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Cottage furniture: drawings, ideas, instructions for beginners.

Rural house: these are the vitamins and the fresh air, the cheerful laughs of the children and the vegetables that come directly from the garden, all the time that I want to spend in the street. When the sun begins to shine and burn, we eat there to enjoy nature. And there must be a piece of heaven in the yard!

Picnic tables with 2, 3, 4 or 6 chairs are used for eating outdoors. The chairs in the living room, the sofas outside, several sofas have recently become fashionable, because it is very nice to lie down in the heat so that you can sunbathe in the sun or, on the contrary, relax in the shade. Garden furniture is also used to store various things, such as garden tools.

All this can be done by yourself!

Why is wood the most successful material?

Cottage furniture: drawings, ideas, instructions for beginners.

Before proceeding to the design of the garden and the manufacture of garden furniture for the garden, you must decide on the material and style. The best material, of course, is wood, so:

  • The wooden models are comfortable and beautiful, they are not considered the most expensive. In addition, they are easy to make their own hands. The main problem with this garden furniture is the fragility of the tree and the probability of garden pests. But all these problems are easily solved by special processing of finished products.
  • The stone furniture for garden, very resistant and more durable, are ideal for decorating the country house, but may not be the most comfortable or the most affordable. The cost of manufacturing a particular model determines the type of stone selected.
  • Metal or forged models: the choice of those owners who wish to enjoy both the appearance and the traditional comfort of the garden. Of course, the aesthetic appeal of wrought iron is beyond the competition, but only professionals can make this furniture.
  • The secret of the Japanese garden is that its furniture can be made of any material, the main thing is the comfort and the subtle fusion with the environment. Accessories like lanterns, consonance with the design of gardens and ornamental grass are a good idea to stylize Japanese style models.

Cottage furniture: drawings, ideas, instructions for beginners.

What are the drawings for?

Garden furniture, also called outdoor or patio furniture, is designed specifically for outdoor or under an awning. Such furniture for the garden can be both original and functional.

Generally, it is made of weatherproof materials. Designing it is quite simple, but you need to make an effort.

Like any other design act, creating garden furniture with your own hands to give begins with the idea shown in drawings, sketches and models, often using computer tools. To start, the idea is simply to draw with a pencil in the form of a sketch and then try to structure it technically, thinking about the details, the materials and the finish.

When developing any model, human ergonomics is taken into account.

Cottage furniture: drawings, ideas, instructions for beginners.

All sizes must be calculated conveniently, this is a guarantee of success. For example, if you are developing a rural garden bench, you need to find out how many people can sit on it so that they are not full.

When the table is designed, you can use the existing standard sizes. Do not forget that the simplest form of garden furniture for the garden is primitive: a cube and a parallelepiped, which can be made from various materials by hand: pallets, drawers, antique cabinets, etc.

A new model of wood is traditionally manufactured according to a drawing of pine, oak or plywood, so it must be covered with high quality paint. Sometimes, for the production of country benches, you may need a drawing of only one detail: the legs, which will help the model look unique.

Cottage furniture: drawings, ideas, instructions for beginners.

The drawings and diagrams made on the scale with their own hands are much more practical than any drawing without scale, because the required size can always be measured with a ruler. Beginners in the work with scales will need some advice or basic explanations. Although the principle of reducing the size of the object is very simple, many people who have never drawn can find the process difficult.

The scale 1: 2 means that on paper the object will be represented with a decrease of exactly 2 times. Scale 1: 10 – 1 centimeter on paper corresponds to 10 cm of the object, etc.

Confucius once said: “Your words must be good enough to be better than silence.” You can try to apply this old adage to design, designed by yourself to give.

Sometimes it’s not worth “reinventing the wheel”, it’s better to use someone’s finished drawings for production. They are well thought out and are so detailed that they are not always accompanied by text.

Many of them are presented in feet and inches.

1 inch = 2.54 cm, 1 foot = 12 inches. To convert these dimensions to centimeters and meters, it is more convenient to use a calculator or a converter. Often, the designers in their drawings use an isometric drawing, this is a way to represent the structure in three dimensions (at a 30 degree angle).

