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Curb under the sink for the kitchen: drawings, instructions

Sink – the most demanded element of kitchen furniture. The cabinet under the sink, like other kitchen items, is easy to make yourself.

To make a beautiful and creative cabinet under the sink with your own hands, you need a little skill, the availability of the necessary materials and the right tools.

Preparatory stage

The curb for washing is one of the simplest in its structure, its production will be available even for a beginner. In this case, all these objects are similar in construction to each other.

The only exception is the internal content: the location of the shelves, etc.

From the materials you need to prepare:

  • two side walls
  • the bottom
  • two top struts
  • Doors: one or two, depending on the design and width of the night table.
  • bottom socket
  • Wooden pins and screws for furniture.
  • Hinges for furniture.

Curb under the sink for the kitchen: drawings, instructions

The most acceptable material that can be used for the production of kitchen cabinets: agglomerate or MDF, as well as plinth and separator boards. The tools will need the following:

  • screwdriver
  • drill
  • Hand circular saw for cutting chipboard and boards.

In the manufacture of the washing of their own hands, its size will depend on the dimensions of the sink, which is mounted in the cabinet, as well as the size of the room where this piece of furniture will be. You can make a large night table in which the sink is combined with the table.

How to make a cupboard under the sink? The most common option is a cabinet with a width of 400 to 800 mm.

The dual models can have a width of up to 1.2 meters, if the dimensions of the kitchen allow it. The standard dimensions of the side walls remain the same regardless of the width and are 530×814 mm, where 814 mm is the height and 530 mm is the depth of the bottom.

The width of the bottom is formed from the calculation that the dimensions of the thickness of the agglomerate board, from which it is planned to manufacture the side walls, will be subtracted twice from the total width of the support. For example, if the total width is 800 mm, as in the figure below, the width of the bottom, provided that the agglomerate board has a thickness of 14 mm, will be calculated as: 800-14-14 = 772 mm. The spacers and the lower plinth have a length equal to the width of the lower part.

The width of the door is selected depending on the width of the bollard, but the height is constant. The width of the doors must be very precise.

If an error is made in the calculations, the doors will not close or an ugly gap will appear between them.

Below are the drawings of the main parts:

Curb under the sink for the kitchen: drawings, instructions

Calculation of doors

The width of the lower base, according to the drawing, is 80 mm. If we subtract 80 mm from the total height (814 mm), we obtain 734 mm.

From this figure it is necessary to subtract the thickness of the top of the table from the invoice for washing (25 mm), together with the thickness of the edge multiplied by 2. If we take this size equal to 2 mm, we will get 734-25- 2-2 = 705 mm as a result.

The width is also easy to calculate. The calculation scheme is as follows:

  • If the total width is 800 mm, divide it in half and get 400 mm.
  • the width of the ends on both sides, equal to approximately 2 mm, is subtracted from this size – 396 mm are obtained
  • The gaps between the doors are also subtracted, 2 mm each, and between them and the adjacent furniture, also 2 mm each. As a result, we have a width of 396-2-2 = 392 mm. Not to be missed, you can subtract another 2 mm, as a result we obtain the width of each door of 390 mm.

So, in general terms, it is known how the cabinet under the kitchen sink is calculated by hand. This stage together with the chipboard and board cutting is the most responsible. It may be advisable to make the cut not at home, but in a workshop with the right equipment.

But to collect better at home from the cooked parts.

Curb under the sink for the kitchen: drawings, instructions

Before mounting the bedside table, it is advisable to use the special gun to sponge the ends and places where the particle board with silicone will be attached. This will prevent the destruction of the material by moisture, which will inevitably fall from the sink. Stand under the sink with your own hands going in the following sequence:

  1. Connect the bottom of the bedside table with its sides. The lower part is above the upper limit of the base, whose width, according to the drawing, is 80 mm. The bottom and side walls should be strictly at a 90 degree angle to each other. After coupling, two holes for furniture screws are drilled through the sides at the lower end. They should be drilled at a distance of at least 5 cm from the edge of the boards.
  2. In the same way, the screws are attached to the structure of the belt, which represents the lower plinth.
  3. Next, two spacers are installed. One: on the facade, at the top, flush with the upper ends of the side walls. The second is in the back, about 20 cm below. It is also screwed with screws.
  4. Milled facades of doors under the hinges. To do this, use a special drill or a mill with a diameter of 35 mm. The holes are drilled at a distance of 2.5 cm from the end of the door and at a distance of 10 cm from the top and bottom. The milling cutter is deepened in such a way that the loop is freely placed there, but it is impossible to exceed. Then screw 2 hinges on each door.
  5. In conclusion, the loops are screwed to the side walls. It only remains to insert the sink in the assembled cabinet of the bedside table.

Curb under the sink for the kitchen: drawings, instructions

How to install a sink

This stage of the work is relatively simple. The metal housing is inserted into the case from above, but must be attached, otherwise the required rigidity will fail.

If this is not done, the bollard will collapse sooner or later (see video).

There are two methods to attach the metal case to the case.

  • The same silicone is used and two tasks are immediately solved: sealing the upper part of the body at the junction with the basin, the whole structure receives rigidity. To do this, silicone is applied around the perimeter to the upper end of the body. Next, the top part is placed in the sink. The casing assembled in this way can be installed, connected to a drain and used immediately.
  • The screws are used to fix the sink, this option is more reliable. Please note: in either of the two modes, the silicone is applied to the upper end of the support, mainly to seal, and not just to fix it.

Below are the dimensions of the sink, under which the building was built. It will be installed in the design without problems.

There are options for the location of the wash both to the right and to the left, when viewed from the front.

Curb under the sink for the kitchen: drawings, instructions

As a result, the made furniture will look like this:

Curb under the sink for the kitchen: drawings, instructions

Other manufacturing options

The bedside table with a sink has many versions and is installed in different places in the kitchen or bathroom, depending on the layout and floor space. One of the options is a large bedside table, at the top of the top table, where you must make a cut to install the sink (see the figure below).

Curb under the sink for the kitchen: drawings, instructions

You can make a corner sink: this approach saves space, the design blends well with the interior. It is a bit more complicated, but the basic principles of assembly remain the same.

There are also several mounting options for shelves inside the cabinet. For the finishing of facades and side walls, various methods are used, such as lamination with paper resin films, bonding with polymer films, painting with waterproof paints and others.

Choose your option that suits your interior and kitchen size.

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