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Casa Natalia Oreiro in Buenos Aires: photos

Until the summer of 2016, all the Natalia Oreiro fans knew their exact address. In the beautiful mansion of the star there was no guard, only a high fence and surveillance cameras scattered throughout the territory.

Over time, the fans began to bother the neighbors too much, guarded Oreiro for days and days, organized a meeting of fans on the porch of the house and flooded her with luxurious toys.

Together with her husband, actress Ricardo Mollo decided to move. The house of Natalia Oreiro in Buenos Aires, whose photo is online, was put on sale.

Casa Natalia Oreiro in Buenos Aires: photos

Palermo Biejo neighborhood

Natalia lived with her husband and son for more than 10 years in the old district of Palermo. Here it is very cozy: low houses, bookstores and bars, streets full of cobblestones.

His old house on Santa Rosa Street with its towers and columns was a real Italian palace, to which the access road led.

Casa Natalia Oreiro in Buenos Aires: photos

An old mansion built in the nineteenth century was literally buried in greenery. Here there was a real botanical garden: there are rarely many trees, plants and flowers in a residential area.

Natalia created her own pond with water lilies.

Casa Natalia Oreiro in Buenos Aires: photos

Oreiro did not invite TVs or photographers to his house, so you can only guess what the star housing looks like from the inside. But seeing the house outside of work is not.

On YouTube you can find dozens of videos filmed by the fans of the star, who passed in front of his mansion.

They say that part of the house is decorated in the Japanese style, there is a rock garden and a place for meditations, where Natalia relaxes after work days. The house is a recording studio.

Casa Natalia Oreiro in Buenos Aires: photos

Not only did he practice the hostess of the mansion before his performances, but he also worked as a musician, husband. And, of course, Oreiro had a great dressing room on 2 floors.

When the actress began to move, the workers had to sweat enough to translate all their clothes and shoes.

Casa Natalia Oreiro in Buenos Aires: photos

The star admitted that she dresses modestly in everyday life, all the costumes and dresses of the house are meant to be published. She likes to rotate in the mirror for a long time, choosing the right option.

Casa Natalia Oreiro in Buenos Aires: photos

In the old house Oreiro was equipped with a gym. During pregnancy, the star gained 30 kilograms, but intense exercise and breastfeeding helped her get in shape quickly.

Oreiro experienced some time due to the move. After all, so many happy memories were associated with the mansion.

Anyway, it was this house that helped Natalia to meet Ricardo after a big fight. Her husband was jealous of his partner on the set, the media began to actively write about Oreiro’s novel with actor Vicuna.

And Nati left home.

Casa Natalia Oreiro in Buenos Aires: photos

However, a few months later she returned with her husband, to start everything from scratch in the new house. He realized that the sadness for the mansion is not worth it, because the most important thing, the beloved husband and his son, takes with him.

What is it, a new house, what is its value? Nobody knows

This time, Oreiro decided not to give his address. It is only known that she moved to the private district of the north of Buenos Aires, which is under protection.

Casa Natalia Oreiro in Buenos Aires: photos

Now, a Latin American star can finally enjoy peace and tranquility. She admitted that the new house is bigger than the previous one.

In the media there is information that it is a two-story mansion with an area of ​​more than 600 m².

The photos of Oreiro’s house are not on Instagram. Even the stars, who carefully protect personal life from prying eyes, no-no and even show at least part of their home in Storis or short video cuts.

Natalia does not have such a possibility, because stars simply do not exist in social networks.

Casa Natalia Oreiro in Buenos Aires: photos

She does not want to spend time keeping accounts and reading negative comments. New photos of the star on Instagram spread to his loyal followers.

Casa Natalia Oreiro in Buenos Aires: photos
Casa Natalia Oreiro in Buenos Aires: photos

Although they are now deprived of the opportunity to visit their favorite pet, they have the opportunity to send letters to the star. The address of the Oreiro office remains the same: av.

Fleming 1101, (1640) Martínez, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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