Axonometry and perspective are also used for volume images.

How to create picnic chairs and benches?

Outdoor soft chair

Discreet style, soft pillows, sewn by hand, the convenience for the garden, which is out of competition. It is easy to be sure when studying the drawings of this chair.

For convenience, all sizes can be converted to centimeters, for example, 23 1/4 “= 59 cm, etc.

  • First you must take all necessary measures to ensure a safe and comfortable work. It is necessary to work on a clean surface, without defects or residues.
  • Straight boards should always be used for the manufacture of country house furniture.
  • Check the assembly produced after each step.
  • Before connecting the parts with screws, be sure to drill the holes.
  • For a reliable fixation use glue.
  • Before painting or varnishing the wood grind.
  • To level the surfaces you can apply putty to the tree.
  • The wood must be treated with special compounds that prevent its decay.

Cottage furniture: drawings, ideas, instructions for beginners.

Cottage furniture: drawings, ideas, instructions for beginners.

Step 1. Make the first part with your own hands, as shown in the figure.

Cottage furniture: drawings, ideas, instructions for beginners.

Step 2. Mounting the front frame.

Cottage furniture: drawings, ideas, instructions for beginners.

Step 3. To create a seat, the two previously made parts are joined using two more tables. After that, bars are attached that will make the legs of the chair resistant.

Cottage furniture: drawings, ideas, instructions for beginners.

Step 4. Now the backrest of the chair is assembled, as shown in the drawing. It should be remembered that the lower part of the chair will be positioned with respect to it at an obtuse angle to create an ergonomic angle of backrest inclination.

Cottage furniture: drawings, ideas, instructions for beginners.

Step 5. Now you can attach the backrest to the seat.

Cottage furniture: drawings, ideas, instructions for beginners.

Step 6. After that, you can proceed to manufacture the armrests, they are also conveniently placed at an angle.

Cottage furniture: drawings, ideas, instructions for beginners.

Step 7. Finally, you can proceed to the installation of strips on which the pillows will be placed.

Top unique street models

Rocking chair

Once you have learned to design the simplest models for a dacha, such as tables and chairs in the usual way, you can move on to more complex models. For example, to the manufacture of rocking chairs for the garden.

Draw rocking chairs can look completely different, depending on the ideas. The simplest wooden model for the villa assumes the presence of side walls that offer the possibility of movement of the chair, in the absence of armrests.

Cottage furniture: drawings, ideas, instructions for beginners.

Making such furniture is a very laborious job, since it will be quite difficult to transfer the drawing to a sheet of thick plywood.

If desired, the tilting bed can be easily made according to the drawings. She will be the best resting place after hard work.

The length of a rocking chair to give is 1.82 m, which allows it to be used for sleeping. To simplify production, the drawing is transferred first to the paper.

Then it can be divided into cells and already in the cells to make a pattern or immediately copy the form on a sheet of plywood.

Of course, the drawing of the rocking chair in a more traditional way looks a bit different, you can also use it.

Cottage furniture: drawings, ideas, instructions for beginners.

Adirondack style chair

The Adirondack personal chair is a unique and elegant model made of wood or artificial materials that is used outdoors. The first chair of this type was designed by American Thomas Lee during a vacation in the Adirondack mountains in 1903. Over time, it was this style that became especially popular around the world.

Nowadays, this wooden model is easily produced by drawing. You can create an attractive and durable cottage design with simple methods using basic tools.

The guests or neighbors will surely not be able to guess that the chair is made by hand!

Bank table

To have a garden party or a family picnic, you can create an unusual transformation model with your own hands. This wooden picnic structure is folded, and this, of course, is an advantage, since the model will perform two functions at once.

Cottage furniture: drawings, ideas, instructions for beginners.

In the photo you can see how easily the transformer table becomes two comfortable benches with backs.

Focusing on existing developments, you can make your own drawings of any interesting modern model presented by the designers in the photographs and then make them out of wood.

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