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DIY furniture: how to prepare for work.

Recently, more and more people prefer to make furniture for the home with their own hands. This is not only an exciting pastime, but also an excellent way to reduce family expenses. In addition, the self-production of furniture for the home can be carried out in accordance with the plans finished with dimensions and according to their own unique schemes.

Home-made furniture is not as difficult to manufacture as it may seem to novice furniture manufacturers. The master classes of real professionals help to obtain the necessary knowledge for beginners.

DIY furniture: how to prepare for work.

To produce high quality furniture with your own hands, we need certain knowledge that our specialists will share with you. It should also be remembered that any manual on how to make furniture properly, and any finished drawing should be adapted to the existing conditions: the size of the house, the skill level of the furniture manufacturer, the available components, the tastes of the owners of home.

Selection of tools

For furniture to be produced with their own hands, it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances that are well known by experienced manufacturers. But newcomers are often unaware of these subtleties, because they make mistakes in their work.

However, we hope that our master class will help make a difference.

DIY furniture: how to prepare for work.

Therefore, production should not start with a search for drawings of suitable sizes and selection of components, but with the acquisition of the necessary tools. The houses for the furniture manufacturer should be:

  • Roulette, square, ruler,
  • pencil screwdriver
  • hammer, nail screwdriver, screws
  • electric drill
  • puzzle
  • circular saw, frezer
  • hexagonal wrench (confirm)
  • Sander or sandpaper.

If it is correct to use a wrench, a hammer or a screwdriver, practically all beginner furniture manufacturers can do so, then working with a circular saw or a screwdriver requires certain skills.

DIY furniture: how to prepare for work.

Exit the situation in the following ways:

  1. Calculate the skills of using these tools in fragments of old furniture or only in pieces of wood. From them it is possible to make several simple designs.
  2. To make furniture with their own hands using any simple model. And only when the production of products for the house according to the finished drawings stops causing difficulties will it be possible to make furniture from more complex structures.

First steps

Many newcomers to the master classes wonder where to start working, what piece of furniture is best done first. Some experts recommend first making a cupboard or a table for the kitchen according to the finished drawings.

Other professionals believe that it is more correct to first make the simplest furniture with their own hands, such as shelves or a compact table. In which option to choose, each beginner determines himself.

DIY furniture: how to prepare for work.

To make a closet or a table for the house, we need suitable dimensional drawings. The experts in the master classes advise first to take ready schemes and follow them clearly, and then, with the appearance of the appropriate skills, to make adjustments to the projects already done.

Another good way to improve your ability to assemble furniture with your own hands is to redo old things that you can not ruin if you have done an incorrect job. The manufacture of such furniture allows a beginner to save parts and, at the same time, understand the design of the object and installation methods, as well as acquire skills to work with tools.

Another important question that often sounds in master classes for beginning furniture manufacturers is: “Which components is best to make your first masterpiece?” Some people recommend that you choose a simple and convenient fiber fiber panel, while others are made of natural wood. In the second case, it is better to carry a pine to work at home, since it is easy to process and affordable.

DIY furniture: how to prepare for work.

But whatever material the manufacturer chooses, he must ensure that the raw materials are of high quality. Otherwise, the product may crack.

And in some cases, working with poor quality material leads to the breaking of tools.

Beauty is important too

To make a beautiful handmade object with style allows your painting or opening with varnish. Another popular solution to which special attention is paid in the master classes is an elegant design of the product with the help of fasteners with decorative functions.

It is also easy to make artificially aged furniture, so it is enough to cover them with a special composition.

DIY furniture: how to prepare for work.

The knowledge of these nuances of furniture creation has already helped more than one of the ten best beginning craftsmen. Join and you are one of them!

We are confident that our advice will help you make your home elegant and beautiful.

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