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Why do people always take pictures on the phone and how to get rid of this habit?

Why do people always take pictures on the phone and how to get rid of this habit?

Your Facebook feed is updated daily with new photos and videos. Take pictures of everything that you see: autumn leaves, kittens and even food dishes. The habit of keeping your phone ready so firmly in your life that, hastily, forgetting it, you feel lonely and miserable?

Or maybe it’s okay, but the spouse or son does not leave the phone for a minute, and do you feel how they are getting away from you? EasyUseful tells you what to do.

Why is there a need to shoot everything?

According to most psychologists, the desire to continually eliminate something of some interest and disseminate it immediately on social networks occurs more frequently in people deprived of parental care in childhood and adolescence, which almost never they have heard his words of approval and praise. As they grow up, these people seem to be trying to fill the recognition gap, after each walk they place dozens of new photos on their pages and wait tense for which one will be the first “like” and enthusiastic comments.

Why do people always take pictures on the phone and how to get rid of this habit?

The photos and videos of these people are often beautifully beautiful. It is unlikely that a user of social networks, especially the youngest ones, will publish a snapshot of vinaigrette and pasta dishes. But an exquisite cake, completely cut and parted lips, is fully capable of decorating the Instagram page.

In the same way, among the many selfies, they choose the one that has the most attractive appearance. Therefore, a person purposely commits to creating his own image, but it is not true, but it improves, or, to be honest, artificial.

Little by little this becomes an end in itself. A person stops really enjoying life: he genuinely admires the beauty of the fallen leaves, the drops of dew, a count of loose beads that shine in the net, the grace of a swan.

All this becomes a suitable object to shoot.

Why do people always take pictures on the phone and how to get rid of this habit?

Even the hobby that was once loved brings only a secondary satisfaction. Many seamstresses dominate the perfect backwards and embroider in the more complicated author’s schemes just to show advanced acrobatics to less advanced women.

At the end of the photo session, the work that was done is sent, at best, to someone as a gift and, at worst, to the oblivion of all, accumulating dust in the closet.

If, as you read this, you notice that your life (or the lives of your loved ones) is becoming more and more virtual, it is time to listen to our advice.

Obsessive photography: how to get rid of a bad habit.

By spreading new photos every two hours, you risk the opposite effect. Everything is good in moderation, and the constant spam photos of your food, legs, manicure or flyer will soon force people to unsubscribe.

Yes, and you, in search of a beautiful frame, will stop perceiving the world in a realistic way, it will become the setting for a photo shoot for you. If you feel you are addicted to endless selfies, try to get your phone less often. How to overcome addiction?

Follow the three Easy to use tips.

Tip 1: unplug your phone

Of course, nowadays only a very distracted and forgotten person goes for a walk or meets with friends without a mobile phone. If it does not belong to them, at least, disconnect your device. Therefore, you will not be tempted to take endless photographs and upload them immediately to the Web, you can relax and rest well.

Remember: the company’s warmth is not measured by the number of frames.

Tip 2: the principle of the five senses.

Before taking a photograph of a beautiful landscape, try to feel as much as possible what you see. Carefully, carefully examine the treetops. Try to remember the shape of the passing clouds.

Inhale the aroma of last year’s foliage and the sharp, unsettling smell of frost. Touch with your fingers a thin, covered with fragile needles of sprigs of frost, run your hand over a rough bark.

Do not be afraid to look ridiculous: catch a snowflake with your lips and try it. And remember!

Then your photo will be made alive, tangible and truly invaluable. Or maybe he’s going to take out the phone.

Tip 3: Learn to count

While on a trip to distant countries, you, of course, spent a lot of time filming local attractions, exotic cuisine, unusual outfits, flora and fauna. Well, commendable!

But do not rush to order the most successful paintings. Yes, Instagram or your YouTube channel will be tolerated if you do not make your subscribers happy immediately by shooting a funny little elephant.

Gather family and friends and tell them about your trip, periodically showing the most interesting photos and accompanying them with fun and exciting comments: what preceded the moment captured, why you decided to photograph this moment exactly, which was later. Surely all the most interesting left behind the scenes!

Show photos of piles of tropical fruits, try to remember and describe their taste and aroma, without forgetting to add information on how to clean them, eat and which one you like the most. An animated story will receive an emotional response from all those gathered, and many will want to visit the same country, so that later, with the same taste, they can tell their trip with friends and acquaintances.

Why do people always take pictures on the phone and how to get rid of this habit?

And one more thing. Before posting photos and videos on social networks, decide what you need and what approval you want to obtain. Do not try to please everyone: it is simply unrealistic.

Do not try to make your life perfect. Let the frames you made be kind, intelligent and a little ridiculous, then you will surely be remembered!

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