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Whether to free a cat on the street: the risks and dangers for the cat in the street

Whether to free a cat on the street: the risks and dangers for the cat in the street

Many cat owners worry that it is not natural to leave their pets locked up in their homes and deprive them of the need to walk, explore the world and meet other cats. However, in the modern world, the risks to which cats on the street are exposed can be much greater than their advantages.

Let’s take a closer look at these risks to help you decide if you allow your cat to go outdoors.

The cat is in the fenced garden. Is not that normal?

A fenced garden or yard works well to keep dogs, however, cats can easily climb the fence. Even if your cat usually does not leave your yard, you can not be sure that nobody or anything will scare him or force him to jump over the fence.

The fence will also be unable to protect against other cats and wild animals. This means that the cat may be in danger if it collides with other animals or becomes infected with them.

The cat is vaccinated according to the recommendations of the veterinarian. Would not that protect her?

Even though no vaccine is 100% effective, your cat will be well protected against the diseases against which it was vaccinated. However, for some serious infectious diseases, vaccines do not yet exist.

The cat is very friendly and friendly and, most likely, will not fight another cat. Why do you need to worry about that?

Cats are territorial animals by nature and, as a rule, protect their home from uninvited guests. Even if your cat is not interested in protecting its territory, the attacker can in any case start fighting it.

What are the risks if a cat is fighting with another cat?

When cats fight each other, they cause injuries with their claws and teeth. Both stings and scratches can infect the lesion and cause a deep abscess, which in turn can lead to sepsis.

In addition, the leukemia virus and the feline immunodeficiency virus are spread through saliva, so the cat can become infected with these deadly infections.

Is not a cat or a cat able to protect itself from other animals?

Despite the fact that cats are good hunters, and we seem to be able to defend themselves with their teeth and claws, but outdoors, cats often become hunting objects, particularly large predators such as dogs , foxes and some. Birds If you live in an area where there are poisonous snakes, then they can also pose a serious threat to the cat.

Are there parasites that can be dangerous for a cat?

Cats that walk freely outside the house have a much higher risk of getting fleas, ticks and even lice. These parasites can cause severe itching and other problems in cats.

Soil and soil outside the home may be contaminated with parasite eggs, such as round worms, which are spread along with the faeces of other animals. The round worms in cats can be devastating for your cat.

If your cat decides to hunt and eat a mouse or a bird, it can become infected with a tapeworm – these tapeworms can cause very serious problems for your cat. Other less common parasites that your cat can trap in contaminated soil and water are various ringed worms and Giardia.

What other dangers can a cat expect on the street?

Your cat may be at risk of exposure to various poisons, such as baits or other pesticides that may be distributed in neighboring gardens and gardens. Several toxic substances can also be stored in open access, for example, in garages.

If your cat eats mice or other rodents that have been poisoned by some poison, then you may also be exposed to these poisons.

Contrary to popular belief, cats have almost no fear of cars. Therefore, even in relatively quiet suburban areas, where movement is quite slow, cats may be at risk of injury.

And the last problem for a cat on the street is the risk of other people’s injuries. Not everyone loves cats that walk alone, and some people put different traps to catch them, because they believe that these cats hunt birds and pollute their gardens and gardens.

Some cats with injuries are taken to veterinary clinics or shelters. Although, as a rule, these cases occur very rarely when the outdoor cat is the victim of any intruder.

Despite these risks, the cat can not do without access to the street. How to guarantee your safety?

If you think your cat needs access to fresh air and exercise, then you can walk with it on a leash.

If space allows, you can buy or make a special fence for the cat, which will allow you to have some freedom so that you are out of the house, but in fairly controlled conditions. If you choose this option, you should know that although the cat will be protected from other predators, however, it may have direct contact with other animals and cats, as a result of which it may become infected.

Check with your veterinarian about the situation with your cat, he can tell you the appropriate and appropriate protective measures for her.

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