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Why is the Russian national football team playing badly?

Why is the Russian national football team playing badly?

Analysts and sports fans are constantly trying to determine the reasons why the Russian soccer team can not take the lead on the world stage. Despite efforts in different areas, it is still not possible to please those who are concerned about the results of the national team.

The latest results of the national team.

Of the disappointments football fans have experienced in Russia, the most surprising lately has been the fact that the national team has had a bad performance in Euro 2016. It is not even understood what prevented them from leaving the group in this championship.

Although the composition, the specialists and the conditions were well selected. Showing a weak level of play, the head coach resigned.

Meanwhile, the inhabitants of a small state showed a phenomenal advance: Iceland. After that, the mood among those who supported Russia was completely lost.

After all, if such a country knows how to organize the training of its athletes, our national team can not have a bad situation!

In 2014, the national team showed the lowest result in the last 7 years. When the World Cup was held in Brazil, the players could not even provide an outlet for the group.

At that time, he trained the Fabio Capello team, which cost the Russian budget very dearly. Surprisingly, his players could play with a 100% result in friendly matches and almost zero in key events.

The overall performance evaluation in 2014 amounted to 58.9% of the points obtained.

Why is the Russian national football team playing badly?

Of the disappointments of football in Russia, the brightest lately was the fact that the national team performed poorly at Euro 2016.

Probable causes of defeat

Among the factors that prevent the team from advancing, commentators, athletes and analysts call:

  • low level of motivation of the players whose compensation does not depend significantly on the outcome of a particular game or on the results of the season
  • Excessive marketing of Russian football when investors buy players to sell them more expensive and not to organize a strong and well-coordinated team.
  • There is no clear line of cultivation of athletes for this game.
  • Insufficient funds for children’s soccer.
  • Lack of trainers to work with the younger generation.
  • There are no grounds and stadiums to train in the regions.
  • Soccer players do not experience patriotism, since their task is to prove themselves by a higher contractual value.
  • The difference in mentality between coaches and players, since in recent years the leadership of the team has been assigned to invited foreign specialists.

The players themselves sometimes say they play badly, because they are under the moral pressure of the fans. Excessive demands and expectations do not allow them to show their abilities.

But at the same time, many of them play well for foreign clubs.

The opinion is also being advanced that the Russian national team is not deliberately authorized to lead world football. Included due to biased arbitration.

However, the statistics of goals conceded and the good moments in the game are not in favor of this hypothesis.

How to improve the game of football players?

Only the lazy did not describe in detail what must be done to make the national soccer team begin to play well. Among the most common recommendations are:

  • Creation of a unified system of soccer development throughout the country, so that the criteria to evaluate the players are the same.
  • Refusal to invite foreign experts as head coaches, as this does not allow to establish good relations with the players
  • Stop active funding of soccer players who do not play effectively.
  • Develop patriotic feelings for those who enter the team.
  • tighten the requirements for the selection of players that will represent the interests of the country
  • driving more games away from home so that players do not fear another person’s field
  • Create a federal program for the construction of soccer fields in each district.
  • Enter penalties if the team loses a serious game.
  • Reduce the content of the players so that they are interested in self-realization besides football.

There are radical proposals to prevent the boys from acting abroad. In this case, the team increases the risk of losing ratings even more, because it needs to know the global standards and game trends.

Otherwise, the chances of winning in the future will be nullified.

There are also quite funny recommendations: organize the emotional reorganization of the players more frequently. Replacing the head coach is accompanied by a strong surge, which leads to good game results.

If you choose a mentor more often, athletes will have more reasons to prove their worth.

Why is the Russian national football team playing badly?

If the Russians stop demonstrating aggressive behavior towards their national football team, it may help to start playing differently.

Is the support of the fan important?

Recently, experts and athletes are interested in why Russia does not go to football. There is no answer to this question. There are opposite tendencies in the country:

  • active amateurs, amateurs who are ready to accompany the national team beyond their borders
  • Supporters read the results of past games on the Internet or in the media, so as not to spend money on games, most of which are not spectacular.

In the case of a defeat, which is natural in the world of sports, a wave of anger from both players falls on the players. As a result, they have the impression that the whole world is against it.

This does not allow a harmonious development in the field of sports, it makes one doubt their own abilities.

Often, in the case of a defeat, players begin to write on social networks with threats, using derogatory phrases that are available for public viewing. How comets and sports journalists behave.

At the same time, there is no stable connection that shows that such a conviction can radically change the situation.

If the Russians fail to demonstrate such behavior and accept the fact that there is more than one victory in the world of sports, this can help to start playing differently. After all, none of those who condemn the players, did not go to the field as a professional player.

What should be the coach of the national team?

The question of the head of the national team is always discussed separately. That should be? Should I invite third-party experts?

What are the criteria for choosing a coach? Among the opinions that exist between sports officials and experts, are the following:

  • The coach should command the respect of team members.
  • The figure of the mentor must be known in world football.
  • to become a coach, a player must gradually go through different stages of development, should not immediately put anyone in a leadership position
  • The remuneration of the head of the team should not be at the same level, but have a bonus character, taking into account the results of the games.
  • The coach must be trained in psychology to know the subtleties of motivation and use them at work.
  • The mentor must be able to communicate, have charisma and charm to become an example of their positions.
  • The team leader must demand compliance with a strict sports regime during key competitions
  • The coach must have a sports education that improves the physical condition of the players.

A coach must simultaneously be a parent, an assistant, an athlete, a friend and a boss. This variety of functions, apparently, does not allow finding a worthy candidate that can lead the team to success.

If the education system of young cadres is changed in the field, it can be expected that within 10 years from now Russia will be adequately represented by those who like to play football.

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