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Casa Alsou and Yana Abramova: photos

The singer Alsou is the daughter of a rich father, a businessman Ralif Safin, and from her childhood she got used to a beautiful life. She owns a metropolitan apartment on Nikitsky Boulevard and a house in the suburbs.

After the wedding, the singer and her husband, Jan, thought about buying a joint home. How the house of Alsou and the businessman Yana Abramov looks in the photo below.

Casa Alsou and Yana Abramova: photos

Apartment in a skyscraper and country house.

In 2011, the singer and her husband became the happy owners of expensive apartments at the “Triumph Palace” on Chapaevsky Lane. This is a business-class residential complex 9 km from the Moscow ring road with a developed infrastructure.

Home prices here start from 45 million rubles.

Casa Alsou and Yana Abramova: photos

Your apartment with a view to Moscow is located on the top floor 57, and this is a height of 200 meters!

After the birth of the children, Jan and Alsou began to think about Rublevka’s house. The best builders and designers were attracted by the construction and improvements for the home.

It is rumored that the reconstructed houses were delivered several times for demolition, until finally they decided the desired design.

Casa Alsou and Yana Abramova: photos

And after the three-story mansion with an area of ​​4000 m² was completed, the singer’s family completely moved.

Casa Alsou and Yana Abramova: photos

Today Alsou and Yana already have three children and for them a large house surrounded by green lawns was very useful. Interestingly, the mansion of the star is located near the house of his parents.

The interior of the mansion.

Consider a picture of the Alsou house. Karelian birch, marble and mahogany are used for decoration. The singer designed the house to her liking.

And, it should be noted, it turned out perfectly.

Casa Alsou and Yana Abramova: photos

Antique furniture, luxurious crystal chandeliers, stucco on the walls and ceiling highlight the beauty and elegance of the interior.

Casa Alsou and Yana Abramova: photos

However, there is no excess of elegance and brightness, unnecessary pretensions. The interior is dominated by calm tones.

It is clear that Alsou is more inclined towards the minimalist style.

Casa Alsou and Yana Abramova: photos

For example, it shows in the video, which places the singer on her Instagram. In commercials, her daughter Mikella often sings and plays the guitar at home.

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