dreams come true, to seek new victories in sport.

Carry a healthy lifestyle, do not stop at anything and open any horizon. Be true to the sport, but do it without thinking, but carefully planning each step.

You have a health and you should not experiment with it if you do not want it to end badly. Have a sense of proportion.

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