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40 interior samples of the USSR.

Soviet Union He is still alive today. At least still much in many apartments and private houses in the post-Soviet space.

Walls, rugs, crystals and reliefs # 8230 Look at the typical Soviet interiors, perfectly preserved to this day!

40 interior samples of the USSR.
40 interior samples of the USSR.

Opinions on this style can be heard very different. For example, someone sure:

The main reason for the Soviet interior. Poverty Whoever had the money, did a renovation a long time ago, threw away the old wall and the crushed sofa, removed the carpet from the wall and the shelves.

And bought everything new, even more so that the furniture stores now. it accumulates!

But those who have no money, he lives in apartments with old faded wallpapers, shattered furniture and creepy curtains. Not because the nostalgia has tortured, but because corny and there is no money for repairs and furniture.

40 interior samples of the USSR.

Someone else has another explanation:

But there are other reasons. I personally know a person who simply fears to change his habitual space, NOT FOR NOSTALGIA, but because he is very comfortable.

Although you can afford a renovation.

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