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Why does the side hurt when running: assumptions and practical skills?

Why does the side hurt when running: assumptions and practical skills?

Since the end of the last century, the race has entered firmly into the lives of those people who care about themselves and their health. It is proven that physical activity has a beneficial effect on health, sleep, resistance to stress and the body’s immune system.

Running in this direction is the simplest and most affordable form of sports. In addition, the working load can be easily modified according to the age, sex and health of the person.

You can run fast or slow, every day or once a week. A race can last 5 minutes or an hour.

Everything is individual and depends on the desire and training of the person. But pain in execution may be obscured by pain in the side, which occurs in most people during physical activity.

Causes of pain

Scientists use the term transient pain to determine pain during physical activity. This concept has not yet been completely studied, since there is no clear evidence that painful sensations appear precisely for a specific reason. More often this phenomenon is observed in young women.

Regarding why there is pain between the ribs while running, there are several theories.

The first is that the causes of pain are in the incorrect organization of the breathing process. An untrained person breathes shallowly while running.

As a result, the air can not escape completely from the chest. Blood in insufficient amounts is saturated with oxygen.

There is a so-called lack of oxygen, as evidenced by the pain between the ribs.

The second theory states that pain in the side is caused by inadequate nutrition. In fact, doctors do not recommend eating before a sports load, as blood rushes to the stomach and, while running, can cause pain. It is better to eat 2 hours before jogging.

After it is also not recommended, you should wait at least an hour.

Why does the side hurt when running: assumptions and practical skills?

The third theory states that those who have pain in their right side while running are exhaling when they land on their right leg. Because of this, the liver is compressed by the diaphragm, there are painful sensations.

Just change the leg and exhale correlates with the support in the left foot, then the pain in the side will pass. However, learning this is not so easy, you will first have to train in a combination of breathing and running, and then do it automatically.

If the pain in the side is already after the execution is completed, then the person requested a disproportionate burden. It should be done less in time and not so intense.

In addition to these reasons, the discomfort during the race exercises occurs for the following reasons:

  • Chronic diseases. Especially dangerous in this regard, diseases of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas. Inflammation in these organs can cause pain during exercise. A person who has discovered such manifestations should immediately consult a doctor. Even if the doctor reassures you that there are no alterations in the work of the organs, you should reduce the load on your body, instead of running, begin to practice other physical exercises, such as swimming.
  • Unsuspecting muscles to load. Before starting to participate, you should do a little warm-up: turn the body, bend, jump. At the same time, do not forget to breathe correctly. What you should not do exactly is to start training with acceleration. So the person tires quickly, is exhausted, and the pain in his side will surely appear. You must take care of yourself and your health, increase the speed of the race without problems.
  • Irregular classes. The way of life makes it easy to adapt to it, as well as feeling good during workouts. If a person does it from time to time, the week of being in front of the television gives way to weeks of excessive training, then there will definitely be no health benefits. After such stress to the body, the pain can become chronic and occur simply during normal walking. If a person decides to run, then the load should gradually increase, which will result in an addiction to that hobby.
  • The use of products with dyes and preservatives, abuse of coffee. It was noted that lovers of carbonated drinks, packaged juices and coffee complain that they have a stab in the side, much more often than those who drink plain water, infusions and freshly squeezed juices. This is attributed to the fact that people who drink harmful beverages, dehydration occurs. If there is not enough fluid in the body, the blood becomes denser and can not, with the previous speed, transport oxygen to the organs. The result is pain. It hurts more often between the ribs.

In addition to these reasons, there are also other individual ones that a person can determine if they are attentive to their states.

In any case, when people start to run, that is, to engage with themselves, there comes an understanding of the importance of tracking their inner feelings.

The attention in one way or another is redirected to the body, to the physical state. After such an experience to return to the old indifferent life will not work.

Ways to overcome

An interesting observation is that pain during the race occurs more frequently in young people. Scientists attribute this to the fact that young people still do not know their body well, and their body is not yet adapted to large loads.

If a person stabs his side while jogging, he must slow down immediately, but he can not stop at all. It is better to go for a quick step. You can start massaging the sensitive spot with your hand.

As a result, a spasm of the internal muscles will be eliminated, which will relieve the pain. Special attention must be paid to breathing. During the race you need to take deep breaths and the same exhalations.

You can breathe in the account. One – two – three – inhale, one – hold your breath, one – two – three – exhale.

Why does the side hurt when running: assumptions and practical skills?

It happens that the pain occurs abruptly and abruptly. If this happens, you should stop and make about ten earrings. Next, a quick step to continue the path.

It is impossible to stop, since the pressure can fall sharply, dizzy.

If the left side is punctured while running, the pancreas suffers. Should leave the sweet before training or, on the contrary, an hour before running, eat sweet fruit, for example:

Here everything is individual, you must discover for yourself why your side hurts and what to do to calm the pain.

Committing to strength and pain is a false and meaningless path towards a healthy lifestyle. If the sports load does not give pleasure, then you should not make titanic efforts on yourself.

Such power of self will not bring proper results. If something hurts in the body all the time, then this is not your sport.

Instead of running, you can start skating, skiing, biking, walking in the pool, doing yoga.

Sport gives results when it brings a great mood. Sometimes, after a person has refused to run and has switched to other activities, he understands why the pain arose.

This was due to the fact that such charges simply did not fit in the body. Choose your sports activity for yourself and be happy!

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