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Why the belly grows: the main causes of women’s problems.

Why the belly grows: the main causes of women's problems.

With age, many women notice that their belly is growing. Of course, this is sad, because everyone wants to have a thin and tense figure.

To deal with this problem, you need to know why the stomach grows in women after 40 years and how to deal with this deficiency.

Causes of the appearance of the abdomen in women of mature age.

  • Endocrine processes

The natural processes that occur in the female body often cause the appearance of fat in the abdomen. To keep your muscles in tone, you need to practice sports, pay attention to physical exertion. Create a personalized program that will help you strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Share the problem with an experienced endocrinologist: a specialist will help you find a way out of this situation.

Also one of the reasons for the appearance of the abdomen in mature women is a sedentary lifestyle. The accumulation of fat is very fast, so it is important to immediately identify the problem and find ways to solve it.

In this case, the best option would be to practice sports with hula-hoop, jump the rope, run. Move more, go to work on foot, then the result will not take long to wait.

Are you a lover of fast food, soft drinks, cookies and junk food? Then the reason is clear.

An inadequate diet is one of the most popular reasons for the appearance of the abdomen in middle-aged women. Get fit – stop eating sweet, salty and smoked products.

Visit a nutritionist who will give you a personalized meal plan. What it is and what is not worth eating, you will also discover in this article.

With age, the muscles of the abdomen, once tense and healthy, weaken and become flabby. This happens especially after delivery. The big belly stretches and weakens.

To put it in tone and support the press, it is necessary to do special exercises to tighten the oblique muscles.

Regular exercise will help you deal with the problem and eliminate the annoying stomach. Women after 50 years of age are not easy to cope with physical effort, so an excellent option for them will be a professional massage aimed at keeping muscles in good shape.

Women over 30 often have trouble sleeping. And this, as you know, negatively affects the work of the body, so you will not notice how it has a big belly.

Why the belly grows: the main causes of women's problems.

Causes of lack of sleep – anxiety, disturbed mode of the day. To avoid this, learn to live according to the schedule, do everything on time and rest before the usual time.

If you can not sleep, make yourself a soothing herbal tea. He will help you relax.

The appearance of fat in the abdomen is largely the result of negative effects on the body of bad habits. The use of alcohol and tobacco products greatly harms the health of women aged 40 to 50, as well as women of other age groups.

The body wears out and can no longer absorb harmful substances.

If you see that your belly is increasing rapidly, it can be a consequence of overeating. Often, women over 40 do not know when to stop and eat a lot of unhealthy foods. As a result, the result is an increase in the abdomen. To avoid this, eat properly, in small portions 5-6 times a day. Exit the table with a feeling of light hunger. Do not eat at night. Fat in the abdomen is firmly deposited at this time of day. Do not overeat, otherwise you risk having folds on the sides

  • Health problems

Other causes of the appearance of the abdomen in women from the age of 30: health problems. Actively monitor all deviations from the norm, because anything can become a consequence of the disease. If you experience constant thirst, your body has gained a lot of weight, contact a specialist immediately to prevent the development of the disease (for example, diabetes).

Observe your health, contact your doctor, eat properly and you can pump out your stomach for a short time.

The lack of vitamins in the body of girls from 30 years of age, one of the causes of abdominal fat. To cope with this will help the use of foods rich in necessary substances.

It is advisable to consult with a specialist, he will tell you exactly what to do in your situation.

Hormonal changes in 50-year-old women: the main reason for the increase in the abdomen. Violation of menstruation, insufficient production of hormones leads to the appearance of fat in the waist and hips.

To deal with this problem, you should visit an endocrinologist a professional can help you to remove your stomach in a short time.

Learn to eat well

It is no secret that proper nutrition is the key to a beautiful and fit figure. To keep your muscles in good shape, you should not only eat healthy foods, but also do sports exercises.

Why the belly grows: the main causes of women's problems.

First, women after 30 years should give up products like:

  • Smoked products – sausages, pork, fish, ham, cheese.
  • Fast food, sparkling water, potato chips, crackers, crackers.
  • Salty foods: cucumbers, fish, canned vegetables, instant soups, spices, sausages.
  • Dishes with high fat content.
  • Meat products – pork, veal, veal.
  • Dairy products with high fat content – sour cream, cheese, milk.

What to say yes?

  • Fresh and boiled vegetables, fruits.
  • Sea cabbage, green leaf lettuce.
  • Useful cereals – buckwheat, rice, barley, oatmeal without salt and oil.
  • Greens, dill, parsley.
  • Avocados, cashews, almonds, dried fruits, mussels and mixtures.

Useful recipes for proper nutrition.

Breakfast should not be easy, but not very dense. The best option would be a salad leaf, gently chopped and seasoned with olive oil.

Add this dish can be a low-fat bread with sliced ​​cucumber or tomato.

Oatmeal is also perfect for breakfast. To diversify the flavor, add fresh or frozen berries, natural honey, pieces of fruit.

If you want to try the original dish, try baking oatmeal in the oven. As a beverage, you can choose a cup of herbal tea in the morning increases performance and brain function, and also promotes the elimination of toxins from the body.

Lunch gives more space for imagination. At first, you can cook vegetable broth, vegetable soup, cabbage soup. For the second, choose rice in tomato sauce, buckwheat grits with roasted vegetables, zucchini stewed in its own juice.

You can cook a light vegetable salad, cucumbers and tomatoes, with sauerkraut, radishes and onions.

If you are hungry, freeze the worm with a small snack. To do this, bring cashews or almonds, apples, tangerine bread, nuts, pears, lettuce, bar-muesli.

Dine for no less than three hours of sleep: it will save you from depositing excess fat on your abdomen and sides. You can choose millet groats, pumpkin stuffed with vegetables, rice with tomato sauce or buckwheat with steamed vegetables.

For all girls it is important to have a good figure. If, thanks to our article, you understand why fat is deposited, act: Eat well and lead a physically active lifestyle.

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